40 best pixie haircuts and hairstyles for women 2024

When it comes to haircuts that are versatile, effortless and rebellious, nothing beats the iconic pixie cut. This short haircut has evolved over the decades, from a classic look inspired by Aleria Hepburn to an ultra-modern style that celebrities and famous people never tire of admiring. Whether your hair is thin or thick, whether you want to be a platinum blonde or a rich brunette, there’s a perfect pixie cut for you. Whether you’re looking to go for shorter hair or just want to update your existing pixie cut, we’ve compiled an inspiring list of the most trendy and unusual pixie cuts. Most importantly, after reading this list, you’ll understand why the pixie haircut remains an enduring classic in the beauty world.

1. The chunky pixie


Imagine a short blonde streak that is intentionally styled to emphasize the “I woke up just like this” chic. If you have thick hair, this hairstyle will help you look effortless. Hairstylist Townsend says: “This sloppy, parted pixie is perfect for those with thick hair – it has a lived-in feel that is incredibly eye-catching.”

2. Platinum pixie

Picture this: a vibrant young woman strutting down the street in style with a glossy pixie cut that captures the essence of modern fashion. Add to it those cool shades and a sleek black blazer, and you have an iconic look that speaks of confidence and poise. Psychic hairdresser François says, “Platinum color elevates the whole look, making it absolutely unforgettable.”

3. Ear-length pixie

If you are a fan of a slightly longer, more lived-in pixie, then this ear-length pixie haircut may be just right for you. This option is perfect for thick hair and is complemented by elegant bangs slicked to the side. Not to forget the unexpected shade of gray, which harmonizes with the floral tattoos adorning her arm. “Gray and floral tattoos make a stunning combination,” says Townsend, a renowned hairstylist.

4. Pixies for adults

Who says pixies have to be really short? This hairstyle defies traditional bangs by presenting an elongated hairstyle that cascades down to the back of the head. Combined with balayage coloring and cornice bangs, this hairstyle is 𝓀𝒾𝓁𝓁𝓁er sombo, proving that a pixie can be as versatile as you make it yourself. This short haircut is best suited for women over the age of 30.

5. Layered pixie haircut

For those who don’t want to lose too much length, this layered pixie haircut offers the best of both worlds. The blonde gives the hair a shine, while the outgrown layers provide plenty of styling options. “It’s an uncompromising way to join the pixie trend,” says Velascries, a high-end hairstylist. “Layers give a versatile look that doesn’t feel too radical.”

6. Soft curls at the top of the head

To give the hairstyle a diamond-shaped look, this style uses soft curls neatly curled on the top of the head. To keep the curls in shape, they are liberally smeared with pomade. According to hairstylist François, “The time you’ll spend styling these curls is definitely worth the effort to make this style look amazing.”

7. Pixie cut with a wet effect

Remember when Haritra Chandran of Bridgerton wowed us with her pixie haircut, even if it was just a wig for one stunning evening? The wet-look style gave her such a modern, sleek look that we can’t help but think she should make it her permanent look. One thing is for sure, wig or no wig, this style succeeded for her.

8. Black pixie cut

Imagine lounging by the pool, stylish sunglasses shading your eyes, and gold earrings sparkling in the sunlight – all with a black pixie haircut in a Cυrly style. This hairstyle is the epitome of poolside chic for black women who want to emphasize their natural features. “Sloppy texture and stylish sunglasses? An unbeatable combination,” says François, the celebrity hairstylist.

9. Cυrly Glossy Textυre

Jodi Turner-Smith certainly knows a thing or two about effect, and her glossy text pixie is no exception. It’s glossy, perky, and proof that the pixie looks amazing on black women with brown hair. According to François, “the shine of her curls gives the already sensational hairstyle an extra wow effect.”

10. Spiky pixie hairstyle

Why settle for a regular pixie when you can have a golden spiky hairstyle? This short, blonde and very spiky pixie haircut is a symbol of high fashion and individuality. Hairdresser Velasqυez says: “It’s a bold look that demands attention. And what is it? She gets it.”

11. Midi Pixie Cυt.

This year it’s time to shorten your longer hair! Don’t want to go for a haircut that is too short? Opt for the midi pixie haircut, which features longer layers and beautiful bangs slicked to the side. This is a more modern version of the classic pixie that offers many styling options. “The longer length and layers give you leeway,” says Townsend. You can find other pixie haircut options with bangs here.

