The 25 cutest ways to do a pixie haircut with a side parting

In the current world of pixie hairstyle fashion, the side parted pixie is a seamless and versatile hairstyle. Taylor Newroth, a recognized hairstylist, has a treasure trove of tips to share. In this article, Taylor shares how to wear this hairstyle flawlessly, tailoring it to your hair type, face shape, and personal style.

Meet the Expert

Taylor NewrothTaylor is a haircutting expert with over 3 years of experience. Taylor can be found at Lυre Salon in Dallas, Texas.

Find out your hair type

Taylor started the story by talking about which hair types are best suited to a side parted pixie. She said: “Fine, thick hair or fine wavy hair is usually best for this style.” However, this does not apply to other types. Taylor warned about the level of preparation required for the pixie cut. You must be prepared for regular styling as well as frequent trims to maintain the hairstyle.

Pixies for any face shape

Next, Taylor talked about how face shape affects the pixie with a side part. This style tends to emphasize the features of those with oval, heart or rosy faces. She noted, “The side part gives diamond-shaped face shapes a little more flexibility to make the hairstyle shorter.” However, all face shapes can try this style. Taylor advises doing a hairstyle with lots of layers rather than sticking to a three-layer fringe.

Styling a pixie haircut with ease

Taylor concluded her talk by sharing her hair styling tips for maintaining a pixie with a side parting. Her advice? Blow-dry your hair with a blow dryer to give it volume. Tuck your hair from the nape of your neck to your forehead and direct it from side to side to add volume to your hairstyle. “For a wavy pixie, most clients prefer to air dry their hair with a light hold product, such as Cυrl Gloss by Oribe,” Taylor recommends. For richer texture and hold, try matte waves and Fiber Ggoom powder from the same brand.”

A side-swept pixie is a fresh, chic look. Use expert tips to find a hairstyle that suits your hair type and face shape, and make sure you have the right tools on hand.

Photos of the best pixie hairstyles with side parts↓ Expand to Continue Reading1 OF 25 PHOTOSLƯUINSTAGRAM @MADEMOISELLE_PIXIE

#1: Bright blonde hair with bangs

Start with a glamorous version of the pixie cut. Style it with a side parting and long, sweeping bangs. Be sure to leave the top part of your hair layered and longer. This will help to avoid a prickly look and give the hairstyle a more lush shape. A short haircut needs frequent maintenance, so remember to trim every 6 weeks.


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