45 haircuts with a graduated bob, relevant in 2024

#1: Graduated bob with side bangs


Try a gradient bob with side bangs to add extra lushness to fine curls. The graduated shape weighs down the hair at the nape of the neck and extends the length to below the jaw. Adding side bangs creates a lighter shape, balancing out the strong shape, making the hair look thicker.

#2: Graduated medium length bob.


A mid-length graduated bob is a great option for those who need a mid-length hairstyle to achieve an elegant, effortless and youthful look.

#3: Blonde beauty with a graduated bob


Try a beaded blonde in a gradient bob. One of the best ways to create this hairstyle is to add a dark color at the base underneath the lighter highlights. This will emphasize the gradation in the hairstyle. This style and shape is great for working women who like their hair to look neat. If you have the opportunity, I would recommend getting a haircut every 8-10 weeks.

#4: Sleek black bob with graduated styling


A sleek bob with gradation will leave an impression! Ask your stylist to give you a bob haircut with a sharp gradation. This haircut is very versatile and will look amazing straight and smooth or with soft waves.

#5: Graduated bob for thin hair


A graduated bob cut for thin hair gives extra volume. This haircut is a great choice for those who want to achieve a sophisticated look without too much effort.

#6: Perfectly styled bob for older ladies


To keep your aging hair from winning, you can go for a hairstyle like a bob. The length and styling can be customized to your liking.

#7: Long graduated bob for a pink face


A long graduated bob for a pink face is a great way to refine and lengthen the face, giving it an oval shape. Soft angles and layers make the long graduated bob a good choice for women with a pink face shape. By choosing a length below the chin, you can emphasize the diamond shape of the face.

#8: Straight ginger bob with graduated layers


Short haircuts have an extensive catalog of shapes and lengths. A straight bob with a graduated cut is a crowd favorite. And if you combine it with a bold color, such as red, it becomes a stunning transformation.

#9: Graduated haircut with curtain bangs


A graduated haircut with curtain bangs creates the perfect 60s-inspired hairstyle. Curtain bangs frame the face and are a new take on the classic fringe. The forward angle with gradation in the back helps the hair to lie perfectly on the jaw line.

#10: Graduated forehead


A graduated brow is the perfect style for fine, straight hair in need of extra lengthening. The graduated length visually creates a tighter base and allows the bob to sit as it was meant to be. In the lob option, this shape keeps the length shorter so as not to expose too mυch of the hairline and neck.

#11: Roυnded with Stacked Layers


To add sleekness and elegance to a graduated bob, do a romnge with stacked layers. Graduated bobs are more elongated in the back with stacked layers, while an A-line bob is longer in the front and shorter in the back. When combined, you will get a more elegant look.

#12: Bridgette with gradations.


Bronzing paired with a gradated bob is the perfect hairstyle if you’re looking for more shine. The graduated bob gives you a sleek silhouette. The back styling effect pairs perfectly with the blonde length, allowing your glossy brunette shades to make your look more defined.

#13: Blonde Graduated Bob.


If you love soft red hues in your hairstyle, opt for a blonde graduated bob. The lightness of the blonde softens the feel of the gradient bob. Let your hair air dry with a light spritz of Aveda’s Textυre Tonic to give your hair a richer textured finish.

#14: Blυnt Cυt


The blonde bob will always be a classic as it suits most hair types. Its sleek natural shape dramatically emphasizes the jaw line, while the soft graduated shape along the full length at the back lifts the hair, giving it a slightly slanted shape. The shape can be adapted for thicker and thinner hair with a change in angle to suit your specific hair requirements.

#15: Graduated and feathered.


A graduated feathered hairstyle is a great choice for those on the go. It provides practicality in styling and hair care without adding charm and sophistication.

#16: Fashionable Graduation for Ladies over 60


Fashionable graduations for ladies over 60 are a practical choice if you want a hairstyle that is easy to maintain and style. For different textures, models like Pomade and BaByliss are suitable.

#17: An appropriate bob for women over 50


The layered, graduated bob is perfect for women over 50. It suits those who want to feel stronger with just a hair cut.

#18: Perfect for straight


This graduated bob is perfect for straight hair. It’s a classic hairstyle that’s easy to maintain and style. Simply blow dry your hair with a blow dryer and use a curling iron to create a sleek style with this effect.

#19: Shaggy bob


The shaggy bob is a practical option if you want an easy to style tapered bob. It is suitable for almost all hair types – straight, wavy, curly and even red hair.

#20: Textured bob


The red bob is the perfect option for those who want a short haircut without giving up elegance.

#21: Graduated Balayage Stυnning haircut


A graduated haircut with balayage styling is a modern and bold hairstyle that shows a bit of skin at the nape of the neck. With balayage styling, this haircut is perfect for flawlessly emphasizing the strands and facial proportions.

#22: Graduated and razor haircut


Graduated razor hairstyles combined with different lengths create a chic look. A short haircut is vintage and graceful, while a long haircut is more effortless and sophisticated.

#23: A beautiful bob for women over 70 years old


A beautiful bob for women over 70 can be very fashionable and gives the face a charming flavor. It is very democratic and suits all types of women.

#24: Graduated pixie bob.


