Cute and chic short hair options with bangs


Two of the trendiest hairstyles are short hair and bangs. So why not combine them together? This way, you will have one excessively trendy hairstyle. Not only we at Short-Haircυt.som treasure these exclusive hairstyles, but also VIPs! Stars like Emma Stone, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence have been spotted with beautiful short hairstyles.

To give you that motivation, we have gathered 20 of the most trendy and chic options for short hairstyles with bangs. There is a different hairstyle idea for everyone, from pixie to bob. Thus, explore and find your new hairstyle!

1. Short haircut with bangs

The main hairstyle idea we want to draw your attention to is the bob with bangs. This is a basic, beautiful and chic hairstyle. The bob sits right below the jaw line and has straight cross bangs. This hairstyle is not difficult to wear and everyone will love it. The bob hairstyle will also look great with bangs tucked to the side.

2. Short hairstyle with side bangs

Blonde is an extraordinary color for almost any woman. Thus, if you are bright enough for a light color, make a hairstyle with longer bangs and make a neat pixie. A little ruined look is an extraordinary way to make the pixie extraordinary and make you feel amazing.

3. Hairstyles for short hair with bangs

Next we have another bob idea. This is a jaw length bob with short bangs. These bangs are gradually becoming similar to baby bangs as the center of the bangs are very short. This is an unusual style for those who need to break away from the pattern, as it doesn’t require sensational changes. You can, of course, opt for mυ shorter bangs.

4. Short pixie haircut with bangs

5. Very short simple hairstyle with bangs

6. Short bob with bangs

7. French Cυt bob

8. Fυll Bangs Lob Cυt.

9. French bob with bangs

10. Asian bob with bangs

11. Red hair

12. Short bangs

13. Cυte headband

14. Blonde bob

15. Cυte hairstyle

16. Asian short hairstyle

17. Short pixie with bangs

18. Korean Bob

19. Long pixie with bangs

20. Bob with short thin bangs


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