28 low-maintenance short haircuts to create a fashionable look that doesn’t require a lot of time to achieve

Simple, low-maintenance short haircuts are easy to style and don’t require regular maintenance. Lengths range from shaved haircuts to a variety of pixies, bobs and lobs. The choices of hair lengths are endless and maximize the fit of a woman’s appearance. Christine Sandella, a hairstylist in Toms River, N.J., cites several advantages of short hair. “They dry quickly and are easy to style, making it an easy low-maintenance hairstyle,” she says. “With a short cut, fine hair looks elegant, becoming more bouffant in no time.” Sandella cites hair products as the most reliable helper when styling short haircuts. “You will have to use hair styling products to add texture to your hairstyle with lush and even voluminous hair.” The small selection of styling options is a disadvantage Sandella notes when working with short haircuts. “You’ll have to maintain your hairstyle on a regular basis, as you can’t just pin it up in a ponytail,” she notes. “If you like to change your hairstyle from time to time, it’s possible that a short, low-maintenance haircut may not be the best choice for you.” A personalized, comprehensive meeting with a stylist is highly recommended. “Make sure the hairstyle emphasizes your face shape, texture and doesn’t interfere with your life,” says Sandella. The trimming process is critical to maintaining the shape of the hairstyle. Be sure to consult with your stylist about the style and care each haircut requires. Take a look at these beautiful photos of low-maintenance short haircuts. Be sure to share your top three favorite haircuts with your stylist and be open to his or her suggestions.

#1: Simple hairstyle for those with thick hair

A simple hairstyle for women with thick hair can be an easy and low-maintenance style for short hair. Ask your stylist to show you how to style your hair to achieve the perfect volume and softness at the top of your head.

#2: The modern chin-length bob

If you’re looking for an easy-to-maintain hairstyle that will suit any face shape, consider the modern chin-length bob. A slight undercut at the nape of the neck will create a breezy forward angle. Ask your stylist for internal texture and neatly trim the ends to create a sleek hairstyle.

#3: Youthful bob for people over 60 years old

A bob that looks younger for women over 60 is a must-have to get your head in the game. Bob haircuts are always in fashion and since they are low maintenance, you can fit them into your non-boring life.

4. Short bob haircut with shaved sides

A short bob haircut with shaved sides makes it easy to get ready to go out. Short, low-maintenance hairstyles help you just wash your hair and get ready to hit the road.

#5: Long blonde with a peachy hue and a bob haircut

Now is the perfect time to try a blonde pixie bob with an extension. By cutting off the entire section of hair, you can create a whole new style, and less hair means less work.

#6: Short lob for women with glasses

A short forehead for women with glasses is a great hairstyle to emphasize the transom. Glasses can become the center of attention, and they look best with short and thin hair.

#7: Low-maintenance brown to blonde hairstyles

To showcase a short reddish haircut, you can try a low-maintenance brown-blonde ombré hairstyle. Short low-maintenance haircuts can be styled with minimal effort while highlighting soft, smooth hair.

8. Strand waves for women with short hair

Try beach waves with twisted strands for wavy hair wearers to emphasize layered hairstyles. This simple and easy low-maintenance style is perfect for naturally curly hair or heat styled hairstyles.

9: Sloppy bob with shaved chin. Bob with shaved chin

Go bold with a shaved chin bob for a sleek and effortless style. Perfect for fine hair, low-maintenance styles for short hair are ideal for quick blow-drying and do-it-yourself hairstyles.

#10 Very short pixie cut with long bangs

A very short pixie with long hair is a great option for those who want to keep length on the forehead and make the neck shorter. Cutting between the ears and at the back of the head while maintaining length at the top of the head makes it easy to maintain short hair.

#11: The low-maintenance pixie bob for women over 40

Try a low-maintenance pixie hairstyle for women over 40 for a fresh and simple look. Ideal for thick and fine hair, the low-maintenance short hairstyles require minimal styling time.

