Fashionable short haircuts for women over 50 years old

Pixie with highlights is a short haircut with color streaks for added volume. Stylish and easy to do, this hairstyle is a great fashion accessory to wear every day!

Sylvie Prυd’Homme, an experienced stylist based in Toronto, Canada, confirms the versatility of the pixie. She notes: “The haircut only requires care and consideration. It can look soft and romantic, bold and daring, and something in between!”

Head and face shape, hair growth line, hair type and texture are factors to consider. Talk to a short hair specialist who will give you a great haircut and teach you how to properly maintain your style.

Blonde hair looks good in a pixie only if it is done in very thin sections. Otherwise, they can look like horrible tiger stripes on a short haircut.

If you have existing highlights but want to do a pixie, do a shadow cut to soften the previous color.

If you have a pixie hairstyle and want deeper highlights, get a balayage cut for a more natural effect. Another option for blondes is a fυll pre-lightening service.

Pixie haircuts require regular styling every four to six weeks. “If you don’t have the opportunity to visit the salon regularly, a longer length is more appropriate,” says Pröd’Homme.

Find even more hairstyle inspiration in this gallery. Here are the most colorful pixie haircut ideas with highlights!


#1:Layered pixie haircut with highlights

The layered pixie with highlights is the perfect hairstyle for those who want rich color without the need for maintenance. A pixie is a great way to show off color while giving your haircut shape at the same time.

#2:Two-dimensional pixie with light brown highlights

Try doing a dimensional pixie with light brown highlights if you want more contrast in your hairstyle. I highly recommend having your stylist add so much texture to the hairstyle. It’s better if the hair is textured as it will be easier to style.

#3:Cυte Lixie Cυt with blonde highlights

The lixie haircut with blonde highlights looks very nice. If you decide to try a short haircut, try a medium length pixie haircut first. Reducing the length of your hair will make it look more lush and healthy. A shorter haircut requires less maintenance, so it should be trimmed every 4-6 weeks to maintain its shape and style.

#4:Brυnette Long Pixie with Blonde Highlights

If you love short, dark and voluminous hair, do a long pixie with blonde highlights. Ask your colorist to add highlights rather than doing balayage to lift the dark base. Balayage will also help you avoid blonding in the back, in the shortest part, as it will look patchy.

#5:Glamorous pixie with silver streaks

A glamorous pixie with silver streaks will accentuate any hairstyle. In my experience, silver streaks work best for those who have naturally gray hair and want to stretch out the coloring time. To keep the color vibrant, don’t forget to use pυrple shampoo or conditioner, just use them every 3 washes.

#6:Bixie with feathers and highlights

Bixie with feathers and highlights is dynamite, dimensional and bold. Add character, dimension and love to your pixie with highlights and lowlights. Make the pixie cut brighter with platinum highlights, and you’ll see how the complementary tones work together to better even out your skin tone. The pixie cut has tremendous versatility: it can be matched to almost any texture, type, color, style or goal.

#7:Short pixie haircut with ombré

A short pixie haircut with ombré can add some texture and contrast to the ends of layers of textured color. Short pixie haircuts are great for contrasting color schemes, as the color does all the work of creating texture for styling.

#8:Soft pixie haircut with side-swept bangs and balayage

A soft pixie with side-swept bangs and balayage is perfect for a classic style with a trendy touch. Try using this length to open up your face and accentuate your eyes. Ask your stylist to do some balayage if you want to give your hair a brighter shade. Don’t forget the 4-6 week preventative to keep your hair looking great.

#9:Highlights on hair in a mixy style

The mυllet pixie hairstyle can give women over 40 a whole new elegance. The mυllet pixie texture is a trendy and bold combination of styling techniques that make it easy to maintain and style. Wavy hair goes well with hairstyles that require texturizing.

#10:Asymmetrical pixie with highlights

An asymmetrical pixie with highlights is a great way to use a short haircut to draw attention to the face and balance it out. Pixies with highlights favorably accentuate the face, adding depth and curve to the hairstyle. By emphasizing each face, an asymmetrical haircut can create the illusion of more balanced facial features.

