74 different hairstyles worth trying in 2024


Adding mυltiple small bυbble ponytails to long hair adds detail and texture. This option falls under the category of festival hairstyles. You can add colored headbands to add some color!

Different hairstyles can mean different things to different people. For some, different hairstyles are avant-garde and a manifestation of the inner artist. For others, different hairstyles can be just a deviation from the usual style. We’ve put together a variety of different hairstyles for you to express your creativity. Whether you prefer to play it safe or throw whimsy to the wind, we have different hairstyles for you to try, no matter your preference!

1 OUT OF 74 PHOTOS.LƯUINSTAGRAM @KALEIDOSCOPE_STYLES_#1: Textured French bob with fringe

While you may think a French bob is a one-size-fits-all hairstyle, this more textured hairstyle with fringe and tucked ends can be tailored for different face shapes. When choosing any hairstyle, you must consider your face shape. For diamond-shaped faces, in particular, you can add more layers that will favorably emphasize the face shape. This hairstyle is characterized by love and texture, making it modern yet wearable.


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