54 Best short hairstyles for thick hair to make it more manageable



Short hairstyles for thick hair are any pixie or bob style cuts that emphasize the thickness and make it easier to maintain. Cutting off some of the curls and getting a short haircut is a great way to spend less time styling every day.

Alana Parsons of Portsmouth, NC, says these tips are a must-read for those with thick curls.

💡 The key things you need to know first


  • Make an appointment for a consultation. Knowing your hair inside and out is very important to your hairdresser.
  • Choose a hairdresser and get their opinion on whether they are right for you.
  • Ask what the height will be and how to style it.
  • Take your text with short hair. If you let it air dry or do a little combing, it can become a whole atmosphere.
  • Don’t forget about regular trimmers when you have short hair. They are essential, otherwise your hair will look unsightly.
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    Don’t want to get a haircut? Find out more about the best short haircuts for thick hair right here in this photo gallery.

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    An icy platinum blonde is on trend right now. It’s a great color choice regardless of the season. However, if you are not naturally blonde, this color may require more maintenance efforts from you. Powder shampoos work best with this shade of blonde. They will serve as a tonic between styling to keep the blonde cool and avoid distortion. Consult your stylist for advice on the best brands of shampoos to choose.


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