Face framing layer ideas suitable for any face shape


Face framing layers have long earned the title of one of the most flattering, graceful and versatile elements of hairstyles. Short or long, soft or more defined, face framing styles can be tailored to accentuate the best features of virtually any face shape.

To inspire you, we’ve put together a collection of our favorite 2023 hairstyles with face-framing layers. Scroll down the page and snap up your top picks to show off to your hairdresser.

Face framing hairstyle ideas

While giving the front of your hair this shape is not a dramatic change, it makes a big difference, and the benefits of this hairstyle are not few. For one thing, if you have long enough strands to make false ears, slicking your hair into a bun leaves such careless strands near your face. Also, unlike regular bangs, layers styled at the face grow back gradually and don’t require frequent visits to the salon. Here are some great hairstyles you can borrow.

1. forehead with a face-framing style



One of the most trendy and popular hairstyles, the lob can seem heavy in the front, especially if you have thick hair. You can soften this hairstyle and emphasize its virtues by using chin-length layers in front of the face. If you have a diamond-shaped face, you should try this hairstyle.

2. Graduated bob with face-framing layers



Embellish your bob haircut by styling it with wavy layers near the face. Adding personality to your hairstyle will soften the elongated shape of your face and give the look a modern twist.

3. Chin-length bangs and face framing



Long haircuts starting just above the chin will suit oval, pink and elongated faces. This style suits owners of thick and heavy hair who want a lighter and textured hairstyle while maintaining length. This hairstyle will also help you to favorably emphasize the texture of your hair.

4. Long styles with facial framing



Although layering is one of the best ways to make a long hairstyle more attractive, we have no doubt that it can be done by the face as well. This style along the face will emphasize your features and make your hairstyle more striking. Split the strands in the middle or lay them to one side to create different looks.

5. Blondes with elongated strands for the face


Of course, everyone can give up on giving their face a highlight – with the right approach to styling layered hair, you can’t go wrong. Opt for long layers that frame the face, as in this hairstyle for blondes, if you prefer them to be tucked behind your ears or your hair tied in a knot.

6. Long blonde curls for thick hair



Straight hair plus layered styling plus wavy bangs is the perfect hairstyle for those with thick hair. The layered style takes away the excessive thickness of the hair and thins the ends, while the bangs balance out the shape of the face and add a romantic touch to the look.

7. Shaggy facial styles


If you prefer romantic girly hairstyles, then this hairstyle will be perfect for you. The shaggy layers create a flirty voluminous look, while the face framing strands open up the face, emphasizing the eyes. Moreover, this hairstyle is suitable for all face shapes and hair types.

8. Chic layered hairstyle for brunettes


Layering is a great way to make your black curls look lighter and low-maintenance. This shade looks amazing on its own, but if you want to give it a trendy twist, try pairing it with e-girl block colored strands in the front.

9. Mediums with feathers


If you have thick hair, you definitely need a layered haircut to get rid of excessive bouffant. Just look at how the layers framing your face emphasize the volume and texture of your curls, bring in 80s flare and draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones.

10. Styling with a side parting near the face


The curled fringe as well as the soft layers in the front soften the facial features and make it look more modest. Thus, this hairstyle element is a great way to draw attention away from a large nose.

11. Hairstyle with layers and bangs


This hairstyle is a great idea for owners of fine hair that lacks thickness and length. The ringlet styling allows you to achieve volume, while the light highlights add depth to the natural ash-blonde shade. The layered look also helps to give fine locks the expressiveness they need.

12. layered haircut for oblong face


If you have an oblong face, front layers can help add width to it and create a softer look. Tuck fragmented layers along your cheekbones to add texture and volume.

13. Long hair styling for blondes



While a one length haircut can be too heavy and sloppy, a layered haircut can be your favorite choice, especially if it’s as soft and neat as the one pictured. Choose an A-shaped haircut and do up your hair for a wow effect.

14. Short facial styles with bangs



Medium straight hair goes well with wavy layers, and it’s easy to match different bangs styles, from micro bangs to a lush fringe, like this one. Learn how to style bangs like a pro to create a stylish hairstyle yourself and save time and money on hairdressers.


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