7 Methods to easily get rid of mice from the house

The aim of this article is to introduce you to effective ways and natural methods of getting rid of mice, you might be really surprised with some of the solutions I am about to propose, they are effective.

We all have this lovely perception of rats and mice when we watch cartoons, but in reality, there is nothing nice about rats when they begin to infest your house and leave rat droppings everywhere. This not leaving out the fact they can get close to your food items, the thought that alone is scary.
If you are not looking to make use of conventional rat exterminator technique like an old fashioned mousetrap then you are reading the right article.

It is important that I emphasize here that all the approach discussed below are highly effective
To take a look at some of these methods below,


By Sergey Zaykov /

1. Onions are very good mice repellent.
I am sure you didn’t know that mice hate the smell of onions. An effective way of getting rid of mice is to place onion in areas where a mouse has left its feces. It is important you remember to change the onion regularly as they tend to decompose, you should also endeavor to keep them away from your fur babies.

2. Fine-grained milk combine
Mixing powder with dry Plaster of Paris (POP) and place it where you have spotted mice and or it’s feces. It is guaranteed that once a mice sees this, it would attempt to eat it as fast as it can, due to the POP mixture, the mice can become very thirsty. Provided you don’t leave water close to them they are bound to look for water elsewhere or else they can die.

3. Hydrogen carbonate

Put a hole big enough to accommodate a mice in a box of hydrogen carbonate and place this box in strategic locations where you are bound to see mice. This can create gas in their stomach once they consume it and lead to their eventual death.

4. A cat at home is no place for rats
I think this is an open secret, mice are very scared of cats, and both cannot cohabit in a place successfully.
Just get a cat in your house and the mice are long gone. It is as simple as that. Continue reading on the next page


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