five misconceptions about food

At least one of these food phrases has been heard at least as a truth that can not be contradicted. Yet some of them turn out to be often incorrect. Does milk really make bones strong? And is it true that chocolate is the most natural antidepressant? You will know everything about these received ideas, especially if they are proven or not.

– Does spinach help to become stronger?
Unfortunately no. We have of course watched Popeye stuffing himself with spinach as the magic potion for Obelix. Does this vegetable really help to have steel muscles? The answer is no; the idea that we have spinach is totally wrong. It is wrongly thought to have a high concentration of iron, yet it is not the truth. They are just as good as other vegetables. In addition, the iron contained in spinach is difficult to assimilate. In comparison, we would have a better time to eat fish, to enjoy more visible effects. What to think then? This idea is totally wrong and has no justification … except for Popeye’s bulimic tendency for this vegetable.


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 Does the carrot help to be in a good mood?
Not at all. Expression exists but is it justified? The islands can also be really pleasant at times “. It is an expression that implies several things. First, we talk about the benefits of carrot, which would help prevent or fight liver problems. But in terms of being kind, you have to look at things in their context. We all remember the image of the donkey that we try to advance with a carrot at the end of a stick. This is probably the only objective ability of the carrot to make lovable. Because the beta-carotene it contains can only help to have a nice complexion, but nothing more.

 Does banana gain weight?
Absolutely not, and that’s good news. Banana has many properties, including a quick feeling of satiety, and a high content of carbohydrates and protein. When it matures, the starch it contains turns into natural sugars and can be eaten as long as it is not too ripe. On the other hand, it does not make you fat. Rich in potassium, it is ideal for regulating blood pressure. It is recommended as an appetite suppressant during the day, to avoid cravings.

 Will I have strong bones when drinking milk?
Alas no, and it’s a pretty eloquent communication problem. Milk certainly contains calcium, but it is also an element found in fruits and vegetables. However, the strength of the bones of the skeleton can be ensured thanks to vitamin D, which is not present in the milk. It is found on the other hand in oils and fish, and not in dairy products. The messages transmitted for years are unfortunately truncated.

 Will chocolate help to reduce my stress and depressive state?
And yes, finally real information; chocolate has indeed very interesting properties, which directly influence the mood. Rich in magnesium, it helps to better manage fatigue and stress, in addition to allowing the brain to release endorphin. This hormone is soothing and comforting, another reason enough not to deprive yourself of a square or two. Good to know, dark chocolate is less rich in sugar and can be eaten without complex


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