Mind-blowing pixie bob haircuts for 2023


The pixie bob haircut is a hybrid of the bob and pixie, characterized by shorter graduated hair at the back and longer strands at the top and front. Modern and stylish, this cut is suitable for both fine and thick hair and can be customized to fit any face shape. Whether you’re looking to update an existing hairstyle or have decided to go for a short haircut for the first time, we hope you enjoy flipping through this collection of different pixie bob haircut shapes.

Inspiration for pixie bob hairstyles

Want to add more layers or lengthen a short haircut? Or maybe you should grow your pixie out a bit to get a bold facial edge? A pixie bob can be the perfect way to transition from short hair to long hair and vice versa. Check out the best options to choose your next hairstyle.

1. Stacked pixie bob Cυt.

This layered pixie bob haircut with a short graduated nape looks chic and sophisticated. Plenty of texture and soft curling bangs make it easy to style and maintain.



2. Silver blonde with a pixie bob Cυt

This sleek and voluminous pixie is a great option for those who prefer a more sophisticated style. Use a wash and blow-dry hair forward with a comb, then apply a wash paste to shape.



3. Long pixie bob

Textured layers, side-swept bangs and a short graduated nape make this hairstyle an unrivaled benchmark of the pixie bob. Believe it or not, you won’t even need any effort to style it.



4. Pixie haircut with silver highlights

We’re just obsessed with this trendy pixie haircut with lilac and silver highlights. Use a texturizing paste to recreate this style effortlessly.



5. Upside-down pixie bob

Blonde hair is an opportunity to showcase the shape and texture of a short haircut. Such as this silver classic bob with short styling in the back and long layers on the sides.



6. Pixie bob hairstyle with chin cut out

This pixie bob hairstyle, done to perfection, is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Feathered edges and an asymmetrical trim give it a unique personality.



7. A long pixie bob with a modern twist

We love this modern approach to the short bob haircut that was so popular in the 90s. It will suit those with an elongated face shape, as the length capturing the cheekbones breaks it in the middle, visibly widening and lengthening the face.



8. Angled pixie bob with bangs framing the face

If you love bold haircuts, you’ll love the classic pixie bob with layered bangs. Although this haircut is low-maintenance, it’s well worth the upkeep.



9. Pink and gold pixie bob

If you have thin hair and can’t achieve volume, then the best option for you is a haircut with a length just above the chin. Long enough to not feel naked, this style will help even fine hair look much more lush.



10. Pixie bob hairstyle with choppy layers

This hybrid pixie and bob is the perfect versatile haircut for those who like to change up their style every day. Tuck your hair near your face into a bob hairstyle or brush it behind your ears for a pixie hairstyle.



11. Short pixie bob with side bangs

Short and cute pixie bob hairstyle with side bangs. If you have naturally fine hair, apply a volumizing spray to your loose hair and blow dry it with a large-diameter blow dryer.



12. shaggy pixie bob with purple and silver highlights

This heavily textured pixie bob hairstyle is a great way to eliminate the excessive density of heavy and thick hair. The combination of metallic purple and silver highlights gives the hairstyle depth and definition.



13. Cυrly Pixie Bob

For many years, it was mistakenly believed that short hair should not be short. However, short pixie haircuts work equally well for waves and curls as they do for straight hair. Just look at this beautiful short pixie haircut!



14. Graduated pixie bob Cυt

A styled pixie bob with a distinct Y2K aesthetic is a great shape for thick hair. You may need a flat iron and some smoothing cream to create this style.



15. Short pixie bob with long bangs

For those who want to emphasize their long neck and cheekbones, we recommend trying a pixie bob hairstyle with a short tapered cut and contrasting long bangs on the side.



16. Long pixie bob

A simple but effective pixie bob hairstyle with long sides and a short graduated back will suit any face shape and hair type. This hairstyle will require a salon visit every 6 weeks to keep it fresh, although it can easily be styled every day.



17. Pixie bob with a middle part

Who says that growing out a short haircut has to make your hair look ugly? This pixie cut with a middle part is proof that the transition period between short and long hair doesn’t have to be painful.



18. Smokey Lavender Tapered Pixie Bob Haircυt

Choose a pastel bright color to create a rebellious mood and complete it with a chic and stylish hairstyle that will help you look classy and elegant. Blow-dry your hair with the hair dryer, turning your head to the side to add more volume and achieve a natural look.



19. Long pixie

This jaw line length haircut with long layers and feathery ends adds volume to even fine hair. Wear it loose or put it behind your ears for a more elegant look.



20. French bob with curtain bangs

Short haircuts are the ones that help make your personal style unique and polished, such as this French pixie bob with curtain bangs haircut. The short bangs poking out of the hairstyle in the middle emphasizes and complements the whole look.



21. Sharp and dark pixie bob

Precise haircuts are something to think about: neat, calibrated lines and perfect shape always look incredible. This crisp pixie bob haircut is just what you need.





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