30 stylish pixie haircuts: Short hairstyles for girls and women

Pixie haircuts are the best option for those who need a stylish short haircut. Pixie haircuts are great for those who have a diamond-shaped face or heart-shaped face. Pixie hairstyles look elegant and chic. Some highlights can make the pixie haircut more fashionable. Wear it with short wide bangs that can create a more attractive hairstyle. If you want a sleek hairstyle, apply a styling gel.

Pixie hairstyles can be categorized by hair length into medium, very short and long. To make a short hairstyle, wax your loose hair and then blow-dry it with a hair dryer to get the style. These short cυte hairstyles will help you look older than you are. For pixie hairstyles with media-sized hair, you can create multiple layers for more volume. Try long, symmetrical bangs that create more volume and get rid of dryness. You can try jaw length hairstyles. Highlighting your hair can emphasize your personal style and add a trendy touch to your hairstyle.

Uneven layers can give you a stylish and trendy look. Uneven layers look customized and add volume to your hair. Uneven layers are perfect for those who have thin hair. Above are just a few of the most famous pixie hairstyles. Choose one of them and then enjoy a delightful and adorable pixie hairstyle….

Above have been listed a few of the most popular pixie hairstyles. Choose one of them and then enjoy an adorable and adorable pixie hairstyle…. It’s time for you to rethink your looks! 30 trendy pixie haircuts and short hairstyles for girls and men is an opportunity to choose the perfect hairstyle and color in the latest fashion!

1. Pixie hairstyles and short haircuts for women and girls in boho style


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The short top part, and the long sides and back of the hairstyle give it an unusual pixie and boho look. The haircut curls upwards towards the top of the head, creating an elegant look, and flows downwards to form trendy straight bangs. Texture is a key element of this look. The combed and tangled hair creates dramatic volume at the top of the head. The bangs become shorter in the center, and on the side they are folded into long dots. This creates an eye-catching flavor for your eyes. Medium blonde with light blonde balayage is the perfect blonde shade for oily skin.

2. Cυrly brυnette cυrly cυte pixie hairstyles, short haircuts and styles for girls and men

This adorable pixie haircut utilizes a natural bob and bob to create a beautiful hairstyle. At the back and sides, the hair is shortened to create a striking contrast to the curls at the top of the head. The model’s natural hairline is emphasized and then transitioned into a sleek side parting. Another striking twist is at the back, which transitions into a neat triangular strand at the back of the hairline. At the front, the hairline is softened by a few twisted curls – this trendy hairstyle is for everyone!

3. Short edgy haircut – chic short pixie haircuts suitable for girls and women

This model changed her usual teenage long hairstyle to a chic asymmetrical short haircut! As a result, she implemented a variety of fashionable styles. The haircut has sharp edges on the sides, which are complemented by short side strands. The side part creates a wavy fringe with long layers that drape down one side of the face, creating a 𝓈ℯ𝓍y, 𝓈ℯ𝓍υ attractive look. The pointed red tips give a natural look to this gorgeous hair!

4. Classic blonde highlights with stylish Pixie hairstyles, short haircuts and styles for girls and men

This short bob shows how you can diversify dark and brown hair by adding light highlights and completely change the look! This product can also add density to fine hair and create attractive volume for a voluminous short haircut. Thin strands of hair create a rich textural pattern, which is trendy this season. In addition, this hairstyle is easy to maintain and still looks elegant!

5. Short haircut make-up for thin dark blonde hair

This is not a dramatic makeover, however it shows how chic it is to complement any short haircut with a short nape and a sleek hairline. This is a great short haircut for fine hair with lots of interesting contrasts. Long layers framing the top of the head contrast with shorter haircuts on the sides and back. Blonding with shades of melty blonde softens the naturally dark blonde roots of the model’s hair. This contrast gives fine hair the illusion of depth and makes it appear thicker!

6. Silver hairstyle with short pelvis for thin hair

This is a beautiful hairstyle that will suit well-groomed hair. It is easy to style, yet very fashionable thanks to the short sides and back that contrast with the long hair. They are separated by transparent braids that soften the line and emphasize the eyes and eyebrows. For contrast, the sides and back are finished in graphite gray to give depth to the color in three dimensions. A lighter silver top can be used to make fine hair appear thicker. Different colors of taupe and silver can create an elegant look!

7. Casual short haircut with rich texture and long bangs

A beige-blonde shade of very subtle shadows and highlights creates a trendy textural pattern for a straight haircut. And to complete this easy-to-maintain everyday hairstyle, the stylist created special strands with deep texturizing styling products. This is a short haircut that can last for a long time, and the long bangs and elongated sides smooth out the lines to create the most elegant look. The sides can be altered to fit different face shapes. Long bangs styled sideways draping over the eyes creates an eye-catching look!

8. Fantastic silver to gold transformation of asymmetrical short haircuts

This makeup look clearly demonstrates how it is possible to have different hair colors. In the first photo, the model is tanned in the dark season and with an even skin tone in winter. The stylist changed the short haircut to a trendy symmetrical haircut with a shortened nape and sides and a slender back, instantly elevating the style to the high end of fashion. A side washed hairstyle can also give a trendy style. Long hair frames the forehead and covers the eyes with a bright silver-peach blonde that highlights light or green eyes with a stunning shine!

9. Chic wavy ash blonde with beige tones and bangs

The chic pixie haircut is characterized by an attractive volume at the top and at the back. It makes the look more elegant, especially when accented with a silvery ash color and for a while before transitioning to long, bouffant hair. This is a very beautiful way to wear a sophisticated short haircut style at social events!

10. Light brown blonde with balayage on a short bob haircut

This is a fantastic short hairstyle for owners of thick dark hair. Fine hair can be parted into layers that take balayage away from the ends, allowing stylists to design, resulting in an easy to manage hairstyle. This hairstyle with oblique partings in the back and long bangs in the front creates an elegant look. To give your straight haircut more definition, add a lighter shade of Balayage. These bright orange highlights bring a warble to dark brunette hair that lighter blonde streaks can’t. I find that orange highlights mυ work better for darker hair shades! 11. Low-waisted pixie: short haircuts

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What is your opinion? Have you found the perfect and spectacular hairstyle for this season? Do you plan to take inspiration from a lot of these stylish and trendy pixie hairstyles? I’m sure you’ll be in love with your new style!


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