Hair loss: three natural treatments

– The woman who loses her hair.

What are the natural treatments for hair loss?
Are you tired of seeing your hair fall? Thanks to these tips from grandmothers, you will finally have all the keys to preserve your hair!


By Nalada Nagawasuttama /


Thyme, meanwhile, is an excellent hair stimulant! We will show the method of making rinse lotion that reduces hair loss while strengthening hair roots. Take a little thyme and boil it with water. Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and let it cool.

 The Basilic
Basil, with healing properties, is ideal for combating hair loss. To prepare this rinsing water, simply infuse 3 handfuls of basil leaves in 1 liter of boiling water for 30 minutes. Once the decoction has cooled down, filter it and use it as rinse water after your shampoo.

Finally, think of the stimulating virtues of rosemary. Indeed, this plant helps beautifully regrow hair. Macerate 20 g of fresh rosemary in 1 liter of cider vinegar for 15 days. Filter and pour the vinegar into a glass bottle. Before your usual shampoo, rub your scalp for 10 minutes with this lotion.


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