Best variations of the average shaggy head haircut for 2023


Medium length haircuts – what could be more popular these days? If you still haven’t taken advantage of the benefits of the shaggy length haircut, it’s simply because you are unaware of the potential behind it. This photo collection will provide you with the very best inspiration for the medium length haircut and offer plenty of brilliant ideas to copy.

Best Medium Shag Hairstyles

The shag haircut is a versatile style that incorporates varying lengths, textured layers and ripped ends to create a modern and unusual look. With different hair types and a variety of styling techniques, the possibilities for the shag haircut are endless. Your stylist’s approach to the ends of your hair plays a crucial role in achieving the desired result, whether it’s an elegant feathered hairstyle, spiky ends or a relaxed laid back effect.

The “shaggy middle” haircut looks great on both thick and fine hair, both natural and straight. It will give volume where it is needed or, on the contrary, revitalize the curl, providing a favorable texture and ease of styling.

Let’s take a look at the best examples of hairstyles for medium length hair so you can find inspiration for your new hairstyle.

1. Medium length hairstyle with feathers



A trendy haircut with highlights of blonde and a touch of gray silver. The soft diamond layers give the hairstyle a lush feel, and the length is good for loose styling or a ponytail/braid when you want to slick your hair back.

2. balayage for shaggy hair lengths


Shaggy hairstyles with a touch of balayage are your ticket to the fashion season, so get on board. Ask your stylist to add a few fluffy layers to your balayage-colored hair. Then, to give your hairstyle an extra boost, curl your hair with a 1 ½-inch-diameter flat iron, leaving the ends trimmed. Spray your hair with finishing spray and lightly fluff it with your fingers. You’re ready to rock and roll.

3. Blond bob with shaggy strands.


Groomed layers of blonde in this soft hairstyle are gently swept back to the bottom where the hair reaches the shoulders. Long bangs caress the jaw and frame the face. The bob-shaped silhouette at the top of the hairstyle suits those who are trying to grow their hair out.

4. Wavy forehead with feathers



A more professional approach to shaggy layered hairstyles requires a good blow dryer with plenty of volume. Once you’re in the stylist’s chair, ask for shaggy layers starting roughly at the chin and ask to use volume products only at the roots. The result is stylish, chic and far from boring.

5. Shaggy forehead with beautiful styling



Waves framing the face and flared bangs are the hallmarks of a bold, media-length hairstyle done in balayage with a brown-to-copper transition. The tom-tom styled top and shaggy layers provide enough volume and definition to make you feel gorgeous. Long curls at the sides completely cover both ears, while wavy curls at the cheeks give your face a slimmer look.

6. Blonde with a medium bob


If you’re sick of lifeless blonde hair, give yourself an upgrade in the form of a cool shaggy haircut. Honey blonde is very retro-chic and a great way to change up your style a bit. Plus, with this haircut, you can get away with sloppy and haphazard styling, so getting out of the house in the morning just got a little easier.

7. Medium-wavy blonde curl



Something like reddish, breezy waves can give a shaggy hairstyle an ethereal charm. For this style, curl your hair on a wand, not a curling iron, and leave only the bottom centimeter out so the ends have a natural look. Don’t gather the waves together at the end – just run your fingers through your hair to separate them.

8. Shag with detangled sheared layers



Shaved layers with beach waves in a chalky length hairstyle is the perfect accessory for any season. This length of bangs creates a peek-a-boo effect, but still stays long enough if you want to move them away from your face.

9. Gray haircut with black roots



Shoulder-length shaggy hairstyles with black roots to accentuate gray hair are back in fashion. It’s an elegant style for an evening out, but it can easily be dressed up and styled back to be professional at work.

10. Black hairstyle with feathers and side bangs



There’s something so rock ‘n’ roll about a good haircut with bangs, especially on dark hair, that it really resembles icons like Ramona. The hairstyle remains flirty and playful, and short layers with feathers combined with chic bangs on the side can give the hairstyle such a girly touch.

11. shaved gray bob with bangs



The thought of going gray is no longer feared. In fact, gray hair – both colored and natural – is more popular than ever. This gray hairstyle goes with any skin tone and hair color. To soften angular face shapes and add visual interest, these shaggy bangs will help.

12. Wavy layered mid-length hair with highlights


When styling a shaggy Medium haircut, use loose perfect waves – they will become your best friend. With this approach, even the finest hair looks voluminous and lush, and adding highlights favorably emphasizes the texture.

13. Long loose bob Cυt



A long shaggy bob looks sensational when given more bouffant at the back and on the top of the head. Long blonde curls are perfect for those with tired, flat hair because there is a lot of texture and volume in these curls. The center parted forehead has a tomboyish shade that is perfect for active and sporty girls.

14. Blonde haired girl with curtain bangs



Eaves bangs: short to cover the forehead and long to make a parting and pin back. This shaggy hairstyle for blondes looks sleek when accented with waves styled in a tomas shape, and the different layers leave a lot of interest. If you want to change the hairstyle, straighten the curls.

15. Volυminoυs layered blonde hairstyle



Volυminoυs V-cυt layers doubt to life in mediυm shaggy hairstyles. If you just can’t settle on one hair color, the combination of brown and blonde tones goes with just about everyone and can be done in an infinite number of variations.

16. Cυte Blonde Face-Framing Shag.



With bouffant bangs and long side strands framing the face, this hairstyle stands out from the rest. Bright blonde hair is cut and parted, two cutting techniques that are great for thinning and coarse hair. To create a classic rocker look, part your hair and lightly twist it at the top of your head. A slicked-back style is a great alternative for those who want to wear their long hair loose and natural.

17. Short haircut with cut out layers



This shaggy hairstyle is low-maintenance, sleek and the perfect length for military weather. Style your hair in ripped layers to separate your face, and leave the shaggy bangs out for a while.

18. Shaggy hairstyle with knock-out ends and angled styling


Show off your wild and carefree style with a bold shag hairstyle. Curled ends and angled layers create a very scalloped, disheveled and redheaded look. To finish the style, use a texturizing paste to give your hair the perfect grainy texture and achieve an “just like the good old days” effect.

19. Smooth layered style for thick hair



If you’re looking to reduce the heavy look of thick hair, try a strategic style that naturally lifts the strands and moves them away from your face. Not only will this draw attention to your face, but it will also add a bit of volume to the main part of your hairstyle, giving your style an overall elegance that will look great in photos and in life.

20. Two-color mussed layered hairstyle



In the beauty world, trendy style doesn’t mean bad style. Master the art of looking flawlessly disheveled. Try going for a two-tone chalked hairstyle, leaving your hair without styling products to achieve an incredible set effect.

21. Cυte Soft Feathered Shag



A new trend – styling with feathers on the ends of the hair – has really taken off, and not just as part of the 70s trend anymore. Designed for straight hair, these layers look good with both side and center partings. Slicked back, they lift the hair and make it look more voluminous.

22. Blonde haircut for medium length hair



There’s nothing cooler than a hairstyle for chalked hair with textured mid-length layers. If your hair has that natural textured color, layers like this will only accentuate it and you don’t even have to reach for a styling iron. Use a texturizing shampoo followed by a texturizing spray on straight strands.


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