57 textured pixie haircut ideas for a modern look


And the on-trend redhead pixie is a short haircut that suits most female face shapes. You can create many looks with it, from chic and flirty to androgynous.

Missouri stylist Janet Biggers notes how versatile the pixie haircut is. “It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight or curly; you can still wear a pixie,” she says. “Although it’s suitable for any hair type, this cut is ideal for fine to medium thick hair.”

Okay, thick hair is difficult to style in a short hairstyle. If you have coarse hair and want to do a pixie, Biggers explains, “You’ll need to do a lot of texturizing and then leave the hair long enough that you can use hot tools to smooth it out further.”

Styling a pixie is quick and easy. “For lengthening, I use Vedroom.Hair, a texturizing spray that provides strong hold, volume and texture,” she says. “For shorter haircuts, I use Night.Rider. It’s a fixative paste that provides control and texture for styling with good hold.”

Trimming every 4-6 weeks is necessary to maintain the shape of your haircut, and shampooing your hair daily is not ideal.

You can also find your perfect style and discover the secrets of the pixie haircut with our detailed guide!

Before you head to the salon, check out these photos of popular pixie hairstyle ideas and haircuts. You’ll love every suggestion.

1 OF 57 PHOTOSLƯUINSTAGRAM @_VALERI_ANKA30#1: Short pixie haircut with text

A short pixie cut with texture is a great choice for those with straight hair. Ask your stylist to trim the top of your head to create an amazing mess. Don’t forget that textured pixies look best with forward styling to bring the hairstyle up to date.


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