35 middle-aged women show how to wear bangs in 2024

Elegant woman with an asymmetrical bob and distinctive bangs, highlighting a modern, artistic hairstyle.

#1 Asymmetrical Bob with unique fringe

An asymmetrical bob accented by a unique fringe is the epitome of chic. Perfect for fine to medium hair, the uneven lengths create a sense of depth and volume, and the fringe adds a modern, artistic touch. Keep in mind that the precision of the cut requires maintenance to maintain its distinct shape.

A smiling woman with layered wavy hair complemented by wide bangs, creating a dynamic, flattering style for heart-shaped faces.

#2 The magic of wavy hair with bangs

Unleash the magic of wavy hair with this cut that combines flowing layers with a wide fringe. It’s flattering for heart-shaped faces, and the waves add a dynamic, yet manageable look. It’s a great choice for highlighting natural waves, although a little product is needed to maintain bounce and control frizz.

A woman of a certain age sports a curly shaggy cut with playful bangs, highlighting her natural curls for a voluminous, textured hairstyle.

#3 Curly shag with playful fringe

Embrace your curls with this curly shag that’s all about volume and texture. A playful fringe softens the face, making it a charming choice for women with naturally curly hair. While this style celebrates natural beauty, don’t forget that it may require specific products to keep those curls bouncy and defined.

A middle-aged woman with an uncoiffed shag cut and casual bangs that show off her natural wavy hair, offering an easy-to-maintain textured style.

#4 Wavy shag cut with casual fringe

This uncapped shag captures a relaxed, free-spirited essence, complemented by subtle, face-framing bangs. Perfect for those with natural waves, it creates an effortless, easy-to-maintain look. This style can breathe life into thinning hair, but keep in mind that the layered cut requires an expert hand to shape.

A woman of a certain age sports an elegant mullet cut with fashionable bangs and voluminous silver gradients for a bold, easy-to-maintain look.

#5 Mullet Shag with trendy fringe

With a mullet cut, this hairstyle combines gradations of hair with a modern twist for silver hair, ideal for adding volume. Trendy fringe is a bold choice that can be easily styled for a bold yet sophisticated look, perfect for adding a youthful touch to women who like an undemanding yet bold style.

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A woman with a chin-length cut and straight, criss-crossed bangs, presenting a neat, confident hairstyle.

#6 Chin-length bob with precision fringe

A chic chin-length bob paired with precision-cut fringe that gives it a timeless appeal, suitable for anyone looking to make a statement with confidence and style.

Woman over 70 wearing glasses, with a feathered haircut that offers a graceful, elegant appearance.

#7 Graceful styles for women over 70

An elegant, easy-care cut that exudes grace for women over 70, with light feathering around the edges that adds a delicate finish.

Woman over 60 sporting a haircut with soft fringe and subtle gradations that enhance her radiant allure.

#8 The radiant look of women over 60

This style gives a youthful glow with its subtle layers and soft fringe that delicately contours the face, ideal for women over 60 looking to add a touch of elegance.

    Side profile of a woman over 50 with a layered cut and feathered fringe, gently framing the face.

#9 Charming gradient for women over 50

A perfect layered cut for women over 50, offering volume where it’s needed and framing the face beautifully with feathered edges and wispy bangs.

Thick-haired woman with a layered cut and side bangs that blend gracefully into the hairstyle.

#10 Transforming thick hair with bangs

Here’s a textured, layered look that takes thick hair to a new level of sophistication. The side-swept fringe blends perfectly into the layers, offering both style and manageability.

Sophisticated middle-aged woman with short hair and bangs that soften and frame the face.

#11 Elegant short hair with bangs

This short, chic hairstyle with bangs is a perfect choice for a woman who wants to show off her features without too much effort. The fringe softens the overall look, which can be quickly styled with just a touch of pomade for texture. Regular cuts keep the look fresh and neat.

An elegant woman of a certain age with a structured bob and soft fringe for added volume.

#12 Layered bob haircut with bangs

A layered bob cut offers fantastic structure, with the layers stacked at the back creating volume. The fringe is soft, contrasting nicely with the more defined shape of the cut. It’s easy to maintain, but will need trimming to maintain a clean silhouette.

Woman with a short shoulder-length cut and straight bangs, ideal for accentuating cheekbones and balancing facial proportions.

#13 Shouldered bob with fringe

The shouldered bob with straight fringe is a perfect match for those with a diamond-shaped face, as it accentuates the cheekbones and balances the proportions. A round brush and a good blow-dry are essential to keep this elegant look in top form.

Smiling woman with long brown hair and light bangs creating a soft, face-framing effect.

#14 Brunette beauty with bangs

The chocolate tones of this long, wavy hair are simply luscious, complementing the light fringe that delicately frames the face. This hairstyle is perfect for thick hair, as it allows for natural movement. It’s a classic look, but think of the effort required to keep those waves bouncy.

