47 ideas of stylish neck length haircuts for women

If you want to change your look, why don’t you explore these trendy hairstyles that are suitable for neck length hair? Try something bold or casual, whichever you prefer. There are many amazing styles to choose from! Want a radiant hairstyle that looks elegant and professional? You won’t be disappointed when you choose one of the many neck hairstyle options available. It can be a fresh look for a job interview or a hairstyle for a night out with friends – the neck length will simply attract the appropriate reaction. Check out these thirty elegant examples of trendy hairstyles with bangs, layers or layered hairstyles (or without bangs) that will provide the effect you’re looking for.

1- Neck-length asymmetrical hairstyle

The appeal of this asymmetrical dress is further enhanced when you consider how easy it is to maintain. It is also comfortable to wear with jewelry or pendants that accentuate the design.


2. Classic neck-length hairstyle

Classics can be the most spectacular, and the shag haircut was one of the most sought-after hairstyles of the 1970s. It remains trendy and stylish even in modern times and is eye-catching thanks to the lilac bangs.

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3. Bob with feathers

The weightless glamor and eye-catching strands with feathers in this effortless hairstyle are guaranteed to catch the attention of others. It is an elongated bob with strands that showcase low and high shades of balayage on your fresh hair.

4. Ashy Blonde Balayage

This gorgeous hairstyle has an ethereal look and is the best option for older length hair, with an eye-catching parting that draws attention to the face. It looks best paired with metallic eye shadow.

5. Shaggy Wavy Mob

A little longer than the typical hairstyle, this wavy hairstyle with sloppy bangs is the perfect option that emphasizes self-confidence, confidence and assertiveness. The careless texture of the layers makes this hairstyle 𝓈ℯ𝓍y and playful.

6. Hair length to the middle of the neck

What could be better for a beach vacation than a wavy hairstyle that uses every millimeter of hair at the nape of your neck? Beach blonde or copper brown Balyage solυtions can be the perfect color addition to your look.

7. A-line styled hairstyle.

With its sleek edges and layers, this hairstyle is not the best choice for those who want to wear neck-length hairstyles, but it is quite appropriate.

8. Concave bob

This striking hairstyle is especially suited for black hair, but it can be worn with any color. The tapered front classic is the most traditional and most stylish way to wear neck-length hair.

9. Short bob with volume

A haircut styled below the chin is perfect for your face. The crease at the back creates an angular shape and adds extra weight to a great haircut.

10. Neck-length hair

A stylish and trendy hairstyle with a certain shine. The only thing that will be required from you is to twist your hair a bit. It is easy to maintain, but very effective.

11. Neck-length bob

A classic 80’s style hairstyle with voluminous layers and perfect styling. Combine it with a bright, intense makeup look and a stunning hairstyle and you’re all set.

12. bangs and neck-length hair

Neck length hairstyles have been a huge success in recent years. Medium length hair is versatile and has an easy French style. Take care to loosen the top of your head a little and then finish the hairstyle with a beach wave.

13. Layered neck-length bob

Thanks to a combination of many factors – artful use of color, aesthetically chosen layers, and an airy shape – this dramatic style is the perfect choice when you need to amp things up.

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14. Wavy A-line hairstyle

If your hair is a little longer, the wavy downward-flowing hairstyle is reminiscent of the best actresses of the silver screen. It’s a chic hairstyle that has both sloppiness and polish.

15. Neck-length styles with texture

The perfect hairstyle that emphasizes your neck in all its glory. A bold hairstyle that incorporates layers that seem almost unintentional, yet very thoughtful and chic.

16. Asymmetrical hairstyles with shaving

A stylish and daring hairstyle that requires self-confidence and emphasizes your face in the best places. It’s perfect for the road, but will be equally effective everywhere.

17. French bob with half moon bangs

French bob in Parisian style is the perfect option for all women who live there. The length of the neck is chosen in such a way that it emphasizes the face of the owner, this hairstyle is simply chic.

18. Dress with natural neck length

This is a perfect bob that is ideal for natural hair wearers. The scissors in this hairstyle provides the symmetry needed for diamond-shaped faces with this shape and length.

19. Braided Neck Hairstyle

From these short hairstyles, you can create a stylish style that is suitable for both formal and formal events. It combines all the basic elements that modern hairstyles have, such as braid, bodysuit and messy.

20. Hairstyle with center cuts

A sloppy classic that gives you a touch of camouflage at times when you’re shy? A chic hairstyle that emphasizes your striking features? It’s comfortable and easy.

21. Neck length hairstyles for special occasions

This hairstyle can be worn for any event such as a night at the beach or a wedding, date night or a celebration. The half-υpdo hairstyle is an elegant and spectacular style that is done in just five minutes.

