55 gorgeous long pixie hairstyles

Pixie hairstyles with long hair can be an elegant option for wearing short hair. Many celebrities are now wearing this style because the perfect pixie hairstyle is elegant, stylish and graceful. We have collected the best hairstyles and told you how they look like. Take a look at the images below to get inspired.

Beautiful long pixie hairstyles

#1 Long blonde pixies with V-shaped layers

A long pixie length allows you to experiment with hairstyle silhouettes by varying the length, number and placement of layers. You can try shortening the hair in the front and lengthening it in the back, or make the nape of the neck very short and long flowing layers over it.


#2: Long pixie with a shaved top layer.

If you have fine hair, a pixie cut can help give your hairstyle depth and definition. Ask your stylist to create layers at the top of your head to give your hairstyle extra height, which will be quite interesting. As a result, you will get soft wavy hair that undoubtedly looks elegant.

#3 Pixie haircut for blondes with long bangs

The most fashionable haircut for short hair – pixie with bangs – is adorable and relevant throughout the year. The layered haircut gives it depth and the light color is a bold fashion trend. Use a texturizing paste to make the hairstyle appear more diamond-shaped and add even more volume.

#4: The Long Pixie for Thin Hair

The varying lengths make long mυlty layered pixies look cool and trendy. The random layers of shorter pixies give extra volume to the top of your head. Simply wear your hair sleek or curl it for versatility.

#5: Asymmetrical pixie hairstyle

This series of photos features an edgy style that allows you to see the whole picture, from the back to the front of your thighs. We love the deep side cut that creates a stunning dramatic effect, suitable for both the urban hipster princess and the bohemian-inspired dryam.

#6 Long textured hairstyle with an asymmetrical nape of the neck

If you are looking for shorter but not too thin hair, you might want to consider a long pixie. The hairstyle is the main accessory for a woman, so take the time to style it. Long side parts, a lush top, layered hair of different lengths – all of this opens up a wide range of styling possibilities for you. Try different colors and make one side darker than the other.

#7: Asymmetrical pixie cut

How to make a monochromatic pixie look interesting? Try applying an asymmetrical shape and add shine by using hair products that match your hair type, and also give your hair a wavy look with a few strands. This hairstyle is great for long hair as well. Try it if you are looking for something stylish and not too corny.

8: Choppy pixie with long bangs

Take a leap with a lavender brown hair shade and go for a pixie style hairstyle with long bangs. Long front hair accentuates the jaw line just enough to emphasize the attractive facial lines. The short nape of the neck as well as the wavy top adds elegance.

#9: The Almost Bob Pixie Cut

Pixies can look like a bob, especially if they are very long. They look “grown up and 𝓈ℯ𝓍y.” For maximum effect, it is better to make a smooth hairstyle. For this, you can use straighteners. You can also make a long or wide side fringe, which will give your face a highlight.

#10: Shaggy side pixie haircut

Stylish and colorful shaggy pixie with shaved side is the epitome of androgyny. The extremely short length requires appropriate courage to achieve, but the result is certainly striking.

#11 Pixie bob with side parting and tapered nape of the neck

Give your pixie bob hairstyle an expressive look by making an asymmetrical nape. The length of the hair becomes shorter from the top of the head to the nape of the neck. Besides creating a personalized style, a side parting hairstyle creates interest for the eyes.

#12: Uneven chunky pixie bob.

If you are looking for an edgy hairstyle, you should opt for an uneven shaggy pixie bob. The lengths vary greatly, which creates a mυd chaotic effect. Choose a solid color and slick your curls back to create a vibrant look.

#13: Stylish pixie hairstyle with long layers

If you are looking for an elegant pixie hairstyle with sophistication and style, this long layered hairstyle might be for you. It consists of short and long layers that cover the back of the haircut and give it an elegant and sophisticated look. Blot your hair dry to enhance the shine.

#14: Pearl-Pearl Pixie Bob

Put aside your doubts about what to wear with beautiful blonde curls. Tuck them into a pixie bob hairstyle with charming wavy bangs and a side parting. The pearlescent shine adds texture and depth. A lightly shaved top allows you to create a playful and colorful look.

#15: Long Straight Silver Pixie.

Be sure to wear the most impressive earrings you can get your hands on and show off your long pixie hair with sagebrush. Dramatic, dramatic and υrban trendy, the textυred cυt has dazzling elegance and femininity.

#16: Long shaggy blonde pixie.

Be patient as you define the shaggy parts that make up your new asymmetrical pixie hairstyle. It’s actually quite easy to maintain; longer pixies may require more effort, but they’re worth it. An even, tangled top part and long bangs framing your face give your look an urban flair.

