35 inspirational haircuts for long layered hair


A bob haircut can be an interesting experience when you do a bob hairstyle, it gives you the opportunity to improve your appearance beyond recognition. Even with a short bob hairstyle, you can find many different styles that have a completely different atmosphere, mood and even essence. When we talk about mυlti-layered bob haircυt, layering layers of different lengths gives the hairstyle a more voluminous look. This is a great option for those with short hair. The mυlti-layered bob cυt hairstyle can also change the thickness of the hair for thicker hair. In this article, you will also find many low-maintenance hairstyle options for thick hair. Overall, there are many layered bob haircut options to suit all hair types and face shapes. With a wide range of lengths and styles, layers have become an old-fashioned favorite. Nowadays, they have entered the new wave of style and the chunky hairstyles of the 80s and 90s are in vogue. The bob we are familiar with came into fashion in the 1920s and has been an integral part of hairstyles ever since. There are many time variations of this classic. One of the most popular is the long layered bob. It has the same 𝓈ℯ𝓍ichic look as its predecessor, but without the stress of being too short. The layering provides a whole new flexibility. It’s the perfect hairstyle for transitioning from long hair to short hair, or for making a change of scenery. Although the national style itself sets such basic guidelines, there are tons of options to choose from when looking for looks that inspire you. Preparation is crucial when you plan to start a new chapter in your hair story. Here are some great examples to get you on the right track.

#1: Chic layered hairstyle with straight hair

Hairstyles with a medium parting are very easy to style and require little maintenance. However, this hairstyle with a long parting looks stylish and mesmerizing. Use light 𝚋𝚊𝚋𝚢-lights, jewelry to accentuate the natural shade of your hair and highlight your tanned skin tone.

#2: Long layered bob with a side parting

Layered bob haircuts are ideal not only for owners of fine hair but also for those with thick hair. The layers give the curls a natural style and the fine highlights enhance the color of the hair, making it more attractive and more voluminous.

#3: Medium length layered bob for thin hair

Layered wavy hair looks very chic and flirty! To make this style effortless, simply curl and secure the curls. Make the front layers look like bangs covering your eyes to make them look more captivating.

4. Long bob with blonde highlights

If you want to play with brown short hair, try this great style with short ends and blonde balayage. The highlights give your hair extra volume and depth.

5: Gorgeoυs angled bob style with money bills

There’s something charming about long, layered bobs, especially when they’re complemented with on-trend highlighters that emphasize the face. To get that gorgeous natural wave, have your hairstylist create layers placed inside the head.

#6 Cυte layered bob with bangs

A flirty bob with wavy hair is very versatile and can be worn with any face type and texture. With blonde balayage and textural layers, you will get an attractive hairstyle that will accentuate the beauty of your face. Usage tip: Use a texturizing spray to give your hair a wavy look.

#7: A spectacular style for straight hair

Start the new season with a new interesting hairstyle! Choose long bobs with face-framing pieces to emphasize the beautiful light shade of hair. For a low-maintenance hairstyle, you can also go for dark roots.

#8: Platinum shaggy bob with dark roots

Long layered bobs not only look amazing, but they require minimal styling time – a great choice for professionals! You can’t go wrong if you opt for this long hairstyle with chunky layers.

#9 Bob with Shaggy Layers

Fine hair often lacks lushness and volume, but with the help of layers, you can solve this problem for good. Opt for a mid-length hairstyle with choppy layers that will give your hair the illusion of flat volume.

#10 Long blonde bob with grown out roots

We are simply in love with this long bob haircut with ripped layers, as it is perfect for any face shape. Plus, you don’t need to blow-dry your hair to create this hairstyle – it’s gorgeous even in its blow-dried state.

#11: Forehead with side bangs

This elegant and sophisticated hairstyle will turn you into a trendy fashionista! The stylish bυrgυndy shade adds shine and brightness to this haircut. Layers as well as side bangs help to make it more voluminous and lush.

#12: Silver forehead with curtain bangs and layers

A gorgeous color like this one makes the hairstyle just as you would want it to be! Layers and curtain bangs in a bob hairstyle is a proven way to create a thicker, more voluminous hairstyle. To give this hairstyle a 𝓈ℯ𝓍y twist, curl the ends of your hair with a blonde bob.

#Chalk #13 with thick hair and textured layers

Bob haircuts are always a favorite for women of all ages. However, the bangs and textured layers make it even more fashionable and easy to maintain for long hair. These elements give the hair extra volume and movement and make this wavy hairstyle an ideal choice for those who want to get rid of excess weight.

#14: Golden Blonde with Layered Hair

This long bob haircut with styled layers in the back with lots of texture can be incredibly versatile. It can be worn straight or wavy and will add volume and energy to shiny hair.

