40+ Women’s shaved side haircut ideas for 2024


Did you know that there are amazing styles that you can wear and inspire other ladies with your haircut? If not, we are here to give you these amazing styles that will suit your short hair and inspire all ladies to cut off their long hair so they can wear your style. Check it out! A celebration of shaved sides in 2024 for you!

The first style that we bring to your attention is the shaved sides haircut. When it comes to choosing a style for a great look, there is no other option than the shaved sides haircut. With this hairstyle, you can greatly enhance your appearance in the fashion world. This year, you will be able to stand out from the crowd with this style.

If you need another great style for everyday life or work, check out the following style. It is called short cut straight hair. This style always looks amazing, especially if you complement it with a sleeveless black dress. If you haven’t gotten compliments after dressing up, this style will attract more compliments that will be good for you.

Lastly, we present to you the asymmetrical side shaved bob. This style, in terms of versatility, is the best option for any lady who would like to have a beautiful and chic look in 2024. With this hairstyle, you will look sophisticated and elegant.

Next up is the Shape Shaved Nape. There is nothing like a half star on shaved hair. The star design makes your shaved hair look attractive and stunning. Try this amazing style and get a great look!

On the list of other hairstyles for you is Cool Mohawk, a shaved, colorful haircut for women. If you’ve never been a model, this cool Mohawk will elevate your presence in the fashion world. It is a very easy to execute style that also saves a lot of time. Try wearing this style this year and see how you will be noticed both in public and by others.

All you have to do is purchase these styles and try them out. Once you try these haircuts, you will get that exceptional look you have always dreamed of. We hope you like these hairstyles as they are very beautiful and stylish to try them this year.

1: Short hair with shaved sides

For diamond-shaped face wearers, the pixie with shaved sides is heaven. This hairstyle emphasizes facial features, creating a balanced and fashionable look.

2: Edgy short hair style.

Take a bold step with an edgy short hairstyle with shaved sides. The spectacular blonde hue adds a brightness, making this hairstyle relevant for confident ladies.

3: Undercυt

Combine classic with modernity with short hair with shaved sides. The υndercυt technique brings a bold edge, making it relevant for those looking for a fresh look.

4: Short Pixie Cυt.

Accessorize your style with a short pixie haircut with shaved sides. The cυte blonde shade complements the bold haircut, creating a look that is both playful and bold.

5: Shaved sides and back

Redefine elegance with a pixie haircut with shaved sides and back. Accentuated with shiny blonde hair, this long pixie variation commands attention with a limitless blend of grace and elegance.

6: Short hair with shaved sides Female

7: Short Bob

8: Short Pixie Cυt.

9: Blonde pixie hair

10: Edgy short hair.

11: Very short hair

12: Light purple hair

13: Cυte Pixie Hair

14: Undercυt Pixie

15: Short pixies with shaved sides

16 – Hairstyle with shaved sides

17 – Short haircut

18 – Short hair with shaved side 2024

19- Shape of shaved nape

20- Cool Mohawk

21- Asymmetrical side cut bob

22- Short sides

23 – Long pixie with shaved sides

24 – Short Bob

25 – Pixie Mohawk

26 – Cool Shape

27 – Long pixie

28 – Short bob with shaved sides

29- Pυrple Mohawk.

30- Undercυt Pixie

31- Long top

32- Mohawk

33 – Cool shave.

34 – Long bob with side swept haircut

35- Razored Cυt

36- Cυte Bob Style

37- Pink Hair Color

38 – Blonde with a pixie bob

39 – Sexy hairstyle

40 – Cool shaved hair with a ponytail

41 – Orange hair with shaved sides

42 – Shaving the back of the head

43- Fade Cυt for Girls


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