35 cute short bob haircuts that everyone will be obsessed with in 2023


Shiny or inverted, styled straight, wavy and asymmetrical, styled sideways and even shaved…. Have we lost some short haircuts? Although they are quite short in length, they can be down to chin level (or shorter), they are very versatile and fit everyone’s individual style. We look forward to getting to know the latest models of short bob haircuts. Go for it!

Killer short bob hairstyles for different hair types

“The shorter your hair, the shorter your bob should be,” Matt Frimgate, who has created hairstyles for Lana Condor, Catherine McNamara and Jerdith Light, tells Allυre. Does this mean that only those with thick hair can benefit by opting for a short bob? Of course not! On the contrary, both thin and fine hairstyles look amazing when shortened, as they increase their density and volume once the damaged ends are cut off and the hair is styled into an even parting. However, on the other hand, a haircut combined with styling or melting does a great job on thick hair as well, making it lighter and more manageable. Thus, an elongated bob haircut is just what your hair needs to reduce its weaknesses and emphasize the natural beauty of your hair. Check out the examples and determine which option works best for your hair type.

The Cυrly hairstyle is shaped and shaped like a bob when the hair is styled in a bob style, with a notch at the back of the head and slightly larger ringlets in the front.

The wavy bob has a single length at the bottom, and is perfectly parted on the sides and back for texture and lift.

Thin curls appear more voluminous if the top is lighter than the ends, and the side part can create a lifted bend, adding elasticity in the front.

Straight hair is somewhat thick and “feathery,” which gives it an airy feel.

A thick strand draws the eye with its size and strength, but there is always the option to create texture with thinned and accented strands.

Cool haircuts for different face shapes

Does anyone have a certain face shape that is specifically suited for a bob? Generally speaking, yes. “Oval faces are the most popular for the bob. There are many variations from blonde to long, and they suit all hair types.” says InStyle’s Tomi Bυkett, hairstylist to Jackie Krυz, Elisabeth Moss and Amber Heard.

If you are happy with your oval face, you can do anything you want, even the shortest bob haircuts without any backward thought. However, this is a far cry from saying that only perfectly proportioned faces can be worthy of a bob hairstyle. It would be more correct to say that any face shape can be balanced with the right hairstyle. A bob with a soft, diamond shape that sits slightly below or above the jaw line is a popular choice for a square face. Similarly, diamond-shaped faces can be brightened up with angular haircuts. Take a look at various examples of these haircuts using the slider.

A classic bob haircut with smooth, diamond-shaped bangs and soft, bushy bangs suits this diamond-shaped face. They draw attention and give a French look.

Side-swept bangs hide the forehead, creating an angle that balances out a long face.

An elegant Parisian hairstyle with short bangs and dark colored side curls angled towards the cheekbones suits this gorgeous heart-shaped face.

The square shape of the face is softened by a beautiful frame, and the elongation can be noticed thanks to the sloping top and top part.

Oval shaped faces can wear blonde bobs with a center parting, as the graphic design of the hairstyle creates an attractive framing effect on the face and makes the hairstyle look appealing.

Hairstyles for short layered bob with bangs

The short bob haircut with loose, soft layers has been popular for several years, and celebrities are pushing for its return in 2023. “It’s for those who want a serious hairstyle,” says Leanne Citrone, celebrity hairstylist and co-owner of Andy Lesomarte Salon, according to Refinery29, and advises wearing this hairstyle with waves slicked back behind the ear to give the look an extra edge. This hairstyle is great, however it’s not as dramatic as a pixie? The wavy bob can be styled in a variety of ways depending on the shape and texture of your hair. The options can range from feathered layers for straight hair to thin layers for fine hair, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from in our collection.

A bob with copper bangs and delicate layers gives the look a casual feel.

Delicate bangs give fine curls more shine and keep them from looking dull, while layers give them more volume.

There are some trendy hairstyles that don’t require much effort. You can also do an updated version of a classic hairstyle. Coarse and thick hair is styled in layers, which gives it a sleek shape and softness.

Combined with a deep copper color. The hairstyle attracts attention with its thick layers and red detail creating an unusual style.

And the inverted bob in this photo is mυlti-layered, with shorter curls at the top for lift and longer strands in the front to maintain volume.

Sharp haircut with bangs

Didn’t we mention the bob’s ability to balance the face? They become even more pronounced when bangs come into fashion. Bangs can add volume, softness or angles to your hair. It can also draw attention to the eyes or cheekbones, dramatically changing the look. Why it’s necessary. This is especially true since the short bob haircut with chin-length bangs is the most popular style in London and is likely to become a trend going overseas. “Long, jaw-length blonde hairstyles are likely to be the most popular hairstyle of 2022. There is a growing trend of women getting shorter haircuts, trimming their bangs and experimenting with layers to achieve a more casual style,” says Sam Brnett, director of London salon Hare &Bone and stylist Daria Lipa in an interview with Refinary29. Check out our gallery to see the cool hairstyles with bangs you can choose from.


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