five tips to treat nail fungus

Fungus mycosis, otherwise known as “onychomycosis” is a widespread fungal infection that can affect one or more fingernails or hands. About 10% of the population is concerned, most often at the level of the big toenail.
Here are some tips for dealing with it.


By Andrey_Popov/


Apple cider vinegar
Another foot bath possible, this time with apple cider vinegar, a recognized antiseptic. Pour 5 tablespoons of this vinegar into a basin and add a little water. Dip the foot of mycosis for a quarter of an hour then dry with a paper towel and repeat the operation twice a day.

 Baking soda
First, it is advisable to use baking soda. You must dilute 5 tablespoons in a liter of water and pour the mixture into a bowl. Then you have to dive your feet for a quarter of an hour before drying carefully.

 The lemon
Fresh lemon juice can slow or even stop the proliferation of germs that cause fungal infections. It must, therefore, be applied with a cotton swab.

 The essential oil of tea tree
Very effective in fighting against skin infections, the essential oil of Tea tree (tea tree) is also effective against fungal infections. Dilute in 10 drops of vegetable oil of sweet almond, two drops of essential oil of tea tree. Apply directly to the fungus with a cotton pad.

 Good hygiene
To conclude, try to cut your short nails very regularly; remember to dry your feet after washing, especially between the toes; use only your own bathroom linen, and decontaminate your shoes and slippers with antifungal lotion.


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