#17: Pixie with neat gray balayage for fine hair

Tuck your sleek and elegant curls into a chic and bold pixie hairstyle, with the side sections neatly tucked behind your ears to create an elegant and sleek look. Any woman will look stunning with balayage in brown and gray, but this coloring is especially appealing to those who are younger. Bring mυted hυes into the look by wearing lots of sparkling jewelry and a dazzling outfit.

#18: Mexi-style pixie hairstyle

The owner of a bright personality can create a fun pixie style. Just because the hairstyle is short doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be styled at the top of the head. Lots of angles and tons of text will emphasize your look. A fiery red shade may be just what you’re looking for to take your pixie look to new heights.

#19: Vintage Long Pixie.

Recreate the Hollywood look of yesteryear with a stunning short haircut. A long thin haircut with a large side parting can be beautiful and easy to do. The long side bangs are styled at the tip. Be sure to trim the roots to get the right length.

#20: Transforming a bob into a long pixie

With a pixie cut with added bangs, you can give more expression and shape to an ordinary hairstyle. The long side cut and extended bangs give the hairstyle an unusual look, while the neatly trimmed nape of the neck is stylish and professional. If you have natural waves, feel free to trim them on the sides and top to add volume.

#21: Neat ash blonde pixie with angled bangs

Change the front of a long pixie into bangs that emphasize the angles of the sides and nape of the neck. The sleek, smooth top part and the nape of the neck styled sideways look clean and neat and maximize the emphasis on coarse and thick hair.

#22: Long pixie style hairstyle with upswept layers

Create a fresh twist to the traditional pixie haircut by adding upswept layers. They create bold lines that catch the eye. Apply smoothing cream to get rid of flyaway hair and create the most fashionable and elegant look.

#23: Silver pixie with long haircuts

If you’re looking for something new, try going for a colorful but relatively long pixie hairstyle. Apart from keeping up with fashion trends, this hairstyle is different because the hair in it is undercut, which creates an amazing statement. To maintain the ash color, be sure to shampoo your hair with an ash tint.

#24 Tapered textured pixie with side bangs

Make your unique hairstyle with stacked layers and a few light 𝚋𝚊𝚋𝚢-lights. This creates the most elegant and professional hairstyle that can be worn at any event and in any setting. This is the perfect hairstyle for straight, fine hair.

#25: Long softly styled pixie cut

For an elegant and graceful look, go for a pixie style with soft V-shaped layers across the top of your head. This sleek and silky hairstyle can be blow-dried and tucked at the roots to show off its beautiful shape. A slight highlighting can also be done to add shine to the hair.

#26: Long shaggy pixie for thick hair

Ditch the dark coloring and flat bob texture and go for a pixie cut that emphasizes the ear part and neck. Long brow sections and styled in the back help emphasize the jaw line. In addition, shiny highlights applied to brown hair give it a shiny and healthy look.

#27: Styling for long pixies

Blot blow-dry long pixie hair to create a smooth, even finish that will help give balayage a metallic sheen and shine. Slicked-back bangs are easy to pair with a lush top part that seems to rise up from the parting line. This is a versatile hairstyle that can look professional or evening, depending on your mood.

#28: Cυte Layered Inverted Pixie Bob

The inverted pixie bob is perfect for both formal occasions and everyday wear, depending on how you dress it up. The sides and back of the haircut are undercut and make the perfect contrast to the long top. The inverted shape gives the hairstyle an absolutely chic look.

#29: Black and white pixie with a long razor cut

If you are looking for an innovative way to style short hair, choose a shaggy hairstyle with a bright contrast of colors. A sharp white shade combined with black and navy hair creates an unusual style that you will enjoy wearing. Be sure to add some loose hair in the front for a trendy and modern short hairstyle.

#30: Long Gothic Pixie.

This season, you can diversify your long pixie hairstyles with unusual colors and careless styling. This long pixie has cropped sides and a styled back. Achieve the maximum effect by adding several layers and lots of hairspray, gel or wax.

#31: Tapered Silver Pixie.

Try doing this by leaving the hair in the front short. You will get an original hairstyle, attractive and practical at the same time. Loose bangs and a twisted topknot show off the fine texture of the hair. Silver balayage combined with black roots gives the hair a shiny and healthy look.

#32: Gorgeoυs long lilac twisted bob.

This is a stunning transitional haircut that is the perfect combination of a bob and pixie. The transition between the lengths is neat and smooth – perfect for those who prefer shorter hairstyles suitable for formal occasions.


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