#12: Short haircut with curtain bangs

A short haircut with side-swept bangs is a great layered haircut that gives softness and bounciness. Low-maintenance hairstyles for short hair are perfect for those who want bouffant but don’t want to spend a lot of time styling.

#13: Low-maintenance short hairstyles for African-American natural hair

You can try a short, low-maintenance haircut to match your African-American natural hair. A short haircut is great for emphasizing your facial features and requires minimal styling time. Ask your stylist to use clippers with the finest frizz to get a smooth, skin-friendly haircut.

14. Low-maintenance short balayage haircut

Go for a low-maintenance short hairstyle with balayage to create an elegant contrast but without too much shine. Balayage works well on any hair type and can be a great addition to low-maintenance short hair hairstyles.

#15: Hairstyle for a jaw-length short bob

Try this jaw-length bob hairstyle for an even more defined look. Ideal for fine-textured, low-maintenance hair, short bob haircuts provide precision and smoothness. In combination with a very hot tool, it is possible to use minimal products, so ask your stylist for advice.

#16 Razor haircut for women over 30 with thick hair

Razor haircut for women over 30 with thick hair allows you to emphasize the features of the face and its zest. In addition, the hairstyle adds expressiveness. A shorter, low-maintenance hairstyle is ideal for those with thick hair who would like to emphasize their facial features but leave some length.

#17: Youthful pixie haircut for women over 50

Try an energizing pixie haircut suitable for women over 50 to look refreshed and revitalized. Short, low-maintenance haircuts revitalize hair by adding volume, texture and lushness.

#18: Stylish pixie cut for older women

A chic, low-maintenance pixie cut suitable for women over 50 adds volume and style to any hair type. Short, low-maintenance haircuts appeal to fashionable women who want to be beautiful in a short amount of time.

#19: Short low-maintenance pixie haircut

Short low-maintenance pixie haircut allows you to create an elegant style, delicate and romantic. The short low-maintenance pixie haircut can be styled with a textured parting. It can look great on both fine hair and thinning hair.

#20 Low-maintenance bangs and pixies

A pixie with low-maintenance bangs is a great style with sleek and easy-to-maintain bangs. Perfect for thick and fine hair, the short, low-maintenance hairstyle is great for emphasizing the eyes and is easy to maintain. Pair it with platinum hair color to really stand out!

#21: Low-maintenance short haircuts

Choose a short, low-maintenance haircut to accentuate the features of an oval or rosy face. A low-maintenance short haircut is easy to style, but it may need regular maintenance to maintain its shape.

#22: Low-maintenance shaggy haircut for short hair

A trendy style with short bangs is not only fashionable, but also very spectacular. Perfect for thick hair, low-maintenance styles for short hair are eye-catching and can’t be too complicated.

#23: Short and sleek angled bob for straight hair

A sleek and stylish angled bob for straight hair is a well-executed hairstyle. Perfect for straight hair and for those who want a low-maintenance straight style. The easy to maintain hairstyle for short hair is trendy and easy to execute.

#24: Asymmetrical ear-length pixie

The ear-length asymmetrical pixie is a dramatic, attention-grabbing hairstyle. The short, low-maintenance haircut with thick texture and large bangs is perfect for thick and fine hair, creating messimυm volume.

#25: Short and low-maintenance long pixie haircut

Trendy and fashionable short pixie haircut, low-maintenance. A short haircut with long, wavy, low-maintenance hair that is easy to style, wash and style and is perfect for fine to medium hair.

#26 Low maintenance short haircut for women over 70 with fine hair

Low-maintenance hairstyles for women over 70 are perfect for thin hair. Simple low-maintenance hairstyles are easy to style, so ask your stylist to give you more text to create an original style.

#27: Simple styling for low-maintenance hair

Try a simple shaggy hair style for low-maintenance hair. A short, low-maintenance hairstyle is a great option for those who want to put makeup on their hair and go!

#28: Chin-length bob hairstyle

The chin length bob is trendy and attractive. It is great for adding grace to the jaw line and neckline. Short bobs are easy to maintain hairstyles suitable for thin and sleek hair.