Middle-aged woman with fine, highlighted hair, with bangs to the side for a voluminous look.

#15 Fine hair enhanced by bangs

This layered cut, with its side-swept fringe, is a boon for fine hair, as it gives the illusion of volume and movement. Lighter strands draw the eye and add dimension. It’s low-maintenance, but needs to be styled to maintain volume and fluidity, especially at the crown.

A sophisticated middle-aged woman with glamorous gray hair and chic bangs that complement her natural elegance.

#16 Glamorous gray hair with chic bangs

Gray hair isn’t just about graceful aging, it’s also about glamour. This chic hairstyle with fringe highlights the silver hue and gives a sophisticated air. The cut is perfect for highlighting the natural beauty of gray hair, while the fringe adds a modern touch. It’s low-maintenance yet elegant, with the fringe requiring only a quick comb.

A fashion-forward woman with an angular bob and contemporary fringe, creating an elegant hairstyle that frames the face.

#17 Angular bob with contemporary fringe

The angular bob is a timeless style that’s been brought up to date with this fringe. The angled cut is elegant and draws attention to the cheekbones, which is perfect for an oval or long face. It’s a versatile look that can go from professional to bold with a little tweezing.

A woman with a square face, softened by a textured hairstyle with light, wispy bangs that highlight her features.

#18 Highlighting a square face with bangs

Fringe can beautifully enhance a square face by softening angular features. This wispy, textured style draws attention to the eyes and balances the jawline. It’s an excellent choice for the strong-boned who seek a softer, more feminine look. A touch of texturizing spray can help hold strands without weighing them down.

Charming woman sporting a voluminous hairstyle with feathered fringe, designed to flatter a round face.

#19 Round face flattered by bangs

Bangs are a great way to flatter a round face, and this style does it with grace. The feathery fringe elongates the face, while the volume at the top of the head adds height. It’s a fabulous style for those who want to subtly enhance their features. A round brush and blow-dryer are your best friends for mastering volume.

An elegant woman with long, layered hair and smooth, straight bangs that flatter the face and give it a sophisticated air.

#20 Long hairstyle with smooth bangs

This long hairstyle adorned with sleek bangs is a nod to effortless elegance. Ideal for those with a rectangular face shape, the fringe shortens the appearance of the face, while the layered lengths add softness. While this look radiates sophistication, it may require regular visits to the hairdresser to maintain the health of the long locks and the neatness of the fringe.

Middle-aged woman with a shaggy haircut and dynamic bangs that add a lively, textured look.

#21 Chopped shag with dynamic fringe

A choppy shag with dynamic fringe is all about texture and boldness. It’s ideal for those who want to add a modern touch to their style, with layers that add volume and a playful look. This cut works well with wavy hair, but keep in mind that it may require a little product to define the layers.

A woman with a mid-length hairstyle and soft bangs, exuding classic, versatile charm.

#22 Charming mid-length hair with bangs

Mid-length hair paired with bangs offers classic charm. It’s a versatile, easy-to-style look that suits many hair types. The fringe can be a focal point and is easily transformed from day to night. It may need a light straightening for an elegant look.

Middle-aged woman with a layered haircut and bangs angled slightly to the side, creating a flowing, flattering look.

#23 Layered haircut with side-swept fringe

Graduated haircuts with side bangs give an impression of lightness and airiness, perfect for those with medium-thick hair. Gradients encourage movement, while side bangs frame the face, highlighting your features. These cuts are practical too: they’re easy to style, but may require regular trimming to maintain their shape.

A middle-aged woman with a pixie cut and bold, textured bangs with purple highlights.

#24 Pixie hairstyle with bold bangs

This pixie cut is a game-changer, with a bold fringe that adds a dynamic touch. The textured layers create volume, which is ideal for finer hair, and give a look that’s both elegant and youthful. The play of colors, with touches of purple, can add a fun, artistic touch. However, such a lively texture will require styling prowess to remain elegant.

A middle-aged woman with long, voluminous locks and flamboyant bangs, radiating a youthful, energetic air.

#25 Layered long hair with floral fringe

Long, layered hair with a flamboyant fringe can bring out a youthful spirit, adding movement and depth to the hair. This hairstyle is particularly flattering for those with thicker hair, as layers reduce weight and increase manageability. This fringe will need to be styled to retain its bounce and blend into the layers.

A smiling older woman with side-swept bangs and a bobbed haircut, creating a look of timeless elegance and grace.

#26 Side bangs for a timeless look

Side bangs offer timeless elegance, softening facial features and adding a touch of mystery. This versatile style can flatter different hair types and densities. While offering a softer look to mature faces, remember that side bangs may require styling products to keep them in place.

