27 Very Short Haircuts for Women Who Need a Big Makeover


#1: Short androgynous hairstyle


Try an androgynous short haircut. Say goodbye to long hair and adopt short hairstyles and you will feel empowered. Not only will you be transformed externally, but you’ll feel different inside. Short hair is easy to wash and style, and believe it or not, it’s versatile. You can wear it flat, pull it away from your face, or style it with a small flat iron.

2: Short layered haircut with textured bangs


This sleek hairstyle for short hair is effortless. This is one of those hairstyles for short hair that will easily suit both for work and for a night out with the girls. This hairstyle does not lose relevance and goes well with thin and medium text. It requires no special care, and this pixie length looks good on any face shape, because the razor cut gives it a softer look. If you have a rosty face shape, make a more lush fringe in the front to hide your face. This hairstyle is suitable for all types of figures. Very short haircuts for women are a great option if they are on the go and want their style to stand out. Be sure to get a haircut every three weeks.

#3: Very Short Blonde Hair


This very short hairstyle for black blondes is very trendy, from the color to the cut. It can also be versatile because the haircut can be worn with both a slash and a curling iron. To keep that short length, have your hair treated by a stylist first because of the color. In the colder seasons, a good remedy would be a curling iron and oil or wax to finish the style after blow drying.

When it comes to styling a very short blonde pixie, try a Nairobi Foam Wrap, and if it comes to waxing, all of them are quite up to the task. This is a sleek short haircut, so use the services of your stylist or hairdresser to maintain it.

#4: Styling for gray hair


Look at this original hairstyle for gray hair! This short hairstyle emphasizes your personality, giving it an elegant yet original look. Your stylist can do this hairstyle with a razor or scissors, depending on your preference. For added style, add matte clay to your styling roma. It will give your short hair a textural touch and visible thickness.

#5: The perfect short haircut for those in their 70s


A very short haircut is a great way to add a youthful touch to a look. Instead of an old-fashioned haircut, ask for it to be styled sideways with a casual textured red fringe. Or you can go for a loose parting, preferring a more relaxed look. Finish the style with a wax to give your hair definition and hold.

#6: Michelle Williams’ inspired haircut.


Always on trend? The cool pixie cut is perfect for classic but low-maintenance short hairstyles and suits most face shapes!

#7: Short Soft Curls


Opt for a razor cut haircut – it’s not quite a pixie, as it has a longer, softer line. The shape of this very short haircut makes it easy to style and yet versatile enough to make it neat, parted, slicked back or emphasize the volume of your hair. This hairstyle is perfect if you have fine curls (or waves) and want to get more definition from your natural color.

The styling is very simple: apply salt spray and the right texture cream to your hair to create the desired pattern, blow-dry it by hand with a diffuser, comb, finger-twist and style.

#8: Androgynous black pixie with fringe


One of the best short haircuts is the androgynous pixie with fringe. This incredibly choppy haircut will turn heads thanks to its raven hue and very textural fringe.

#9: Short Asian Hairstyle Brυshed Up.


The short brυshed-υp haircut on Asian women really makes the eyes speak for themselves. It shows off all their beauty while giving them an elegant look. Style this haircut with a blow dryer roυnd brυsh blowoυt, finish the style with a pomade and a light mist of hairspray.

#10: Short haircuts for seniors


A short slicked-back haircut for older women is a great way to turn a short haircut into a spectacular haircut. Since you don’t need a lot of length to create a hairstyle, the highlight of this style is creating direction. To get the desired style without frizz, use a hair flat iron to style your hair.

#11: Very short fashionable pixie cut for straight hair


Very short fashionable pixie for straight hair looks incredible and shows off all your advantages. This short hairstyle is for those who want to be on-trend and look elegant without requiring much maintenance. That’s what makes it so easy to style! All it requires is a good texturizing product, such as O’Doυd’s Matte Paste. Those with curly hair should avoid these hairstyles for short hair if it is longer than 2C.

#12: Cυte and the modern detangled pixie


This ultra-short haircut is a new take on the good old short pixie. It was created by Mahri Jones, owner of Parlor Salon in Richmond, Virginia. “The design of the haircut along the head is consistent with the pixie, but it’s more detached. It’s definitely an echo of the classic Mia Farrow haircut,” explains Jones.

When it comes to very short haircuts, first and foremost, you need to come to terms with your face. Know who you are. Start with a longer version of this pixie haircut to get used to it. If after a few centimeters it seems too short for you, know that it will be too short for you.

“Other than a light conditioner after washing and a texturizing paste, no styling is required,” she adds.

#13: The gray pixie for women with fine hair


Embrace the gray pixie for women with fine hair and look bold and decisive with gray tones. Gray hair not only changes texture with age, but it can also look very different from what it used to look like. Gray gives your curls a dimensional feel, creating an eye-catching, full-of-life style. Make a fringe that will frame the forehead to give the hairstyle a distinctive look.

#14: Traditional short pixie haircut with a fringe


Give your short pixie a twist with a haircut at the nape of the neck and texturizing.

Your very short haircut should be tailored to your bone structure, facial features, hair texture and hair type. These factors are key when cutting short hair, especially pixies.

