Deadly Makeover: This girl’s story should be a lesson for everyone!

If Kathy Wright had been told that one day she would have an everyday makeover that would bring her to the brink of life and death and only the professionalism of doctors would save her, she would not have believed it. But that’s exactly what happened.


There are two of the most violated rules in the beauty world:

1. Wash your brushes and sponges regularly.

2. Do not squeeze pimples.

Normally, these violations have no tragic consequences. But 21-year-old Katie Wright from Austin, Texas, almost died because she didn’t follow these two rules.

It started out trivial: Katie woke up in the morning and found a small pimple. Katie did what you’ve probably done a hundred times: she squeezed it out, applied her makeup, and quietly left for college. The next morning there was already a “giant pimple near the bridge of her nose” in place of the little pimple. Katie got rid of the nasty pimple again. But instead of starting to heal, the wound became inflamed, the girl’s face began to swell rapidly, pain started, and her temperature rose. Katie’s parents persuaded their daughter to call an ambulance, which saved her life.

“I felt something jump out of my skin,” she wrote on social media. At the hospital, doctors told her she had a serious staph infection. The bacteria, which had been multiplying under her skin, could penetrate deep into the epidermis and then into her internal organs. If Kathy had not sought medical attention, the staph could have entered her eyes and caused her to lose her vision or, worst of all, entered her brain, which is a deadly threat.

How could staphylococcus aureus get into the wound? Doctors examined everything about Katie’s skin and found that dangerous bacteria had settled in her sponges and makeup brushes.

“I take my makeup off before bedtime, I wash my skin very well and I’m very good at taking care of myself, but I’ve taken the advice to wash my brushes and sponges with soap very lightly. And I paid the price for it.

I decided to make this story public in the hope that girls around the world would go right now and wash all of their beauty accessories with soap and soap, carefully, and none of them would ever repeat my sad experience,” Kathy wrote on her social media page.

We as an entire editorial board have already followed Katie’s advice and advise you to do the same. Life is more precious!


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