23 stunning haircuts and hairstyles for thick hair

Do you have naturally thick hair? You are one of the most beautiful hair types. You never have to struggle with flat hair or think about how to make your hair thicker. Luckily! However, having thick hair is not always easy. Long, thick hair is difficult to style and requires mυltitυde means to make it look attractive! This is where short haircuts for thick hair come to the rescue. They are elegant, fashionable and mυch easier to maintain! Plus, there are options to suit every face shape and hair type – you’ll be spoiled for choice. Curly haired women tend to look for haircuts that help get rid of excess thickness and give their hair a lighter look. It is good to know that both of these tasks can be accomplished with a bob haircut. Along with creating thick hair with 𝓈ℯ𝓍 volume and lightness, bob haircuts are trendy and allow you to showcase your growing hair volume in a perfect angle. Let’s have a look at a stunning collection of bob haircuts that are suitable for thick hair. The hair is thick and beautiful in appearance. This kind of hairstyle looks healthy and lush. In addition, due to the high volume, thick hair can hold a style (and a perfect hairstyle) like no other! That’s why we’re going to cover many bob styles and haircuts that are perfect for thick layered hair. Whether you’ve tried a bob before or are looking for ideas on how to improve your current bob, you’ll be impressed with at least some of the options we list below. The newest long, medium, or short haircuts suitable for thick hair are out! You will love the new colors that will be used for the bob haircut. For thick hair, layered bobs are the best option as they create easy hairstyles that keep thick hair under control and look their best.


Ash blonde bob with thick hair

Ashy shades are the latest trend for both short and long haircuts, which are suitable for thicker hair! Here’s a great illustration of how you can dress up a 60’s hairstyle with an ash hue. Thick and lightened hair increases its volume and can be styled in vertical layers that transition into curls at the ends. The back is slender and gracefully downward, resting on the collarbone, and the side parting creates a fringe (bangs) of increased length. The ash-blonde highlights emphasize the strict forms, and the casυal hairstyle makes the image casual, but at the same time well-groomed!

A side view of the balayage hairstyle, which is gaining popularity.

Here are a few more long bob hairstyles to choose from.

Copper-red bob haircuts that are good for long hair

This is a stylish copper-red shade that can be used for pale complexions. It can also give the bob hairstyle an extra lushness. For hair with thick layers, styling it backwards is a great option to create a chic twist and a neat line above the nape of the neck. I love the long strands in the front on the opposite side. They give a modern twist to long and medium bob haircuts for the SS2023 season! It is suitable for oval, heart or diamond shaped face.

A few bob hairstyles with elegant honey coloring on copper brown hair

The coloring was originally a simple hippie style for long hair. However, it has now become a trendy way to give a basic hairstyle a layered look. Thick hair will look great on long bob haircuts, but won’t be frizzy if stylists do inverted layers on the ends. This thinning technique thins and shapes the ends of thick hair, causing it to fall with a nice inward curve. Rather than adding straight blonde highlights to slightly wavy hair, this honey blonde shade suits all skin tones and age groups! For an oval face, simply make a center parting and lightly slick the hair back at the top of the head to complete this stylish hairstyle suitable for long hair!

Casual layered bob hairstyles for thick hair with blonde highlights

It is very easy to change the look of your daytime bob hairstyles suitable for thick hair as you see below. Multi-layered bob hairstyles suitable for thick layered hair can be sleek, slightly wavy and twisted. The highlights in this hairstyle echo the light brown/young shade and get lighter at the tips and in the strands framing the face. The ends look thin and lighter in color. On the side or center parting, the blonde strands reflect light on the face in a pleasing manner!

Transform a long inverted bob from slim to stylish

There comes a moment when we realize that it’s time to part with long hair, but choosing a new hairstyle can be a difficult moment! Today, it’s easier: you can continue to wear your hair long but look younger with a trendy inverted hairstyle. Hair with thick layers is easier to style, using sections of longer hair and thinned ends of the latest layered hairstyles. This bob on thick hair showcases an icy cocoa-colored base overlaid with swirling methink blonde curls. Adding waves on the sides of the hair is a good option to enhance the width of an uneven face and soften angular shapes. Highlighting the center part makes the hairstyle suitable for an oval face, but can easily be modified for a heart-shaped or square face.

Chin-length bob hairstyle, inverted, for a diamond or heart-shaped face.

If you have a heart-shaped or diamond-shaped face, a straight chin-length bob hairstyle with inversions can be the most effective option for a bob hairstyle with layers of hair. Thick hair is cut with sharp tips to create a trendy haircut, which is offered in various short and medium haircuts for thick hair. The side parting or off-center parting accentuates the features of a square and rosy face and hides the edges of a wide forehead. With a pointed chin, it’s easy to change your look by styling thick, ripped layers on the sides. A variety of versatile hairstyles for thick, chin-length hair can be paired and secured with bobby pins to create a glamorous evening hairstyle!

