five original ingredients with surprising virtues

Health food: Why not try new trendy foods, sometimes barbaric names, but surprising virtues?

– Goji berries
Followers of new face creams have probably already heard about it. Goji berries are nonetheless foods to eat. They would be the most powerful antioxidant in the world. Traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine use it to protect the eyes and liver, improve blood circulation and balance the immune system. For those who want to find the line, these new foods are a concentrate of benefits, with amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals and trace elements, vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and E, betaine, among others. Goji berries improve memory and are used as a natural dietary supplement.


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 The sobacha
The sobacha is an infusion of roasted buckwheat seeds. Several antioxidants are contained in this food, including rutin. It would regulate the appetite. It is particularly recommended for people following the nutrition and sports program of Valerie Orsoni, BootCamp.

Only those who are passionate about cooking will not find this word barbaric. Because agar-agar has become their best ally, replacing in many recipes gelatin. Japanese women use it as a slimming ingredient. The trick is to dilute 1g of agar in boiling the liquid, such as tea or broth, and drink it immediately before the drink cools (otherwise, it gels!). The feeling of satiety is quickly felt, even before going to dinner. Be careful to respect the dose because the agar-agar is very laxative.

Decidedly, Asian culture knows how to deal with healthy products, which will help Westerners to pay attention to their line. Wakame is an alga, brown at the beginning and that turns green when cooked. The gourmands of oysters will recognize the taste of the mollusk. The benefits of this Asian food are numerous since it contains calcium, in greater quantity than milk. There is also iron, vitamins B12, and C, potassium. The pharmaceutical industry uses it to produce an appetite suppressant effect. That said, for those who want to keep the line, a kitchen incorporating recipes with wakame will always be the best solution.

 Acai berries
It is the fruit of palm trees of South America. Adepts of new diets can find this natural ingredient in all forms: in juice, mashed potatoes, but also in capsules. Acai berries are very trendy in recent years for their so-called “appetite suppressant” virtues. Not all scientists agree on this, but this does not prevent the South American fruit from making a cigarette on the shelves. It contains mostly antioxidants and fibers.


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