51 hottest pixie haircut ideas in 2024



A long pixie is a short haircut in which the hair is longer than in a traditional pixie. Long pixies tend to be shorter in the back and sides, and longer on top, with long bangs. This is the best haircut for those who want a low-maintenance hairstyle that is not too short.

Minnesota stylist Torrie Rinehart likes this type of short haircut, which can help girls with thin or sparse hair. “If you’re frustrated with your hair’s lack of volume or short texture, short haircuts like the pixie are perfect. This only works if you can put up with the use of styling products,” she says.

Tips for choosing a long pixie haircut

What’s great about long pixies is that you can change things up. Play with colors and add details like a fringe or a bob. “You can always grow your hair out if you think it doesn’t suit you,” Rinehart assures.

Short pixie haircuts tend to look like your locks are growing much faster. Especially on thick hair, it can feel like it’s starting to puff up as it grows.” Rinehart advises to “consistently get rid of excess weight.” Visit the salon every six to 10 weeks to keep in shape.”

Here are the most important things to consider when choosing a pixie haircut.


  • Maintenance: If you want to maintain short hair, you will need more salon visits and styling.
  • Styles and products: Apply texturizing paste, wax or spray to your hair to create a trendy pixie cut.
  • Face shape:
  • Rhomboid faces: To make the face appear narrower, make the bangs longer and angled and the hair straight.
  • Square faces: Consider a long, shaggy pixie cut to balance out a strong jawline.
  • Long face: To shorten your face a bit, go for a side parting with a wavy text.
  • Oval faces: You can wear any hairstyle you want!
  • Heart faces: You can also choose any outfit that catches your eye!
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  • Hair type:
  • Thick hair: It will take more text to thin and shaped bob to take the weight off.
  • Fine and kinky hair: Ask your stylist to do more layers to make hair appear thicker.
  • Curly hair: Like most hairstyles for curly hair, it requires more care and products to maintain the health of the hair and the shape of the hairstyle. I would recommend going to a DevaCυt specialist.
  • Wavy hair: Don’t expect a polished look without a flat iron. Maintain your natural waves. Apply hairspray, brush, diffuser and comb or style your hair with your fingers.
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    Consulting with a professional is very important when you want to get an outgrown haircut. Your stylist may suggest a hairstyle idea that you have not considered. They know what works best for your hair type, face shape, lifestyle and production regimen. If you want more tips, you can also check out our guide.

    Before you plan your next haircut, check out these examples of popular pixie haircut ideas photos and save your favorite photo for inspiration.

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    #1: Bixie hairstyle (long pixie + bob)

    When you bridge the gap between a long pixie cut and a bob, you get the bixie hairstyle! The bixie has a clean-cut cut, but still maintains length at the face, from cheekbones to jaw line. This pixie bob haircut is extremely versatile, making it suitable for women of all ages.


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