Best Hairstyles for Women in 2022

An extreme form of haircut with one or both temple areas cut very short or even shaved is an undercut hairstyle that women currently consider to be one of the trendiest in 2022.
Despite the fact that it is a popular men’s style, it is also popular among women.
Take a peek at our top 20 women’s undercut hairstyles to get some inspiration.

#1: Smoky Lavender Undercut 

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An undercut doesn’t have to be in the back; it can also be used as a fun side detail to draw attention to your face. When you’re tired of it or want to let it grow out, simply brush it over. 

On chin-length to long hair, this short segment will look great—just make sure you have enough length to cover it up. Go to the next page to Discover more

#2: Long-Haired Rebellion

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Check out this long hair undercut that leaves hair looking long and natural with a secret surprise for those who aren’t ready for a full-on shortcut. Pull your hair into a top knot to expose an edgy shaved style underneath.

#3: Platinum Under Shaved Pixie

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Outside of the usual isolated shaved parts around the back or side, there are several different ways to rock undercut hair. A Mohawk style is recommended for those who want to take it a step further. Build a striped look with a darker color dye if the hair is cut very short.

#4: Two-Dimensional Hairstyle

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Why stress about going in just one direction with your hairstyle? Choosing a path in life can be difficult, so why stress about going in only one direction with your hairstyle? You may incorporate two distinct personalities, much like this style, which leaves one side’s hair a little longer and more even. Swipe on the next page

#5: Spiky Shaved Mohawk

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A Mohawk is one of the most recent women’s shaved hairstyles, but it’s also one of the most traditional and anticipated. Make yours even more exclusive by going for a two-toned blonde and black look. Choose a cool-toned ash shade instead of a golden hue to make it more modern.

#6 Feminine Styles

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Accept abstract patterns shaved under the hair, transforming the nape of the neck into a one-of-a-kind work of art.
Continue with traditional feminine hairstyles including braids, buns, and ponytails.

This is particularly effective on fine hair that needs to be spiced up with dynamics.

#7: Blue Haze Undercut 

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This year’s color trend is smoky hues, which range from purple to silvery grey. This hazy blue is a fresh take on the current color trends.
Those with the financial means to pull off a look like this at work should consider a higher undercut.

#8: Side Part and Shaved Temple

Side Part and Shaved Temple

This undercut bob is ideal for a high school or college student who wants to try something new without completely changing her look. By incorporating a smaller shaved portion on one side, you can easily conceal your hair by simply untucking it. This is a look that is better suited to those with thick hair.

#9: Undercut Freehand Design

Undercut Freehand Design

Try a complicated, eye-catching style for your undercut haircut. The uniqueness of this style is that, despite the edginess of the shaved part, the overall design, which resembles a sunflower, manages to be soft and subtle.

#10: Long and Blonde Hairstyles

Long and Blonde Hairstyles

Keep your long blonde locks from your youth but want to give them a modern makeover? This is an undercut hairstyle that most women can choose without hesitation. Many women, in reality. It has subtle shaved designs mixed in with more conventional hairstyles.

#11: Asymmetrical Undershave on Short Hair

Asymmetrical Undershave on Short Hair

This is an excellent choice for girls who enjoy changing up their looks. The top layer is long enough to fully hide the tapered side and short lengths underneath.

To match hair to mood, the shaved side can be hidden or exposed.

#12: Braided Blue Plumage 

Braided Blue Plumage

The shaved section of this undercut hairstyle isn’t the only eye-catching feature. The exotic avifaunal effect is created by the vibrant turquoise hue and feathery braiding. The longer strands are pinned to expose the cropped exterior, which is adorned with leather strips that resemble falconry jesses.

#13:Coiled Blonde Mohawk 

Coiled Blonde Mohawk 

The combination of light and dark, cropped and curled hair creates a perfect balance of rugged and feminine. Barrel curls give the center lengths height and structure while keeping the texture light. Curls can be broken up with your fingertips and kept with an aerosol spray.

#14: Mulberry Sprite 

Mulberry Sprite 

Mulberry Sprite

De-bulking is achieved by removing a strip of hair from under the parietal ridge. The braided overlay is a perfect way to show off what’s underneath. This is edgy and elfin, cut away from the ear but with an elongated point framing the face.

#15: Bowl Cut with a Twist

Bowl Cut with a Twist

Undercut designs like this one give a modern twist to the traditional bowl cut form. Taking the clipped lengths underneath the surface form creates a lean profile that swings and sways across the gap. The overhang’s organic shape is highlighted by the vivid green color and scalloped edges.

#16: Hair Tattoo 

Hair Tattoo 

Long hair may benefit from undercut strands at the nape, which act as a hidden panel of artistry. With your favorite shapes, you can easily customize this cool effect. It’s ideal for those who work as hard as they play; conceal or expose as desired.

#17: Pixie with a Split

Pixie with a Split

Piecey ends and pretty points are the focus of this lovely spritely cut. The stylish platinum curtain above falls in elegant wisps and tips thanks to the shaved sides and nape. Sculpting strands is usually done in layers; the cut below leaves the surface glassy and smooth.

#18: Plum Colored Crest 

Plum Colored Crest 

Although many women fear that cutting their hair short would make them seem macho, cropped lengths actually emphasize delicacy. Women’s shaved hairstyles evoke both strength and beauty. The addition of a lovely orchid shade tips the scales in the direction of femininity.

#19: Bejeweled Unicorn Mane 

Bejeweled Unicorn Mane 

With this mythical ‘do, bring childhood dreams to life. A fantasy charger comes to mind with silvery-white strands with pink and powder blue roots modeled in gravity-defying spikes. The undercut hair is framed by gold clips that add a regal touch.

#20: Lilac Grunge Lob 

Lilac Grunge Lob 

The cropped panel in this undercut bob runs through the front hairline, producing an asymmetric look that’s meant to be seen. This 90s-inspired look has a too-cool-to-care feel thanks to the dirty violet hue and rumpled texture. It’s modernized by the shoulder-grazing length.


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