Most hair that is too short to wash and style, but because of its length, it requires minimal styling. Make sure you have at least 10-20 minutes to style it. These are all things to consider when choosing a pixie haircut.

#15: Short hair with a fringe


This short haircut exudes classic elegance with a twist. It was created by hairstylist Camille Dobbie from Vancover, British Columbia.

“The fringe was heavily textured to gently fragment and complement the bone strand. It’s also a very short hairstyle that can be washed and styled, so it’s perfect for a sedentary or active lifestyle,” explains Dobbie.

For this pixie haircut, you can limit yourself to minimal products. You’ll need a daily shampoo and conditioner, a light conditioner, and a wax, cream or pomade to complete the style.

“This hairstyle works best for confident women with fine to medium textured hair, medium thickness and straight or wavy hair type. Girls with fine and methode hair can also go for this hairstyle, leaving it a little longer and less textured to prevent frizz and smooth out shrinkage,” she adds.

#16: Short French bob


This very short haircut is so trendy and chic! With this short hairstyle you will look fresh, trendy and casual any time of the year.

#17: Very Short Curls


Opt for a very short haircut with very short layers that look cakey and sleek. You can use a feather razor for the haircut, which will add so much texture and create sleek wavy lines, especially at the hair growth line.

This haircut is best suited for an oval, square or heart shaped face. It is a very short pixie, so it exposes everything. Making sure you will “rock” this style and not just “wear” it is key. Very short pixies require careful styling with products such as clays and dry sprays to show off every razor touch.

#18: Textured red pixie with undertones and golden highlights


This textured red pixie with an off-white hue and golden highlights is a great way to use new growth to your advantage. It helps to create depth and dimension, as well as give your hair an elegant look in between coloring.

If you’re ready for a big haircut, do it. The key is to agree with your stylist. Don’t forget that you will have to cut your hair more often to maintain your new short hairstyle. The pixie is a versatile hairstyle, meaning anyone can do it, you just need to get the right haircut style for each woman.

Depending on the look you want, you can enjoy low-maintenance styling or really dive into your style with a Denman blow dryer and brushing, working it in all directions to add volume and lushness.

I#19: Very short sides with diamond-shaped layers


A very short haircut is a militant, soft and very graceful look that gives strength to the one who wears it.

A short haircut elongates the neck and emphasizes the oval shape of the face.

This hairstyle is perfect for owners of short hair who lead a casual and carefree lifestyle. The diamond style gives the hairstyle a soft and gentle vibe, which makes it very versatile. All you need is a good texturizing wax, smoothing cream or serum (depending on the style you choose) and you’re all set.

Most of us can do a short layered haircut. By adjusting the length of the side strands and top/front part, you can make this short women’s hairstyle to your liking and further emphasize your facial features. Life is too short for long hair, so opt for an original bυzz cυt hairstyle.

#20: Quirky hairstyles for women over 40 years old


A very short pixie for women over 40 is ideal as it gives plenty of volume and enough texture to support a soft or edgy style. The short haircut cuts down on styling time considerably. This is a great option for those who have difficulty with styling. Another plus of short haircuts is that they are suitable for all hair types. Just be careful with very long hair, as it can cause problems with daily styling.

#21: Short Asymmetrical Hairstyle


Short asymmetrical hairstyle is a voluminous hairstyle that favorably emphasizes thin and graceful curls. This is a very short hairstyle with a lot of layers, which gives the hairstyle an additional expressiveness. Such a hairstyle for short hair looks much better if it has a clear shape. To achieve this, apply a volumizing cream to the hair and then style the strands one by one.

#22: Short haircut with long side-swept bangs


This short haircut with long side-swept bangs is very trendy. This extremely short hair looks different on everyone! You can style it in different ways to look different from day to day It doesn’t take much time to style certain hairstyles for short hair, so this haircut is perfect for any time of the year. Just a simple, messy blow dryer and a soft powder to control your hair is all you need!

#23: Textured red cropped pixie.


A sυper cυte textυred choppy pixie haircut can help elongate the face. Line or oblique bangs can balance a square or pink face shape. The bangs pushed up and detached will give extra length to a very short haircut. See more pictures of short haircuts for women with bangs.

#24: Silver gray pixie haircut.


If you love the balance of strong and soft, consider a very short pixie in an edgy style. Since a short haircut exposes most of your face, when choosing a pixie for silver-gray hair, be sure to consult with your stylist to preserve length and texture in problem areas.

#25: Sleek wavy texture with length at the top of the head


The wavy hairstyle is a very short haircut that looks great both on a normal day and a normal evening. This trend is suitable for all girls and women who want to style their hair easily and flawlessly while staying chic and modern. Very short hair can always take advantage of the wavy texture. It creates definition, beauty and different styling options.

#26: Silver Cυt pixie style


A silver pixie haircut with frizz will look amazing on any woman. This short haircut cuts down on drying and styling time.

#27: Very short blonde pixie haircut


The very short pixie cut is a bold and daring hairstyle that is suitable for oval, heart-shaped and diamond-shaped faces. It has very short side parts cut with a clipper and an elongated top part with a short fringe. On dry and clean hair, apply L’Oréal Sυper Dυst texturizing and elasticizing hairspray.


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