A graceful middle-aged woman with an elegant bob haircut complemented by subtle fringe, enhancing a classic, well-groomed look.

#27 Elegant bob with subtle fringe

An elegant bob with subtle fringe nods to classic sophistication while offering a touch of modernity. This style suits all hair types and is particularly flattering on fine hair, adding shape and volume. A subtle fringe softens the face, but will need to be trimmed regularly to look intentional rather than aged.

A cheerful middle-aged woman with a head full of playful curls and bangs that frame the face, exuding joyful energy.

#28 Delicate curls with playful bangs

Bouncy curls paired with playful bangs bring a dose of dynamism and movement. This hairstyle works wonders for naturally curly hair, offering a voluminous look that doesn’t lack personality. It’s a perfect way to embrace your natural texture, although a little product is needed to keep curls defined throughout the day.

Mature woman with smooth, straight bangs and a sleek bob, giving a modern, elegant touch.

#29 Straight, elegant bangs for a modern touch

Straight, elegant bangs can be a striking choice, offering a contemporary touch that works well for those with fine, straight hair. This fringe sits just above the eyebrows, accentuating the eyes and balancing the shape of a longer face. While it creates a clean, neat look, be aware that it may require daily straightening to maintain that straight, clean line.

A middle-aged woman with a textured bob and light feathered fringe, highlighting a soft, effortless style.

#30 Textured bob with feathered fringe

A textured bob with feathered fringe offers an effortlessly elegant style. The texture adds volume, which works well with fine hair. Feathered fringe can be a playful touch that softens the overall look. It’s a style that can easily be refreshed with a quick tousle. Regular trimming is necessary, however, to maintain shape and texture.

Smiling woman with voluminous bangs and blow-dry, giving off a youthful impression.

#31 Voluminous bangs for a youthful glow

Curtained bangs combined with a voluminous blow-dry create a look that defies age. This hairstyle adds fullness, making it a great option for those with thinning hair. It frames the face beautifully, and the fringe can be parted to suit all face shapes. Styling with a round brush gives the desired bounce, but requires a little more time in your routine.

Middle-aged woman sporting a silver pixie cut with bangs and textured layers for a modern look.

#32 Perfect pixie cut with crested bangs

This pixie cut with crested bangs offers a statement look that’s both modern and easy to style. Textured layers give a voluminous effect, ideal for fine hair. The fringe can be styled to add an extra touch or soften the look. It’s a low-maintenance style that’s perfect for those ready to embrace a bold change, even if regular trims are necessary to maintain a clean silhouette.

A confident middle-aged woman with chic side bangs, complementing her medium-length hair.

#33 Chic Side-Swept Bangs for sophisticated charm

Side-swept bangs add an element of chic charm that’s both flattering and easy to maintain. Suitable for a variety of hair types, this cut can soften strong features and requires minimal styling for a polished look. It’s a great way to update your style without committing to a full fringe. However, bear in mind that to maintain the balayage, you may need a little product.

Smiling middle-aged woman with soft, layered bangs that blend into a mid-length hairstyle with natural highlights.

#34 Soft, layered bangs for gentle aging

This look combines softness and structure. Graduated bangs fit perfectly into older women’s hairstyles, offering a soft frame to the face. It’s a versatile choice, allowing the fringe to be styled for volume or to form a curtained parting. Gradients add dimension to the hair, which is ideal for people with medium-density hair who are looking for movement. It should be noted that gradients around the face may require a little more styling time to achieve a perfect fall.

Mature woman with mid-length silver hair and wavy bangs, highlighting a heart-shaped face and natural hair texture.

#35 Wavy bangs for mature elegance

Embracing your natural silver can be stunning, as demonstrated by this chic medium-length hairstyle with wavy bangs that gently frame the face. This cut draws attention to the eyes and works well with a heart-shaped face. The fringe adds a playful touch while offering great versatility: it can be swept to the side or styled in a straight line. For those with fine hair, this look creates the illusion of volume, but remember that light bangs need to be styled regularly to maintain their shape. This style, with its layers and texture, offers movement, making it an attractive choice for mature women looking for a fresh yet manageable look.

When it comes to styling bangs for mature women, the key is to choose the type of bangs that suit your face shape and hair texture, which can significantly enhance your overall look and bring a youthful touch to your appearance. Many think that bangs are reserved for the young, but with the right cut, such as soft, feathery bangs or chic side bangs, they can work wonders to highlight cheekbones and eyes while softening overall facial features. This style choice is about more than just aesthetics; it’s about embracing versatility and expressing your personality through your hair. Whether you’re looking to frame your face or add a touch of sophistication, the right fringe can be your best accessory. Ready to discover the perfect fringe for your look? Discover all the hairstyle ideas that make you shine!


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