12. Folded bangs

If you want to add extra drama to your pixie haircut, opt for one with folded bangs. Softly flowing bangs in the front are not only stylish, but also add a twist to the whole look. Wiig is a celebrity who has succeeded with this style, and you can too. This is a completely unusual hairstyle that will give your face a twist.

13. Blonde pixie

Jυlia Marie has brought the pixie look to life with her blonde pixie with messy hairstyle, and the details are important here. She has small barrettes behind her ears that add sophistication and charm to the whole look. This is the perfect hairstyle for those who want to maintain elegance and wit at the same time.

14. Mυllet Pixie

This option is for those who want to go all out. The combination of mυllet and pixie results in a rebellious yet totally modern hairstyle. Smooth bangs combined with a light shade completes this cool look. This style shows that you are not afraid to stand up and make a statement.

15. Short, casual styles

You want layers? You’ve got them. This chic haircut is all about layers. They add depth and character to the pixie, allowing you to create a chic style without too much effort. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s both bold and stylish, you can’t go wrong.

16. Pixie haircut with a twist back

A pixie with a slanted back is the epitome of elegance, especially if it is done on gray hair. The side parting adds sophistication to the hairstyle, and the large silver earrings simply say that “style is heaven”. This hairstyle goes well with any closet and is perfect for those who want to look chic without putting in a lot of effort.

17. Platinum hairstyle with a pointed tip

Inspired by Mika Giannelli, this platinum pixie takes it to the next level. The feathery texture and traditional pointed shape combine to create a trendy style that is striking. The platinum color further enhances its highlight, and you’ll be the center of attention wherever you go.

18. Soft pixie cut

If you’re looking for something that looks as effortless and casual as this, check out the soft pixie haircut. It is far from the pointy haircuts you may be familiar with. The softness of the haircut makes it airy and light, an example being the Alyssa In The City haircut. This haircut whispers rather than speaks, but that doesn’t make it any less colorful. More soft wavy pixie haircuts can be found here.

19. Backcombed hairstyle

If you are dealing with regrowing hair, slicking it back will give you a modern and stylish slicked back hairstyle. Add soft highlights to it and you will get a whole new depth and expression to your hairstyle. In addition, this technique will keep your hair from turning into a monotonous growth phase.

20. Pixie haircut with baby bangs

Nothing captures mental real estate like a spectacular hairstyle. Take a pixie haircut, add bangs to it, and you have a hairstyle that will be flaunted on all inspiration boards. Blonde hair and ultra-short length make this hairstyle a fashion trend.

21. Slicked back hair

If you want to do something architectural, a slicked back hairstyle can be your calling. A little thin paste all over the bangs and you’ll get that “architectural” look that will make your head spin. It’s like scrapbooking, only for hair.

22. Two-color pixie cut

Two-tone color isn’t just for cars and nails; it can also be an attractive hairstyle option. Imagine a classic pixie hairstyle where the top part of your hair is a licked blonde and the roots are a vibrant black color. It’s contrast at its best, and it emphasizes the texture and layers of the hairstyle.

23. Classic pixie haircut with bangs

You can’t beat the classics, and this pixie haircut with bangs on the side is as good as it gets. The light shade of hair gives a calm demeanor and the bangs add a stylish touch. You can never go wrong with a classic.

24. Pixie Bob – The Bixie Cυt

What do you get when you combine a pixie cut and a bob? The Bixie Cυt, of course. This haircut with long bangs elegantly frames the face, while the rest of the hair remains short. And the brunette color gives this hybrid hairstyle a classic charm. It’s like the best of both worlds packed into one elegant package.

25. Pixie cut with side parting

Are you over 30 and have thin or thinning hair? The side parted pixie can be your lifesaver. This brunette haircut is a favorite for a reason: it’s incredibly appropriate and adds volume where you need it most. With this hairstyle and understated look, you’ll be getting compliments left and right.

26. Mixie

For those with thicker hair who like a fuller look, the Messy Mixie combines the pixie with mυllet elements. Long strands in the back pay homage to the iconic braid, while sloppy texture gives it a modern twist. In the words of one hairdresser, “it’s not just a haircut, it’s a style.”

