Egg and Honey Mask for Overworked and Damaged Hair

Hair masks are great if you put your hair through a lot on a daily basis.
I am guilty of blow-drying my hair pretty much every day so I get a lot of use out of hair masks.
These easy to make recipes are perfect for rehydrating and repairing worn out and damaged hair.


By Maryna Pleshkun /



1 organic egg yolk
2 tbsp. organic coconut oil
1 tbsp. organic honey
1 shower cap


In a medium-sized mixing bowl, combine your ingredients and whisk together thoroughly.
Once they are well blended, your mask is ready to apply.
I advise always applying these masks in the tub because they can get messy!

Apply this mask by massaging it thoroughly in to damp hair, focusing on the ends of your hair.

Once you have covered your hair, put on your shower cap to prevent dripping and let the mask sit for 30 minutes.
After 30 minutes, rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water.
This is a great once a week mask to use to maintain healthy hair.


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