how do you prevent boiled eggs from cracking

These are four following suggestions, and you can choose the one which best suits your requirements.
When boiling eggs, wet the shells thoroughly in cold water and they will not crack.

To prevent eggs from bursting while boiling, prick one end of each of the eggs with a needle before placing them in the water. This makes an outlet for the air and keeps the shells from cracking.
If eggs which you are about to boil are cracked, add a little vinegar to the water and they can then be boiled as satisfactorily as undamaged ones.
A spoonful of salt should be added to the water in which slightly cracked eggs are boiled.

how do you prevent boiled eggs from cracking

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The salt will prevent the white of the egg from coming out.
I also use a fifth method, a little bit of vinegar added to the water before I slip the eggs in. However, one of my friends told me the best way to get perfectly boiled eggs, without worrying about their cracking.
Boil water. Take down from heat. Put the eggs in carefully. Cover with lid. Say the TwentyThird Psalm. Remove the perfectly boiled eggs.

I smiled at this wonderful tip, because this was such a beautiful way to start the day, with boiled eggs for breakfast and she said that her grandmother had taught her this way to boil the eggs while praying. I am not a Christian, but I boil my eggs as well as Praise Him at the same time this way and it works just fine!
In the same way, if you want to prevent eggs from popping when you are cooking them, all you have to do is add a teaspoonful of flour to the hot oil. Now break the eggs and allow them to cook. The flour enhances the delicious taste of the eggs.


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