The graduated pixie bob is an easy-to-maintain haircut perfect for fine hair to look thicker and lusher. Stylist Lawmise Turton of Aυstralia used a 45-degree vertical graduated haircut to achieve this shape.

When prepping your hair, use a heat protectant to guard against thermal styling. “This style can be worn with naturally wavy hair or straightened for a sleek, chic look,” notes Turton.

#25: Graduated Long Bob


The graduated bob works well for girls with a diamond shaped face. This long graduated bob haircut has a longer front part compared to the back, which gives the face an elongated shape.

#26: Sloppy and Asymmetrical


Messy and asymmetrical romnd bob offers a hair shape with longer and shorter ends, thus creating a trendy and cool vibe in the hairstyle.

#27: Back view of a graduated bob


The back view of the gradient bob adds lightness and sophistication. This haircut shows off the nape of the neck, giving the look sophistication and refinement.

#28: Very short bob


A very short bob is the perfect option for those who love more bouffant hairstyles with lots of texture. A short graduated bob gives a softer feel to its sleeker part and doesn’t require too much styling. It’s a great option for those who love tall hairstyles.

#29: A bob with longer hair.


The shoulder-length bob is an option for those who want sophistication and elegance combined in one hairstyle with a graduated bob. The haircut leaves the nape of the neck open and comes down to the base of the face, creating diminutives that frame the face well.

#30: Graduated layered haircut for dark hair


A gradient layered haircut for dark hair looks more conservative and sleek if you split it in half, which further emphasizes the value of the cut. Try styling it with a flat iron and blow dryer at the ends to give it extra volume and lushness.

#31: Graduated haircut for thick hair


A graduated hairstyle for thick hair is a great choice for a trendy and shapeless hairstyle. Its length makes it easy to blow dry. It is perfect for lengthening the neck.

#32: Natural bob


A naturally graduated bob needs extra care to maintain the shape. Moisturize your hair weekly while adding repair, moisturizing and reconstructing products.

#33: Ear-length bob with a fringe


An ear-length hairstyle with fringe is your best edgy option. Asymmetrical hairstyle always adds an undeniable cool factor to the whole look.

#34: Haircut for thin hair


Styling for fine hair requires asymmetry at the base of the hair and at the ends of the strands. This style gives extra volume, lushness and definition.

#35: Graduated medium-length bob


The mestiza-length gradient bob is versatile and easy to change. Style creator Deborah Camacho used a dry cutting technique to achieve this shape.

The Arizona stylist says the graduated bob suits most face shapes and hair types. She adds: “With a more elongated face shape, aim for a cleaner look and more length in the front. With an elongated face shape, aim for a visual gradient of fullness not only in the back but also in the front and sides.” She also advises adding fringe.

#36: Slightly graduated haircut.


The slightly graduated bob is a trendy haircut that is suitable for both fine and thick curls. The uneven layers add volume to the hairstyle and can also weigh it down and give it extra lushness.

California-based stylist Andy Bates created this cut for short hair. “I kept a little bit of density on the bottom edge, so the hairstyle has quite a bit of volume. A little weight was taken away and texture was added to add definition,” he says.

#37: Graduated bob with bangs


Graduated bob with bangs is the epitome of trendy and edgy style. In order to maintain healthy hair, it is necessary to carry out therapeutic masks at intervals of 15 days.

#38: Graduated bob with a low waistline


A graduated bob with a graduated contour can be very sophisticated. With a shaved nape or with geometric patterns. To maintain the design, it is recommended to trim it every 15 days.

#39: Jaw-length bob


A jaw length bob is perfect for those who crave natural lushness in their hair. Simply use a blow dryer and washcloth to achieve the extra volume and length of a gradient bob.

#40: Choppy Gradation


Careless gradation gives extra volume and definition. To give the hairstyle a shaggy effect, you need to use styling products. Adding highlighter enhances the effect and gradation of the haircut.

#41: Graduated coloring for wavy hair


A graduated haircut for wavy hair is the perfect shape that gives volume and perfectly emphasizes your facial features. The graduated shape does not have to be very short, but the weighting along the length of the hairstyle gives it a more lush look and makes the hair look more voluminous.

#42: Chin-length graduated haircut


Try a chin-length graduated cut to make your hair look thicker immediately. A graduated cut weighs hair down, giving it a much thicker look than a bob. The shortest point, which starts at the nape of the neck and gets longer as it goes down to the chin, still gives the look of a bob, but takes volume to a new level.

#43: Light bob with slight graduation


A light bob with a slight gradation is always in fashion. Short layers at the top of the head give volume, and styling with feathers near the face softens facial features.

#44: Graduated bob with a center part


A clean graduated bob with a middle part will always be on trend. Graduated bobs are shorter in the back and longer in the front, with a slight weighting in the back that creates a statement head curve. Graduated hairstyles are ideal for those with fine hair as they add volume. To recreate a fresh salon look, curl hair with a flat iron towards the head, blow-dry hair from the back in both directions, and then flatten strands with a flat iron.

#45: Graduated bob with fringe for seniors


The graduated bob with fringe is a popular choice for older women because it’s versatile. This graduated haircut can be any length from above the chin to down to the shoulders. Your hairdresser can help you choose the length depending on your face shape.


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