+20 haircut transformations that prove long hair isn’t always better


Turning long hair into short hair can change everything. Just imagine giving up your long hair in favor of a pixie or trendy bob – the change is amazing! It takes a bit of confidence and courage to change your hairstyle so dramatically, but the results can be amazing.

To cut or not to cut

Ask anyone who treasures her long hair. She wouldn’t think twice about cutting it off! And yet the impulse to give yourself a makeover arises when you least expect it. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s the height of winter, and all that hair sticking to your neck feels too uncomfortable. Maybe you don’t have enough time to devote to your daily hair routine, or maybe you’re just ready for a big change. If that’s the case, a hairstyle update may be just what you need.

There are other reasons to consider a hair makeover. A short haircut can emphasize bone structure with a few well-styled layers, it looks less severe than long hair of the same length, and it adds volume and body. Many women who have switched from long hair to short hair report a sense of new freedom. Not having to deal with heavy, tangled hair that often curls into tangles or split ends is a huge relief!

Ideas for transitioning from long hair to short hair

If you have decided to switch from long hair to short hair, you should have a lot of personal ideas when you visit the hairdresser. Having photos will help: you’ll feel like you’re a participant in the whole process, rather than leaving your hair up to fate. (Of course, ideally such a hairstyle should be done by a professional; it is not recommended to do it yourself).


The stylist will take into account your facial structure as well as other features such as your nose, jaw line and cheekbones. Depending on which facial features you want to emphasize and which ones you want to pay less attention to, the stylist will cut your hair according to your preferences. This shows how effective a make-up from long hair to short hair can be. It changes not only the hairstyle, but also the whole image, and can even make the face more open and bright, emphasizing its best features.

What type of face do you have?


  • Diamond-shaped faces look great with short hair. Go for a layered hairstyle that elongates the neck, or try angled bangs to soften wide cheekbones.
  • Triangular faces can benefit from tapered styling that draws attention away from the dominant jawline. Off-center bangs are also welcome.
  • Heart-shaped faces look great with voluminous, layered haircuts that wrap around the chin. Side parts and wavy bangs are also suitable for this face type.
  • Oval faces can easily adapt to any style. Layering will help draw attention to your best features.
  • Those with diamond-shaped faces should avoid very short, cropped haircuts. Favor low height at the top of the head (it slides down) and soft layers framing the face on a chin-length haircut.
  • Square faces are softened with gradient layers, uneven ends, soft curls and a voluminous topknot.
  • Rectangular faces look fuller with a chin-length bob and bangs. Keep the sides loose and don’t go below the length of your hair (this will make your face look even longer).
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    Issues for consideration

    Before you embark on your procedure, remember that a haircut is a must (even if it’s temporary). Ask yourself these questions before you sit in the salon chair:


  • Are you simply addicted to long hair? If you’ve always had long hair and never envisioned yourself with a short cut, you may not be ready for such a big change. Many people just feel better about themselves with long hair.
  • Do you like the different options that long hair offers? For example, if you’re a fan of a sleek bob or a long high ponytail, you’ll have to accept the fact that your new short haircut won’t go with those styles.
  • Will it suit you? Short hair can easily suit a variety of face types, but many people simply look better with long hair. A few tips from an experienced stylist can help you determine this.
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    Going from long hair to short hair can really enhance your look! Short hair looks particularly striking on certain face types and can be styled in many different ways. If you love experimenting, you’ll have fun creating new looks to match your new style!

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