#11:Pixie haircut with blonde accents

A pixie haircut with blonde accents is a great way to bring bright contrast and interest. The pixie and highlights can be easily altered depending on how light and dark the contrast is for each skin tone and hair type.

#12:Bottom cut pixie and highlights

Pixie hairstyles with highlights are often best achieved with a technique called hair coloring. Pixie hairstyles with highlights can be accomplished in a variety of ways, but mostly hand dyeing on short hair allows you to control the placement of the hair as it lies naturally rather than directing the strand to foil.

#13:Brυnette Pixie with lavender highlights

The brunette pixie with lavender highlights is great for cooling down overly warm skin tones. Combining a pixie with purple highlights can lighten the tone and give it a cool touch. Often a pixie cut for brunettes with highlights can result in warty tones due to brunettes’ natural color pigments, so purple highlights can help keep that warty tone intentional and at a distance.

#14:Ash blonde with pixie for fine hair

Use ash blond for pixie on fine hair to add volume and texture. Fine hair is prone to hair loss, so by combining a superior ash blonde shade to add brightness and volume with a pixie style for fine hair, you can keep it lush, light and voluminous. A light brown pixie haircut with highlights is a very natural and elegant way to accentuate a pixie cut.

#15:Layered pixie cut with highlights for black hair

The layered pixie with highlights for black women is a staple short haircut when it comes to the longevity of the style after a salon visit. The hairstyle is often created during a salon visit, and the longer it lasts, the better.

#16:A pixie with balayage highlights.

Nothing beats an edgy pixie with balayage highlights and shaved sides. A pixie hairstyle with balayage is a great way to achieve natural highlights that are low-maintenance and long-lasting. Fine hair can be made voluminous and thicker with textured styling.

#17:Pixie bob with highlights for fine hair

Try a pixie bob hairstyle with highlights for fine hair that needs a little revitalization. The pixie is a short haircut that is suitable for all hair types. Fine hair can become flat with a straight pixie cut, so the extra length of a bixie can add more volume and texture.

#18:Gray highlights on pixie hair

Show off gray highlights on a pixie haircut when you’re ready to give up the tinsel. A pixie hairstyle with gray highlights is a great way to highlight changes in hair color and texture.

#19:Partial highlights on pixie hair

Try partial highlights on pixie hair to add brightness and interest to a short haircut. In pixie hairstyles, more attention is paid to color to emphasize cuteness and expressiveness, as short hair cannot have such a dramatic length difference. To transform a boring pixie haircut and make it easier to style, just add some daytime highlights near the face.

#20:Light pixie with dark roots

Blonde pixie with dark roots is a basic color for styling a short haircut. Blonde hair is lighter to create the illusion of more volume, while dark roots allow you to care less about regrowing color. Add beach waves for the perfect pixie style hairstyle.

#21:Highlighted long pixie with choppy layers

A highlighted long pixie with choppy layers can be matched to any face. A dark brown pixie haircut with light highlights can be combined with long layers to create any shape and curve suitable for each individual face.

#22:Spiky pixie with drawn highlights

Add brightness to your spiky pixie with drawn highlights to match the exact location and desired effect. Women over the age of 60 who want to give their face a brighter look should try doing some drawn highlights near the face. Something as simple as updating a brown pixie with caramel highlights can greatly improve the overall look and add volume. Painted highlights are one of the top ways to look 10 years younger without any effort.

#23:Two-tone pixie haircut under the bob

Refresh your curls with a two-color pixie haircut. A two-tone pixie haircut is a great way to make your hairstyle stand out, complement your skin tone or eye color, and change the overall look of your hairstyle.

#24:Short redhead pixie with highlights

A short redhead pixie with highlights is an easy way for women over 50 to refresh their style and shed 10 years off their face. Pixies with highlights give your face an expressive look and help give your hairstyle a new twist.

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