25+ Asian short haircuts that look contemporary


Check out over 25 modern Asian short haircuts that are popular around the world. These trendy, innovative hairstyles range from layered bobs to native face hairstyles, presenting a mix of tradition and trends. Appreciate the transformative power of the short bob, offering a new take on the classic Asian aesthetic. Our collection features a diverse mix of hairstyles that effortlessly accentuate your strengths while maintaining a chic, short and manageable length. Get ready to be inspired by these captivating looks.

Asian Short Haircuts: Edgy Pixie, Bob Cυts & Bangs for Roυnd Faces

1: Asian short haircut

Asian short haircuts are becoming increasingly popular among straight hair wearers. The bob haircut, especially for pink face wearers, is the most popular option. Adding bangs to the mix can beautifully frame the face, emphasize its features and give the impression of youth.

2: Bob hairstyle

The Asian bob hairstyle takes on a new twist with the addition of highlights. These highlights breathe life into the classic short bob, offering a fresh and modern take on the shapeless hairstyle.

3: Roυnd Face.

Short hairstyles for a diamond-shaped face Asian haircuts can be transformative, especially if they are complemented with side bangs. Such bangs can give an elegant look, creating a lowered facial effect that is both fashionable and attractive.

4: Pixie Cυt

Dive into the bold world of the Asian pixie haircut. This hairstyle gives you confidence and is perfect for those who want to look bold. It’s a bold choice, but it’s guaranteed to make you stand out in the crowd.

5: Short hair with bangs

Asian short hair with bangs is a cute yet stylish look, especially if the length of the haircut is up to the chin. This length complements the line of the face, and bangs give an additional charm.

6: Asian short haircut

7: Fine hair

8: Ash blonde

9: Layered short hair

10: Thick Asian hair

11: Short hair with bangs

12: Cυte Short Haircυt

13: Short straight hair

14: Short Bob

15: Perm with short hair

16 – Asian short haircuts

Short hair is definitely gorgeous if you know how to style it! In this article, we will list the most beautiful short hair types with examples.

17- Side view Natural hair

Natural, pastoral and hippie styles are the ones to look out for in this “side view on natural hair” option! If you don’t wear makeup and prefer to accessorize with natural stones and threads, then your choice is obvious!

18- Beautiful layered hairstyle

If you most likely belong to the colorfrendly and sport-chic color type, then this hairstyle is your perfect match! Choosing a hairstyle is very important and you should never worry about your style. This style is cooler than ever!

19 – Short hairstyle with bangs

If you are a fan of rock or metal music, you have tons of options for this hairstyle! If you choose accessories in dark and colorful colors, the hairstyle will look amazing.

20- Cυte Short Hair for Pink Face

Pie with a bob! If you love wearing sporty clothes, you should try this hairstyle! With or without a little bit of makeup, you will look adorable.


This type of hairstyle is for those who like to wear stylish clothes and matching accessories. Seeing the model, you can choose retro or classic style clothes.


Wow, this hairstyle will make you shine like a star! Even if you have thin hair, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. You can feel close to chic, classy, hippie or casυal – this hair type suits everyone!


Even if you go on a date with this short haircut, you’ll still look like an entertainer! You can curl some of your hair to match your look for a night out, or not. Either way, it’s awesome!


Whether you are a beauty womyn or not, this choice should be yours! Wear stylish at the office, go to a restaurant, have coffee with friends – you will definitely use this hairstyle the way it should be used!


Is there an artistic style present here? If yes, your next hairstyle is ready! The hairstyle will add sparkle to your clothes and accessories.

PS: Try this hairstyle with a leather jacket!


Free as a bird! This hairstyle is for free people. If you like to feel independent and spend time alone, this hairstyle will make you feel like you have always been! All colors will go with this hairstyle, that’s the beauty of it.


This hairstyle is much shorter than other short haircut models and is more difficult to wear, but depending on the style including accessories and clothing, you will be a superstar!


If you love to wear accessories, you will shine! Look at this style, stylish and chic! If you like this style, you should definitely try this haircut!


Pυlling υp for sports сомbinеѕ or not, this style can be υsited with classy, chic, hippie and more!


If you have short hair of this type, you need to wear clothes that will make your face look longer. This can be achieved by wearing a dress or skirt with a high waistline.





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