23 “bob” haircuts + hairstyles that are on trend right now



A bob is a haircut that shortens in the back with stacked layers and gets longer on the sides. The gradual styling of the layers in this type of bob allows the hair to fall naturally forward, as if “bobbing”.

Since its introduction in the 70s, this bob has been embraced by women all over the world for its effortlessness. This is why it is one of the most popular hairstyle trends on red carpets. Check out how TV stars Jennifer Lawrence, Cobie Smulders and Christina Applegate do it!

The angled length of this bold bob makes it perfect for modern styling. The “swing” haircut is found in original chin-length hairstyles, angled shapes and even shorter lengths.

When wondering if a swing bob haircut is right for you, hairstylist Linda Pomilio of Pennsylvania advises asking yourself the following basic questions. “How often should I do this hairstyle to maintain it? How much labor will it cost to style it?” Remember, a bob cannot be braided into a ponytail!

According to Linda, short haircuts can be redone every 5-6 weeks. “It also requires a bit of tweaking with a blow-dryer, so make sure you’re willing to do that. If you have curly or coarse hair, prepare to go through that much time,” she adds.

Her best advice for a bob? “Know what length you’re interested in. Be prepared for your length to be above your shoulders or shorter. Too long of a length will cause the hair to fall back.”

When asked how to style any variation of the swing bob hairstyle, she replies: “Try styling the ends with a blow-dryer straight down rather than at an angle to make the hairstyle look more severe. You’ll need a fleece that matches your bob length.” Her general rule of thumb is a larger bob for long hair and a smaller bob for short hair.

Among products, Linda loves Redken’s Fυll-frame Moυsse, which gives fine hair volume and light hold. For thicker, thicker hair, she favors Olaplex #6 Bond Smoothing Creme.

Here are photos of trendy swing bob hairstyles for your next inspiration!

1 OF 23 PHOTOSLƯUINSTAGRAM @YP_HAIR#1: Medium Length Swinging Bob

The bob hairstyle highlights the stylishness of black. This medium length bob can be worn and enjoyed under the sun. This haircut is an A-line beveled bob. It is sleek and classic, but the strong slant of the angle adds some spice and creates a lot of love. This hairstyle can be customized for any hair thickness and head shape. Another great thing about the bob, and any bob for that matter, is its versatility. Try using a styling wand or wash and style your hair with a texturizing spray. To maintain this shape, you’ll need a trim every 6 weeks. A sharpened bob will always grow out with ease. It can also be trimmed as it grows, or it may mean you’re ready for a change.


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