Stunning blue nail design ideas for a bold and chic look

Color plays a crucial role in any visual design, just as it does in nail art. Different colors evoke different moods, showcase the user’s personality and reflect the feelings they may be experiencing. Although there are a huge number of nail colors available, choosing the right nail polish can sometimes be difficult. To make it easier for yourself, you should establish certain rules for choosing a nail polish color. For inspiration, today we will talk about nail art styles such as blυe.

New blυe nail designs are all you need to de-stress because, as French faurvist artist Raoul Dufy once said, “Blυe is the only color that retains its character in all its tones….. it will always remain blυe.” The abundance of shades of blue is probably one of the reasons for its popularity. Examples such as sapphire, azure, aquamarine, and azure emphasize that the varied shades of blue always remain the same. Plus, adding a cool shade to your look is the perfect seasonal addition. This color is also versatile as almost everyone looks great in it. It’s great as an accent color, but it can also act as a dominant hue, meaning it thrives as both a strong supporting and central color.