The 50 best short haircuts for women in 2023


1: Hairstyle under the bob

Underbob hairstyles for girls, especially with blonde pixie cuts, give them a modern style. This chic hairstyle combines grace and boldness, showing off individual style and confidence.

2: Thick hair

An incredibly long pixie cut, especially on thick hair, becomes a bright stylish accent if you color it silver. The silver color combined with the texture of the haircut creates an undeniably stylish look.

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3: Bottom-cut pixie

A low-cut pixie with an undercut waist in a combination of light and pink colors is a trendy and vibrant choice. This hairstyle adds a bright color, creating a stand-up and playful hairstyle.

4: Spiky hair

Ash blonde pixies with spiky hair are a bold fashion trend. The spikiness gives the hairstyle an extra edge, while the ash blonde color softens the look, creating the perfect balance.

5: The bob haircut

The bob haircut with gray color and straight text looks elegant and modern. The υndercυt haircut makes the classic bob look unusual and the gray color adds sophistication.

6: Short hairstyles under the bob

7: Short haircuts

Perfect for fine hair and is a bolder version of the traditional pixie cut. Here we have pointed ends that can be twisted in any direction.

8: Black short asymmetrical bob with a low waistline

Products and styles can vary, so you should use them in a way that suits your needs. Imagine this hairstyle with straight hair on the short side and natural curls on the long side. The thick hair will create a very beautiful and bold look, he adds.

9: Long undercut bob

Feel liberated with a disconnected long undercut bob haircut that is both radical and feminist. While this blonde bob is easy to style on one side, shaving the other side can give the classic hairstyle an extreme twist. Consult with your stylist about booking time between salon visits to keep your hairstyles modern.

10: Blonde bob with chevron under the bob

This blonde chevron bob is for talented hairstylists. It’s chic and simple when down, but when it’s styled up, you get drama and art! If a half shaved head is too memorialized for you, why not shave the back of your head? You can always cover it up by unraveling your hair.

11: Platinum blonde with a short trim.

A Hollywood favorite with almost imperceptible fading will absolutely complement your jaw line and sharp cheekbones.

12: Pixie haircut for the face

13: Girl with short hair

14: Undercυt style layered pixie.

15: Asymmetrical pixie with undercut waistline

16: Pixie with long bangs

17: Asymmetrical pixie with low waistline

18: Pink short hair

19: Blυe Short Hair

20: Face with understated pixie shape

21: Cυte Blonde Short Hair


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    22: Long pixie haircut

    23: Short bob with undercut haircut

    24: Low-waisted pixie look

    25: Low-waisted Asymmetrical Pixie

    26: Bob hairstyle under a bob

    27: Short bob haircut 2023

    28: Short Girl’s Hair Undercυt

    29: Undercυt Pixie Back view

    30: Low-waisted bob hairstyle

    31: Short bob with a low waistline


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