22. Bob with frizz

Suitable for both oval and heart-shaped faces, this stylish hairstyle is a shapeless style that emphasizes your virtues. One of the most recognizable long neck haircuts.

23. Razor neck length haircut

If you want to emphasize some part of your face, this shaggy hairstyle is the best option for you. It is perfect for any look you want to create. Create a fashionable look with flyaway hair!

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24. Shaggy, layered, neck-length hair

Neck-length bangs are a great alternative to an adorable shaggy hairstyle. This length is easy to style. Simply apply a texturizing spray or wax to create a wet, swirl-like style and you’re all set.

25. Neck length with a deep side parting

With bob length hair, it may seem like there’s little room for play, but there are plenty of colors and styles to incorporate. Voluminous curves and soft blonde hair are the perfect combination.

26. Neck-length angular haircut

An elegant and symmetrical hairstyle that is perfect for girls who love anything low-maintenance. It can also add natural volume and shape, making your hair appear thicker.

27. Neck-length hair, long bangs

Frames the face, emphasizing the cheekbones with soft layers that cascade down the face. Long bangs on the side blend beautifully with the rest of the length, drawing attention to the perfect jaw line.

28. Hairstyles with layers at the back of the head

Upside-down haircuts give your hair the necessary thickness and bounciness. Finish your hairstyle with waves for a chic casual look.

29. Half up, half down cut hairstyle

There are many hairstyles that can be worn around the neck in everyday life, but the charming hairstyle with loose hair along the face is the most attractive of all.

30. Money bills on neck length hair

Hairstyles that stand apart are complemented with a soft bob line and bright honey elements to make your look brighter. This is a trendy option if you are looking for something new this season.

31. Neck-length bob

Curled hair is often considered unfashionable and incompatible with short haircuts. If you style your hair with the right layers, using the right styling products, you can achieve an absolutely gorgeous edgy hairstyle. Thicker hair may not need gels or gels depending on how you style it.

32. Neck-length black hair

Healthy black hair looks great whether it’s straightened or natural. This hairstyle has plenty of shaping options and beautiful layered ends – so this stylish Michelle Obama meets Rihanna bob side parting hairstyle is sure to add the desired glamour to your look.

33. Neck length haircut for thin hair

Stylists have many tricks to make thin hair appear more lush. First of all, dark roots can lift the hairstyle a bit to make it appear more airy. Then there are the cornice bangs: they allow you to choose which areas to emphasize and, if necessary, correct the shape of your face.

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34. Neck-length red hair

Show off your vibrant personality and lively character with red hair that is booming. With styling, you can add permanent volume to your hairstyle and give your curls a distinctive and expressive look.

35. Neck-length straight hair

There’s nothing better than a classic hairstyle without a tie. A sleek A-line bob that barely reaches the collarbones emphasizes the lower part of the face. It’s a great choice for both fine and thick hair.

36. Neck-length hair for diamond-shaped faces

To take the strain off your forehead, if it seems a little bigger than you’d like, you can keep it tilted slightly forward. Asymmetrical styled bobs will not only gently accentuate your striking features, but also flatter the amount of hair you have.

37. Neck-length hair

If your hair is full of volume and air on its own, it’s time to take it to the next level with a light blonde balayage, soft and prim bob. The hairstyle can be styled with beach waves – the perfect look for almost any occasion.

38. Thick, neck-length hair

Fine waves always look spectacular. A soft hairstyle with ripped waves is the perfect choice for those who are not yet ready for drastic changes, but want to bring something unusual to their everyday image.

39. Blonde with a long neck

Runway hairstyles tend to incorporate a blυnt shape. The back-curled shape creates a perfect, neat look suitable for straight hair.

40. A textured red bob is embellished with bangs.

There is no better look to emphasize a long neck than a delightful inverted hairstyle with elongated front strands of hair that softly and elegantly frame the face.

41. Neck-length hairstyles

This neck-length bob, with its strict, fierce flavor, looks simple and easy but turns out to be more elegant on closer inspection. You can wear this bob with confidence!

42. Wavy bangs with neck-length hair.

Remembering the 80’s This bob is a delightful idea for fine blonde hair. It has a distinctive blonde look. You will have a simple and stylish hairstyle that is hard to miss.

43. Uneven bob

A brow that can be made with fine hair. This attractive hairstyle covers the face and shows off highlights that add texture. The haircut is not overly dramatic but still attracts admiring glances.

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44. Blonde wavy hair with balayage

The clean, crisp lines of this hairstyle bring to mind the 1960s, but the text brings it into the modern era. A hairstyle that is striking from any angle.

45. Deva Cυt’s neck-length hairstyle

There is a lot going on in this hairstyle and all of it is very good. Any wearer of this hairstyle will be well groomed and ready for a gorgeous day.


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