80 short layered haircuts for women to try in 2023

The short layered haircuts back in fashion. After a while, straight haircuts of all lengths seem to be back to layered, as they were in the 1990s. Many celebrities have decided to return to layered haircuts – then more subdued, then more pronounced, but all with love.

Short layered haircuts for women

A short layered haircuts Has not completely disappeared, as there are still many people enjoying the benefits of this haircut. But it appears that it will return with even greater vigor this year. The question now is whether we will brave a hairstyle with very marred layers, like Rachel’s in Friends, or whether we will prefer a hairstyle with fewer layers.

1: Short haircuts 2022


2: Short layered hairstyles

Sυmmer is not the right time to style a short haircut. Rather, it’s a layered, full-of-life pixie that can be styled any way you want – wild or sophisticated. Play with the direction: from asymmetrically slicked to the side to boldly pointed forward, as here.

3: Dimmer layered hairstyle

For a completely different look, ask your stylist for lighter hair in the front, which creates a mυlti-dimmer effect. We also note the contrast in length between very short hair in the back and longer hair in the front.

4: Short layered hair

With its many matching aspects: artistic color, carelessly styled layers, and airy shape, this dramatic look is perfect when you need to impress.

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