Lavender gray hairstyles for hair with thick layers

Platinum blonde is not as popular in later and spring hairstyles. But silver gray and ash white shades give hairstyles with thick hair a trendy, on-trend look. Thick hair has natural volume and can be styled in several hairstyles, and you can add a bold color to make the look more vibrant. Short chin-length bob haircuts that suit hair with thick layers include Kelly Osbourne’s love of delicate lavender and gray shades. See how this charming pastel shade accentuates the model’s brown eyes and makes her fair skin brighter!

Trendy length hairstyles are perfect with long hair and leather jackets

This photo of an inverted messy bob on thick hair clearly demonstrates how well it pairs with the latest trends in leather clothing. Long hair falling below the chin is one of the most beautiful hairstyles for thick hair creating an oval shape, heart shape or square face. The hair is styled in various loose layers that soften the lines and give a flatter jaw line, and increase the width to change the look of a pointed chin. This is one of the easiest bob styles for thick hair, as the hair is softly curled and easy to comb through!

Gorgeous blonde bob hairstyles for thick hair with lozenge finish

Here is one of our best new blonde shades that is perfect for spring and winter hairstyles! It’s a stylish chalked short haircut with two highlights that sparkle like gold. It also has the ability to reflect light on your skin and bring years back to your face! This bob haircut is also one of the latest haircut techniques for medium length hairstyles suitable for thick hair. The last 2-3 centimeters are thinly trimmed and then styled into clear strands. This creates a beautiful, pink and smooth look that is accentuated by the way the ends are pinned, which gives a 3D depth of color on the thickest layered bob hairstyle!

Layered bob hairstyles with layers for hair with thick layers and highlights of ash blond

If you’re not ready to get rid of the length of your locks completely, refresh your look with long layered hairstyles. For hair with thick and pointy ends, draped over curls can create a whole new style with lots of highlights instead of long and pointy rat tails! The latest mυlty layered bob hairstyles focus on healthy, kinky movement. If you have thick hair with a natural frizz, you can easily change up your hairstyle with just a few moves of the bob wand. The most important aspect of any hairstyle for short and long bobs for thick hair is the shade you choose to emphasize texture, shape and movement. Careless melting with ashy blonde shades will be a major fashion trend for 2023!

Boho hairstyles for short haircuts. long hair that is thick enough to fit a square face

Of course, cool ash tones aren’t suitable for all skin tones, so don’t get ahead of yourself just yet. There are still plenty of copper and gold highlights in the latest bob haircuts! Medium length bob haircuts, suitable for thick hair that ends between the chin and collarbones, look great with a perfectly aligned copper blonde ombré. This hairstyle utilizes light honey waves coming off the face. This is a great way to hide a prominent jaw line and soften any angle. This bob haircut for a square face features an off-center parting that cleverly hides the square hairline, creating an adorable oval piece!

Long party style bob hairstyle in military brown and adorable bob hairstyles.

Military brown remains a popular shade that will remain so for a long time to come, as it sets off pale skin tones perfectly! Unlike other layered bob styling options with thick hair, there’s a whole new twist here. This striking style for special occasions features strong balayage streaks that are a medium blonde. See how they accentuate the stormy waves of this asymmetrical inverted hairstyle. Thick hair styled in a bob haircut looks much more modern and attractive than straight and slender cuts! This hairstyle is one of our favorites because of its beautiful and attractive shape!

Long sheared bob with double toned white-gold curls

For Nordic people, the delightful new shades of ash blonde are the perfect complement to any of the long wavy bob styles. Loose and thick hair with a pronounced shape creates an eye-catching look, emphasizing stylish modernity. This is an adorable shaggy haircut with a center parting for the perfect facial oval, but you can change the parting to create the perfect look for a heart-shaped, diamond-shaped or square face. (This style is not recommended for people with thin or long facial features, as they need to be longer and wider on both sides).

Long blonde bob with an ombré of wheat blonde on a dark blonde base

If you want to put more emphasis on your dark blonde hair, check out this trendy look with grainy blonde! The most popular bob haircuts suitable for thick hair have lighter ends rather than tapered ends. This makes high volume hair look more lively and sprawling than long tapered hairstyles where the hair lies still. This hairstyle is among those that are suitable for oval, pink or heart-shaped faces. The long side parting allows you to cover the entire forehead, while the wavy parting between the chin gives an extra expression.

Sexy bob haircut in profile with cool highlights and a wavy parting above the top of the head

If you incorporate a little teasing (reverse bob) at the top of the head, you will get an extremely attractive Brigitte Bardot look! This is one of the longest hairstyles suitable for thick hair. It is also ideal for an oval-shaped face and for lengthening the native part of the face. The deep side parting allows you to give the hairstyle more height by creating a long wave above the forehead. A long fringe (bangs) laid diagonally across the face can break the symmetry. Smaller layers styled at cheek level will also bring out the redness of sunken cheeks. Dark blonde hair is accented with two cool blonde highlights positioned on the face. Careless, sloppy curls and waves make these trendy and sloppy hairstyles for thick hair extremely fashionable in 2023.

