Blue nail ideas that you should not miss out on


Nail professionals predict royal hues will be the most popular shades in 2021, and the blue trend continues to make a splash this winter season. “In general, rich colors are on trend,” shares Brittney Boyce, head of NAILS OF LA and celebrity nail technician. According to her, light colors are especially popular because they are available in a variety of shades and finishes, allowing you to find a shade to match any look.

Royal Blυe Nails

This is another great option for celebrating the most important holiday of the year.

Pink and light colored nails

I was captivated by the bright, magical sky painted by this artist. The manicurist used a combination of pink and blue colors to convey the amazing beauty of the world overhead.

Sky blue nails

Another sky, but only painted in blue color. The butterfly of a darker shade looks great on the nails.

Nails in pastel colors

This design is very classy and intricate. It’s something I would wear to the office every day.

Sυmmer Blυe Nails

Save this one for the next harvest season or winter season. While dark yellow symbolizes war and dry leaves, dark blue symbolizes the sky after dusk.

Black and light colored nails

This design will intrigue the attractive ladies. It looks more somber and darker. Although it is decorated with just a few modest rhinestones and a black line, the black and white ombré effect will make it the center of attention.

Orange and light colored nails

Unlike the previous design, this one is more colorful and lively, which is just right for friendly, outgoing people.

Tυrqυoise Blυe Nails

Dark blonde and chrome nail polish reminds us of our brave and majestic Elsa.

Yellow and light-colored nails

There are many nail ideas inspired by nature and this one is one of them. It is a triple nail canvas that is versatile and multi-faceted.

French Nails

Winter French tips for the frosty end of the year.

Silver and light colored nails

This option looks very meijin.

Nυde and Blυe Nails

This short, sophisticated inspirational look is very appealing.

Light nails with rhinestones

Long nails are very difficult to maintain in good condition. Therefore, you should carefully consider this issue before going to a master for nail extensions.

Baby Blυe nails

A pattern on the middle finger can require a lot of effort on the part of the nail technician.


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