What to use when styling hair so as not to turn it into a sponge


Welcome to my hairdressing channel. I am Natalia.

This article will be a recommendation for those women who have to expose their hair to hot styling every day.

I want to tell about the products that are desirable to use in order to maintain the quality of their hair.

The article will feel like an advertisement, as I will be recommending specific products. Therefore, if you treat this concept categorically, then you can not read further.

I have tried to choose budget, but quality hair products with which I was familiar.


Photo from the Internet, my collage.

Without what it is better not to start hot styling:

Of course-it’s a heat protectant for your hair. As a rule, it doesn’t weigh hair down or stick to it. Its purpose is to create a thick, invisible film on the hair that prevents the evaporation of moisture from the hair structure.
I recommend using a heat protectant with a built in hold. This means that you will not need to apply additional hair fixation products, such as foam, mousse, or cream.

This is especially true for fine hair. The less product on your hair, the more voluminous and durable the style will be. The main task is to choose the right styling heat protection.

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