Long bob with thick hair, with a small heart shaped face bob

Deep purple-purple is a variation of the short medium, long and short haircuts that we are seeing more and more often in the spring and summer months. It’s a good choice for basic hairstyles, such as this bob hairstyle for thick hair with a few natural curls and curls. The waves are well placed to keep the attention on the face, and the ends are added texture to keep them neat and airy. If you prefer hairstyles that require little or no effort to maintain, it’s hard to beat the easy bob hairstyle. If you have thick hair, you don’t have to worry about it, and a regular cut will keep your hair in good condition! It is suitable for oval and heart-shaped faces.

Shaggy hairstyles for hair with thick curls, wavy, straight and bob styles

Center parting hairstyle looks amazing for oval face wearers. This hairstyle for long hair suitable for thick hair shows three variations of this popular haircut. First of all, the hairstyle is characterized by a large number of vertical, straight strands. It consists of layers of long cuts, and the edges are somé and textured. Textured red tips trim the ends, giving the bob haircut, ideal for thick hair, a stylish shaggy look. The brown base is accentuated with two lighter shades, with the cool golden shade giving the impression of white-golden blonde centered on the front.

An unusually asymmetrical bob style evening hairstyle with black hair and a gorgeous blonde top layer

Among the interesting hairstyles for short and medium bobs that are suitable for thick hair, I like the hairstyles with sharp symmetry and bright contrasts of color the most. Not many styles can rival the striking visual impact that an inverted bob with asymmetrical sides can have, such as these hairstyles for medium lengths. You don’t have to go for a bob to create beautiful volume and shape thick hair. This straight bob hairstyle on black hair features a deep side parting, as well as sections of blonde hair draping over the other side of the face. Black with two highlights on long hair is a stunning look for any event or wedding hairstyle!

Light white beach wavy hair about chin length for an oval face, skinny or square.

What happens when a short haircut, such as a bob with back styling, develops? Short bob hairstyles for thick hair usually develop smoothly into gorgeous mid-length hairstyles, which means you won’t have to face an awkward period when your hair grows back. This white-blonde chalked shade has a three-dimensional appeal thanks to slightly darker roots, as well as a golden glare located at the nape of the neck. The waves of hair on each side provide width, making this inverted bob with thick hair a great option for balancing a skinny face. It is also suitable for square and oval faces, as the side waves can soften a pronounced jaw line.

Dark blonde with wavy sides, complemented by a bob and copper highlights

For many years, dark blonde hair was only emphasized with cool blonde highlights, making many women appear to have gray hair and white skin! However, dirty blondes look better with strawberry blonde shades such as caramel and copper. The look of your skin is determined by your skin tone, and if you are pale and have a cool skin tone, lighter shades will suit you better. Long layered bob hairstyles suitable for thick hair give more style and shape than long hair with straight sections! So why not save yourself from split ends and look more elegant by doing this 𝓈ℯ𝓍y and warm inverted hairstyle. Thick hairstyles with center parting and wings of hair are suitable for oval face shape, but you can change the style of parting to suit a small or thin face. Smooth, sloppy waves with two action highlights is an easy-to-maintain hairstyle perfect for work, party and wedding!

Long bob with honey-amber highlights and big loose waves

This is a classic honey bob for thick hair with extra volume at the ends. This hairstyle is great for heart-shaped faces, as it balances out the wide forehead and pointed chin perfectly. In this hairstyle, the ends of the hair are heavily cropped throughout, but there are a few shorter strands that drape the face, softening its lines. Light brown hair gains 𝓈ℯ𝓍y appeal with a honey-amber balayage that beautifully accentuates the crisp waves scattered throughout the head!

Medium bob hairstyle with fresh waves and balayage highlights based on the brown color momedi

Wave variations are a very popular hairstyle that has developed recently thanks to the latest heated tongs, which offer many styling options. In bob hairstyles, we will soon be seeing and wearing different variations of waves! The hairstyle below demonstrates that the 2nd line sits above the tips, creating an open crimpled bottoming line. This is a fantastic new way to emphasize angular lines, which is an inverted bob!

Short chic hairstyles for thick hair. It has cool blonde highlights and a military brown base

The newest short bob hairstyles suitable for thick hair consist of an upside down bob style. Thick hair can be styled backwards, creating an amazing exaggerated angle that goes down and reaches the base of the neck on both sides. This picture shows short haircuts for thick hair utilizing a more precise angle as well as cool highlights on a cocoa brown base. This hairstyle is suitable for long and diamond shaped faces.

New haircuts for thick hair offer a wide range of styling options and brand new highlights color options. Choose from trendy mottled shades, delightful silver-gray, white-gold and lavender, chic ash-blonde or ash-brown (blonde) highlights. One of the best tips is to determine your skin tone in daylight before you choose the color you want to try. An ashy blonde shade can mute cool skin tones, so it’s worth consulting a colorist to find the perfect highlights to match your skin tone!


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