25 magical hairstyle ideas for your next gala

Romantic hairstyle with loose locks for a sophisticated hairstyle for a gala evening.

#1 Perfect hairstyle for a gala evening

An intricate updo with loose tendrils offers a romantically sophisticated option for gala evenings. This hairstyle, with its volume and texture, is best suited to those with thick hair. Playful strands can soften the look of angular faces. Although it radiates elegance, its complexity may require professional styling.

A long, wavy hairstyle with a deep side parting for glamorous galas.

#2 Glamorous long hair for galas

Luxurious waves flow down from a deep side parting, adding a touch of glamour perfect for galas. Best suited to thick hair, this hairstyle adds volume and movement, and the side parting helps soften the angles of diamond-shaped or square faces. Be sure to use strong-hold products to maintain wave definition all night long.

Elegant gala low bun with braid

#3 : Smooth low bun with braid

An elegant low chignon with a braid is a gorgeous hairstyle. It also includes intricate details and is suitable for any formal event. This beautiful hairstyle combines elegant precision with an element of creativity. You need to use the right products to achieve a shiny, smooth effect for the elegant low bun. I recommend a strong-hold hairspray and a high-gloss spray. My favorites are Kevin Murphy’s Got 2 Be Glued hairspray and Shimmer Shine spray.

Soft, tousled waves with highlights for a casual yet elegant gala hairstyle.

Tousled waves #4 for casual gala elegance

This hairstyle exudes casual elegance with its tousled waves and soft highlights. It’s ideal for a gala evening when you want to look chic without overdoing it. Suitable for fine to medium hair, it frames the face beautifully. The waves add movement, although they require a light coat of hairspray to keep their shape.

#5 : Soft romantic twist with face frame

Here’s a soft, romantic updo that’s been artfully twisted to sit atop the crown, creating an air of classic elegance. The subtle tendrils that frame the face soften the look, inviting a sense of whimsy and grace – ideal for weddings or any special occasion where romance is in the spotlight.

Crown and side braid for a romantic gala hairstyle.

#6 Romantic braids for elegant hair

The soft braid wrapped around the crown transforms into a loose side braid, offering a romantic and elegant touch for gala events. This hairstyle is best suited to long, thick hair and adapts to all face shapes. It’s low-maintenance, but humidity can unravel braids, so use holding products accordingly.

Polished low bun with a floral accessory for gala elegance.

#7 Gala-ready bun with chic accessories

This low, elegant chignon, accented with a chic floral accessory, offers a polished look perfect for any gala. It’s a great style for highlighting highlighted hair and is versatile for all face shapes. Accessories add a touch of refinement, but make sure they’re securely fastened to avoid any mishaps during the event.

Elegant Hollywood waves for a timeless, vintage-inspired gala hairstyle.

#8 Vintage waves for a timeless gala hairstyle

This hairstyle breathes new life into the classic Hollywood wave with a modern twist, giving it a timeless touch. It’s ideal for medium to thick hair and can add a dramatic touch to any face shape. Defined waves need hairspray to hold, but beware: too much hairspray can diminish natural bounce.

#9 : Beige and blond formal bun

To create a beige-and-blonde formal chignon, you need the right products. This elegant hairstyle is perfect for any formal event. For this look, you’ll need a soft-hold hairspray and a gloss spray. Make a ponytail before creating the bun. Gently twist the hair around the ponytail to achieve rich styles and curves.

Gala-inspired braided half updo with soft waves for longer hair

#10 : Braided half-pleat with soft waves

A braided half updo with soft waves is a beautiful evening hairstyle for any gala event. It features two types of braid – a traditional French braid and a fishtail. To make the braid look fuller, use a product like volume powder. Then, gently tease the braid for a casual but complete effect.

Low, sleek, straight ponytail for a sophisticated gala look.

Low, sleek ponytail #11 for a sophisticated gala look

The sleek, low ponytail is a testament to minimalist elegance, ideal for gala sophistication. This hairstyle is best suited to straight, manageable hair and works well with oval faces. Simplicity is its strength, although it does require smoothing products to maintain the sleek look throughout the evening.

Flowing curls swept to the side add sparkle to the glamour of a gala evening.

#12 Flowing curls for gala glamour

Captivating side-swept curls offer a soft yet radiant look for gala evenings. This style, with its voluminous curls, works well on thick hair and suits round faces by elongating the silhouette. The look is very feminine, although the curls need a good setting spray to hold in place.

Boho-chic style with cornrow braids and a textured chignon for a gala hairstyle.

Boho Chic gala hairstyle #13 with cornrows

This hairstyle sets a boho-chic mood with intricate cornrows leading into a textured bun. It’s a creative look that works best with good-density hair and adapts to all face shapes, giving a casual yet elegant look for a gala. Although durable, intricate braiding can be time-consuming.

Half-up gala hairstyle with soft, wavy ends

#14 : Half-Up with soft, wavy tips

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next event, try a half-up hairstyle with soft, glamorous, wavy ends. This stunning hairstyle features long, effortless waves and an intricate half-up hairstyle with a twist. To achieve this hairstyle, you divide your hair in half, twist the side and secure it at the crown. To create a ponytail with volume, twist the ponytail upside down and secure with bobby pins.

