Here’s the trick that makes a foundation last all day

This trick transforms a foundation to optimize its hold. At stake? Blurry pores and unified skin all day long.


by Summit Storylabs in partnership with REVLON

Foundation is often the basis of all makeup. While some cannot go out without, others prefer less covering and more natural alternatives to wear less makeup.

While it evens out the skin of the face and illuminates it while covering imperfections, it sometimes has the annoying tendency to slip during the day. The epidermis loses its radiance to reveal small rednesses and imperfections.

But here is something to help us face this situation. One trick that helps counter this is going viral. The videos show in just seconds how to maximize the life of a foundation applied to the skin.

Forgotten the basic principles of makeup that we know, there are certain rules that should be detached. Indeed, according to makeup dogmas, the foundation must be applied after the primer. However, the beauty star recommends mixing it directly with the latter. Enough to create a canvas texture capable of unifying the complexion to the extreme, filling the pores. At stake? Flawless skin and long-lasting makeup guaranteed. Convinced of the effectiveness of the method, she ensures to proceed only in this way without ever going back.

Comments are pouring in. While some approve with surprise, others recall that the mixed textures must be similar so as not to make mistakes. If the foundation is oil-based, so should the primer. If it is more water-based, the same is true, etc.


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