Health foods: The benefits of lemon and lime


By Tatyana Malova /

What are the benefits of lemon and lime?
Are you lacking energy and looking for a cure? Try lemon and lime, fruit rich in benefits! Here’s what you need to know about these citrus fruits that are delicious in addition to having impressive nutritional properties.

The nutritional values of lemon and lime

What is found in an average lemon?

First, a normal lemon without bark represents only 17 calories. It contains 0.6g of protein, 5.4g of carbohydrates, 0.2g of lipids and 1.6g of dietary fiber.

Would you prefer to savor your lemon or lime juice?

A quarter cup of this delicious beverage contains 16 calories, 0.3g of protein, 5.5g of carbohydrates, no fat and only 0.3g of dietary fiber.

But the lemon is especially appreciated for its contributions in vitamins. It contains mainly vitamin C, excellent in winter to refuel.

Did you know? Lemon juice is also rich in copper, while lime is sought after for its iron content.

These citrus fruits are indeed well known for helping in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. There are also positive effects on inflammation. These benefits are due to their high content of flavonoid and limonoid, as well as soluble fiber (for lemon) and protein (for lime juice).

How to choose them?

To recognize the juiciest fruit when you shop, examine their skin: it must be fine and shiny. In addition, citrus must be firm when you feel them and make an impression of heaviness.

How to keep them?

Once your lemons are purchased, you can keep them for about one to two weeks at room temperature. The lime dries however faster. To increase their shelf life, you can keep them in a bowl filled with water, or in a closed container in the refrigerator.


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