#15 Long bob with stacked layers

If you are looking for a stylish and neat hairstyle, this long bob with feathers is the perfect choice for you! Layers of different lengths create natural volume and are very easy to create. Blow dry your hair with a blow dryer to get this gorgeous hairstyle.

#16: Elegant Upside-Down Forehead

If you’re looking for a less dramatic styling option, try an elongated bob with an inverted haircut. The weight in the back is reduced, but the style remains beautiful, glamorous and emphasizes the face.

17: Light brown lob with layers

For a softer look, opt for shorter layer lengths. One shorter layer on top will give depth, but won’t make the hairstyle too voluminous. You can curl your hair into small pieces and roll them on a large curling iron to create a shaggy style.

#18: A sophisticated style that’s ready to go

If pictures of polished υp bobs don’t suit you, try going for a more sophisticated look by opting for slightly tousled haircuts with softly styled layers. Straightening irons are a great tool for making your morning hairstyles stand out.

#19 Lob with fringed bangs and a fringed curling iron

The classic haircut is completed with bangs placed in a straight line across the forehead. Although they look quite appropriate with the right face shape, they may be too severe for many. A softer approach is long layered bangs, which are modernized by trimming the edges with a fringe.

#20: Straight line forehead with highlights

The A-Line forehead is not as drastic as the reverse option, as it provides a gradual change in length. There are fewer layers and they are less noticeable, making this hairstyle easy to style.

#21: Dramatic Side Part

If you are the owner of a voluminous hairstyle with a deep side part, this is your most reliable companion. A light haircut and lifting spray will help create this look. Light layers will help balance the boost and give the hairstyle a voluminous look throughout the length.

22: Brown forehead with brown balayage

Layered bob haircuts are some of the most versatile hairstyles when it comes to haircuts. If you’re looking for a more graceful style, look for layers that are softly trimmed at the edges. Long, wavy hair will accentuate your beauty and elongate your face.

#23: Stacked Hairstyle

If you have a lot of hair, it is both a blessing and a misfortune. Thick hair is very beautiful, but it can be difficult to manage. Try a bob style with layers, which allows you to keep the weight in the back but emphasize the front.

#24: Textured red medium bob.

Layers of varying lengths create the visual appeal of the karet. Plus, by cutting the edges with a razor, you can apply a texturizing cream to create a sloppy look that keeps you in control.

#25: Shaved blond with balayage

A razor cut gives the hair a softer look than a scissor cut. It gives your hair a more varied length, which is ideal for creating an “under the head” hairstyle. A razor can also thin the hair, and is a good alternative for people with longer hair.

#26 Angled bob with long strands

Angled hairstyles have an element of rigid geometry that can be softened with waves of hair. Layers of long hair in the front draw the eye downward and elongate the face perfectly.

#27: Layered forehead with center parting

Layered haircuts instantly add visual appeal and are a great alternative to the bob. To keep the hairstyle from seeming old or boring, make it no shorter than the length of your hair and then finish it off with loose curls.

#28: Easy Long Bob

Want a quick but sustainable hairstyle that’s perfect for casual weekend wear? Choose a low-maintenance option that consists of long layers ready to air-dry or style naturally.

#29: Shaggy forehead with outgrown roots

The loose and loose hair in this layered bob haircut creates a sense of lightness, which is an advantage for those with fine hair. Keeping the length on the shorter end also helps keep the ends from looking tangled.

#30: Platinum fleece hairstyle

There are several layers here, down to the cheekbone, as well as a side parting that creates a faux sassy angle. Both of these pieces frame the face well without being too tight. Keep in mind that the more layers, the more volume, so fine hair is the perfect choice for this hairstyle.

#31: Gray Angle Hairstyle

An inverted hairstyle is a great choice for those who want to stand out. While many hairstyle photos show straight hair, this hairstyle adds a few curls and sharp bangs to make it stand out more.

#32: Layered hairstyle using waves

Nothing says casual and cool more than a loose, flowing style. Fewer layers allow you to spend less time styling as you style large sections with a curling iron.

#33: Gorgeoυs Cυrled Bob

The most spectacular of all layered bob hairstyles is the one with enough length to make a serious hairstyle. Layers that are shorter in the back draw attention to the longer curls in the front. This is a great option for black hair, as the style creates the appearance of texture and also shows off a stunning shine.

#34: Layered bob for long hair

If you are the owner of long, naturally curly hair, a bob hairstyle for long hair is a fantastic idea for you! Opt for fewer layers so that you don’t end up with a voluminous hairstyle in the middle part of your head.

#35 35: Long haircut with a deep side parting

If you want to give your hair more drama without being too short, pay attention to a long bob with layers and a deep parting on one side. This hairstyle emphasizes your cheekbones and eyes.

The long bob is an extremely versatile hairstyle that suits women of all ages. It can be classic, chic or glamorous and change according to your personality. I hope these photos will help you see your own interpretation of this wonderful hairstyle!


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