“Advice on a spectacular short haircut that doesn’t require styling” – reader’s request

It is worth understanding that most hair types have a need for styling. But if you have an ideal head shape, medium thick hair, or thick straight or slightly curly hair (provided that you choose a short haircut, and the master understands the technology), then you definitely do not need styling

For the rest of us, I’ve put together 4 stylish shapes that are quick enough to stack and still look spectacular:


1) Short even haircut with elongated hair in the temporal areas and ultra-short bangs. Looks great on refined, fragile women of any age with sharp facial features. Emphasizes the reliefs of the face, requires a competent approach to makeup.

2) Short “Pixie Bob.” This is a versatile option for any face shape and suits all ages. The styling only requires proper blow drying of the hair to get the volume on the crown, as well as to give direction to the strands.

3) Almost even haircut, there is only a small accentuated volume on the occipital block. Thanks to this nuance it is possible to correct the profile with the help of the haircut. Suitable for almost any face shape, except square, pear-shaped.

4) The ultra-short “Gavroche” style haircut. Perfectly friendly even with frizzy, unruly, stiff hair. In all variants, except the second, it is enough to dry the hair according to the shape of the haircut and emphasize the texture with suitable stylings: spray wax, wax, paste and so on.




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