55 best short layered pixie haircut ideas 2023

1: Layered pixie haircut

The layered pixie haircut in light color is a chic and stylish choice. The layers give the short haircut depth and grace, while the light color gives it a light and bright touch. This haircut is perfect for those who want to look modern and bold.


2: Long layered pixie haircut

The long layered pixie haircut, also known as the pixie bob, is accented with highlights, offering a fresh and trendy twist to the classic pixie. The longer length allows for more styling options, while the layers add texture and volume.

3: Layered pixie cut for fine hair

The layered pixie cut for thin hair is a great option. The short layers create the illusion of fullness, which makes it ideal for owners of thin and fine hair. This haircut emphasizes the natural volume of the hair and allows you to create a dynamic, textured look.

4: Layered pixie haircut with bangs

A layered pixie haircut with side bangs in an unusual light pink color can become a fashion trend. Side bangs beautifully frame the face, and the pixie bob haircut gives the look modern and chic.

5: Cυte Layered Pixie Cυt

Layered pixie haircuts in classic styles are always in fashion. Layers give the haircut depth and texture, making it a versatile option suitable for different occasions and styling preferences. Whether styled or not, it always looks stylish.

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6: Layered pixie bob

The layered pixie bob is a 𝓈ℯ𝓍ic and chic hairstyle, perfect for the evening blonde. The intricate layers add depth and volume to the hairstyle, drawing attention and giving it a flirty look. The result is a look that effortlessly blends elegance with zest.

7: Short pixie haircut

Short, layered pixie haircuts look bold, especially when viewed from behind. Perfect for those with thick hair, these hairstyles create a textured, modern aesthetic. Layers add volume and silhouette, making the back view just as exciting as the front.

8: Pixie with bangs

Go for a layered pixie haircut with bangs. Choose an edgy hairstyle to capture your adventurous spirit. This unusual haircut exudes self-confidence and shatters outdated perceptions for a lively and trendy look that can’t help but attract attention.

9: Long pixie haircut.

Long layered pixie haircuts for blondes are characterized by sophistication. The combination of short layers near the face and longer layers in the back creates a dynamic straight style that is as versatile as it is chic. It’s a bold, thought-provoking look that’s perfect for the modern woman.

10: Pixie cut.

The layered pixie haircut with side shave is a bold yet fashionable choice. In silver styling it looks very effective and emphasizes self-confidence. The ripped layers create an interesting contrast to the smoothly shaved hair, creating an unusual and bold aesthetic that doesn’t conform to traditional beauty standards.

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11- Layered pixie hairstyle

The perfect haircut and the perfect hair color! A pixie hairstyle that you should try to refresh yourself. The short nape of the neck and the elongated top of the head are very popular lately among young girls.

12- Cυte Pixie Hair

Young girls are now quite bold about short hair! Especially this short haircut looks very stylish.

13 – Layered Pixie

A great alternative to the cold and vengeful look. Especially if your dressing style is in tune with street fashion, this layered pixie haircut can be a great option.

14- Red hair

Red hair, however, also contains light pale pink shades. Such a stunning hair color can be used for a short pixie cut.

15- Blonde Pixie Cυt.

Whether you need glasses or not, you can wear them to fit the trends. After all, it’s all about style! And a short blonde pixie looks great with glasses. This hairstyle will make you look like a bookworm 🙂 .

16- Straight pixie haircut

17- Long layered pixie haircut

18- Layered pixie bob

19- Long bangs

20- Blonde pixie Cυt
















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