Meet the trendy “bold bob” haircut and the 25 best ways to style it


A bold bob haircut can transform your look. But how do you choose the right style for your hair and face type? Hairstylist Stela Ilievski shares her expert advice.

Meet the expert

Stela IlievskiSarah is a hairstylist with over 8 years of experience. You can find her at The Beaυty District salon in Naples, Florida.

Name your hair type

Stella explains that the bob isn’t just a one-size-fits-all hairstyle. “Not every bob haircut is right for you,” she says. Your lifestyle, hair texture, length, face shape and neck length all play a role here. For fine hair, opt for layering. This will give the illusion of thicker hair. Or go for a straight style for an elegant look. Do you have thick or long hair? Stela does not recommend styling or thinning. This will keep your hair from growing in a triangle shape.

Suitable for your face shape

Your hairstyle should also suit your face shape. “For pink faces, do a bob so it falls past the jaw line. It will elongate the face,” says Stella. A fringe and lots of layers will give a longer face a more lush shape and make it look more pink.

Styling tips and tricks

When it comes to styling your bob, personal preference comes into play. Bυt Stela gives this advice. “Always start by using a heat protectant spray and leave the moisturizer behind.” She also recommends using a quick blow-drying spray for thick hair. “Then choose a product that will help you control what you don’t want your hair to do.” This could be a softening lotion for waves or curls. Or a root booster to add volume. Want to intensify your styling? Use moisturizing lotion and sprays that activate hair growth. Stella’s final piece of advice? Experiment to find the best look for yourself.

Photos of the best bold bob hairstyles ↓ Expand to continue reading1 of 25 photosLƯUINSTAGRAM @OLGAKURSITIS

#1: Framing Sassy Bob Kυt

The classic beveled bob gets sassy with straight styling. Use a flat iron and add textured layers to look your best. Do your favorite style. Use a middle part to make your face look longer. If you want your face to look shorter, try a side parting.


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