Avant-garde ponytail for a high-impact gala hairstyle.

#15 The perfect ponytail

An avant-garde ponytail with voluminous bubbles is a style that looks sensational at a gala. This eye-catching hairstyle suits strong hair and gives height to round, heart-shaped faces. It’s a striking look that takes time to achieve and extra pins to firmly secure each section.

Shiny waves with a side parting for a glamorous gala hairstyle.

#16 Glamorous hairstyle for gala evenings

Sleek, glossy waves with a side parting create a purely glamorous look for gala evenings. This hairstyle adds volume to fine hair, and the soft waves look stunning on triangular faces, drawing attention to the eyes and cheeks. Although very seductive, it requires anti-frizz products to keep it smooth all night long.

An avant-garde, sculptural braided hairstyle inspired by the Met Gala for a bold look.

#17 Avant-garde hairstyle inspired by the Met Gala

This Met Gala-inspired hairstyle is the epitome of avant-garde. The sculptural braid gives a dramatic, artistic feel, perfect for making a bold entrance. Ideal for voluminous hair, it complements elongated face shapes. While it’s a real showstopper, its complexity means it’s not a hairstyle that’s quick to achieve or easy to maintain.

A sleek half ponytail with voluminous waves for an elegant gala hairstyle.

#18 Sleek, sophisticated gala hairstyle

The sleek half ponytail of this hairstyle transforms into voluminous waves, offering an elegant yet playful look for gala evenings. The sleek crown contrasts with textured lengths, an ideal combination for those with straight or wavy hair. It’s a look that demands attention, although beware of the potential loss of volume as the night progresses.

High, elegant ponytail with soft waves, perfect for a red-carpet gala hairstyle.

#19 Red carpet hairstyle

This high, elegant ponytail, finished with soft waves, gives a glamorous, polished look that’s ideal for red-carpet events. It’s a fantastic way to show off long, shiny hair, and works particularly well for those with oval faces. This hairstyle is remarkably striking, but bear in mind that it requires strong-hold products to maintain its suppleness.

Elegant and unique layered bun with long fringe for a gala evening

#20 : Single layered bun with long bangs

This hairstyle exudes sophistication with its unique overlapping chignon, designed to create an elegant silhouette at the nape of the neck. The long, wide fringe adds a modern touch, framing the face beautifully, while the lustrous cinnamon hue highlights the intricate design. The pearl cluster accessory adds a nod to timeless grace, perfect for any formal occasion.

Gigi Hadid-inspired long, wavy hairstyle for an enchanting gala look.

#21 Hairstyle inspired by Gigi Hadid

Capturing the essence of Gigi Hadid, this light-catching wavy hairstyle brings a touch of glamour to gala evenings. The soft, free-flowing waves are particularly flattering for those with layered cuts and adapt to all face shapes. Keep in mind that, while dazzling, this hairstyle may require touch-ups to preserve the integrity of the wave.

Woman with a modern short cut and side bangs for gala elegance.

#22 Gala elegance with short hair

A chic asymmetrical bob, paired with side bangs, is an excellent choice for gala elegance with a modern twist. This style emphasizes clean lines and structure, which can make fine hair look thick. Suitable for square and oval faces, it’s low-maintenance but offers few styling options.

Elegant half-up, half-down hairstyle with waves for a chic gala evening

#23 Chic half-up hairstyle for gala evenings

The half-up hairstyle in this photo shows cascading waves, ideal for medium-length to long hair, which give a graceful lift suitable for oval and round faces. The pinned-back section offers a classic look while ensuring that your locks stay in place throughout the evening. Please note that this hairstyle may require maintenance to keep its shape.

Shoulder-length hairstyle with subtle curls, perfect for an elegant gala appearance.

#24 Shouldered elegance for gala evenings

A shoulder-length cut, subtly curled at the ends, adds effortless elegance for a gala evening. Ripples add volume, which works well with fine to medium-density hair. This hairstyle is versatile, but suits heart-shaped faces by balancing the jawline. The short duration of the style is an advantage, but curls can fall apart in humid conditions.

Textured curly hairstyle for a romantic, enchanting gala hairstyle.

#25 Curly hairstyle for an enchanting gala

Curly tendrils and a full, textured updo create a captivating look for an enchanting gala. Perfect for thick, curly hair, this hairstyle frames the face and gives it height. Curls give a soft, romantic feel, although they need a few extra pins to stay in place all evening.

Getting ready for a gala isn’t just about finding the perfect dress, it’s also about finding the right hairstyle to make your look unforgettable. When it comes to gala hairstyles, trends are as dynamic and expressive as the events themselves. This year, structured hairstyles and dramatic transformations were not just about making a statement, but also about embodying the theme and paying homage to the art of hairdressing.

The integration of hair accessories that are both functional and spectacular is an element that is making waves. Using products that enhance texture while ensuring hold can transform your hairstyle into a work of art that complements your entire outfit. Hairpieces aren’t just accessories; they’re strategic complements that can harmonize a hairstyle and make you not just a gala contender, but a star..

Ready to step into the spotlight with a hairstyle as bold as it is beautiful? Let us make your gala look unforgettable.


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