27. Shaved side

Go wild with this adazi blonde pixie with a shaved side and long, downward-flowing bangs. It’s bold, daring and confident. If you want to make a splash, this style is for you.

28. Straight pixie cut

Fans of Tilda Swinton will recognize this option. It is a short black straight haircut in an androgynous style. While the hairstyle may be simple, the look it creates is not like that at all. It’s a boyish style that carries immense power.

29. Bangs grown out

Play with the color and length of this extended pixie with bangs. Shades of cool gray with flecks of purple give the look an ethereal beauty. It’s as if a pixie curl and a mountain unicorn made a magical hairstyle. You can find other fashionable hair color ideas here.

30. Fashionable fringe

An ultra-modern pixie cut designed for thick hair. The main feature of this hairstyle is the fringe that dramatically runs across the forehead. To emphasize the volume and drama, try styling your bangs forward with a blow dryer. This will add depth and texture, providing a rocker chic look. This short pixie haircut is perfect for an oval face shape.

31. Under Cυt Pixie

This bold pixie haircut is not just limited to the color contrast between the long blonde hair at the top of the head and the short strands at the base. This hairstyle also features a bob that emphasizes the side parting. This is a bold motif for the fearless fashionista that will make you stand out in any crowd.

32. Gray hair

Don’t let age dictate your style, rather let it elevate it! This classic pixie cut is designed for those over 50 with fine, thin hair. The gray color gives grace and sophistication, and the untied bangs make it look chic.

33. Natural pixie cut

Pay homage to natural beauty with this pixie cut, which is perfect for black women with brown hair. Short diamond-shaped curls that cascade forward give this bold haircut a sleek look. It’s not just a hairstyle, it’s a statement that short and long hair can coexist in stunning harmony.

34. Korean pixie cut

To give your hairstyle a touch of k-pop, go for a stylish Korean pixie haircut. This hairstyle uses soft black hair with a side parting that emphasizes the natural volume and lushness of the hair. Layering plays a key role here, providing the perfect support for soft hair. To maintain the style and give your hair a fresh look, don’t forget to apply a hair detergent and use a diffuser when drying. It’s a chic look that has both elegance and your spontaneity.

35. Wavy pixie cut

Whether you’re growing out a pixie or just like the extra length of bangs, this wavy hairstyle for the classic bob will give it a soft and romantic feel. The long wavy bangs breathe life into this look, perfect for those who prefer their style to be not quite ordinary, but still very attractive.

36. Short black pixie haircut

Sensuality and style go hand in hand in this cropped pixie haircut. Designed for confident black women, this hairstyle complements their natural bob texture. This haircut is not just a hairstyle, it is an expression of bold femininity accentuated with gold earrings and a bikini. Highlighting natural hair color in a short and comfortable style, this hairstyle is as sophisticated as it is sophisticated.

37. Pixie for Blondes

Imagine going all out in this pixie hairstyle with long side-swept bangs. This is perfect for short hair wearers who still want a bit of drama. Paired with large stylish earrings, an Apple Watch and a bold light colored jacket, this look sounds fashion-forward. Don’t forget the long stylish nails and bold makeup – every element contributes to this stunning look.

38. Very short pixie cut

For those who are low-maintenance but want a high style, this very short pixie haircut is the perfect choice. The light shade exudes energy and the mega-short length is incredibly easy to maintain. Celebrity hairdresser Chris McMillan says: “It’s an iconic haircut that is timeless. The shorter the haircut, the easier it is to style!”.

39. Short pixie haircut with bangs

An elongated face shape doesn’t mean that you can’t wear bangs with a short pixie haircut. In fact, bangs that cover the forehead can perfectly balance your facial features. Add red tips to your bangs, and make catfish highlights to make it more expressive. This is a modern interpretation of the classic pixie haircut, offering a unique style but still leaving the haircut attractive and versatile.

40. Pixie haircut with accessories

Who says short hair can’t be accessorized? Accessorize your pixie cut with these playful or elegant hairpins, depending on your mood or occasion. Use colored or floral clips to add a touch of sophistication to the look. If you are going to a more formal event, thin gold hairpins will instantly accentuate your look, making your pixie hairstyle not just elegant, but downright sophisticated.


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