Pixie haircuts for thick hair – 45 perfect short haircut ideas


A pixie haircut is an easy way to make your appearance more attractive and colorful. A short haircut draws more attention to the face, so you need to think in advance what aspects you would like to emphasize with a short haircut. A good example is a short pixie haircut. It suits girls with delicate facial features and large eyes. If you are overweight, it is better to choose a haircut with a tapered shape and longer bangs. Here are 45 best pixie hairstyles in photos!

Ultra cool pixie hairstyles for thick hair

1: Pixie with crisp layers and a nape of the neck

The thicker and thinner the layers, the less “frizzy” and less “scrunchy” your hair will appear. Full length hair that reaches the ears and a statement hairstyle at the nape of the neck create striking contrasts and create interest. Hair should be shorter, but not completely loose.

#2: Dark brown pixie cut.

The model looks like she’s wearing her new blue suede sneakers and is about to paint the town red! We love how the stylist utilized the natural shagginess of her hair and turned it into a trendy style. Tips: This hairstyle goes really well with a biker style, like this one.

#3: Long uneven pixie cut

This haircut has an uneven shape and the longest length in the front. The length gradually decreases towards the back. This haircut is a simple transition from longer hair to a pixie cut, as the length framing the face gives it a resemblance to a bob, but it is shorter at the back of the head.

#4: Layered pixie hairstyle with highlighted bangs

Embrace the trendy “cool girl” style. Whether you’re looking for a haircut to complete a straight look or a cut suitable for long, curly hair, layers as well as a tapered cut are a must. When styling, make shaggy ends to emphasize the beauty of the hair, which is an important characteristic of temporary hairstyles of any length.

#5: Charming pixie hairstyle with long curls

Are you intimidated by the flat pixie haircut? It’s very easy to create an elongated pixie hairstyle without sacrificing your love for volume. Before blow drying, apply a root treatment or volumizing product to the roots of your hair and flip your head upside down while blow drying to add volume. Once drying is complete, shake your hair and go!

#6 Extra long blonde pixie with a tapered nape.

Since everyone’s hair is different in texture, choosing the right haircut can allow for “every day to be perfect hair” with minimal styling. When it comes to pixie haircut for long and thick hair, an elongated hairstyle with a side parting is the most natural and suitable for thick hair.

7. Pixie with a nape and chin parting

The most beautiful pixie hairstyle for hair with thick layers includes layers of feathers with even layers over the nape of the neck. This will show off the texture of your hair and create a whimsical ease and love to boring and monochromatic short hair.

#8 Long pixie with long layers

Pixie haircuts for hair with thick layers are easy to style if you have long hair. Give your hair volume and texture with this easy-to-maintain hairstyle. With all the highlights on the top of the head, it makes the hairstyle look attractive and voluminous.

#9: Long blonde highlights with balayage pixie cuts

Playing with the color of your pixie is a fantastic opportunity to give it personality. Hair coloring or balayage techniques allow stylists to create shades that replicate the roots of the hair as it grows. Dark blonde with ashy roots looks rocker-chic and is perfect for this shape.

#10: Blonde pixie bob for thick hair

One way to make a pixie bob for thick hair more attractive is to highlight it. The hairstyle pictured above looks fresh and unusual thanks to the lighter shade of balayage. The most attractive aspect of the pixie is that it is a versatile hairstyle. You can grow it out before your next visit to the salon, and if you want, you can do a longer pixie again.

#11: Sophisticated pixie cut for long hair

This pixie cut to create thick curly hair is soft and graceful due to the soft curls. You can go wrong when using non-bright shades or low highlights.

#12: Long mussed pixie with blonde balayage

Does this pixie hairstyle for styling thick hair make you want to cut off your curls right now? Soft, subtle waves at the top of the head give the hairstyle a sleek look. Bright highlights on the dark nape of the neck give it a movie star look.

#13: Shaggy tapered pixie with side bangs

A trendy pixie hairstyle with a slight frizz provides the most texture and depth. Use a straightener or hair straightening iron to create all the curls. You will look like a paragon of elegance.

No. 14: Voluminous pixie with angled sides

Another way to style a pixie hairstyle for hair with thick layers is to use angles. They can create a beautiful geometric design and lift the face. Ask your stylist to make the edges sharp to create an attractive angled look.

#15: Silver Pixie

The owners of straight hair will surely love this careless pixie. If you have thick and stiff hair, this haircut is a great way to elegantly maintain your locks. If you like an attractive look that balances your face, let the bangs lift your eyebrows and the side strands drape over your ears.

#16 Messy Bob with Piece-y Layers. Bob with Piece-y Layers

Modern pixie cuts for thick hair are somewhere between a regular short bob and a pixie. In the front it’s one type of bob, on the side it’s half bob and half pixie, and in the back it’s a true tapered pixie, a complete combination!

#17 Hairstyle with gray hair and long bangs

Purple and gray colors go beautifully together! Try doing this hairstyle with layers. Blow dry your hair with a blow dryer or smooth it with a flat iron for a soft, sleek hairstyle that will look stunning against all your coworkers.

#18: Boyish Tapered Pixie Cut

Are you looking to go for something a little shorter? A very short pixie haircut, such as this tapered haircut, is a stylish and low-maintenance style. Featuring bouffant bangs, complete the look by bringing the top of your head forward to give more definition.

#19: Pixie with long razors

If you’re not a fan of polished hairstyles, ripped layers can give an extra boost to your look. To create a trendy style, keep layers near your face clean and neat, and use a teased cobbler at the back to give the smallest layers an extra boost.

#20: Elegant Brυnette hairstyle with slicked back layers

The most elegant of all short pixie haircuts for thick hair has layers that can be slicked back and combined with a neat tapered nape. Ask your stylist for a hairstyle that gives extra height to the neck, and go for side pins and a V-shaped nape instead of the standard one.

21: Neat boyish haircut with long angled bangs

Straight hair looks chic with long angled bangs. You can comb them to the side and leave them loose or pin them back for a stylish evening look. Accent your most striking necklace or earrings with this stylish and trendy style.

#22: Tapered pixie with side bobs

Do you remember Ashley Zimpson’s pixie? We think she’d be happy with this tapered pixie. The tapered lines on the sides are something you rarely see, and the layered details that cover them up are a great accent to the haircut.

#23: A pixie with a tapered haircut and a crown of feathers

Do you want to be shorter but don’t want to sacrifice your figure? A pixie with a tapered haircut and a feather crown hairstyle is the perfect way to maintain volume. When you’re done styling, go through your hair to refresh it. This is ideal for those with thick hair and large faces. This hairstyle will help to elongate the shape of your face effortlessly.

#24: Thick, sleek and short

You can make a more sophisticated hairstyle by making a sleek side parting. This is a stylish hairstyle that can be worn for any occasion and with any outfit. You will look a model of sophistication and elegance.

#25 Tapered pixie with angled side strands

The angled side strands give the tapered pixie haircut an interesting static effect. The vibrant layers of the hairstyle will help to give your hair a stylish and healthy look. For a sophisticated and subtle shade, emphasize dark hair with highlights. Do you want a lighter shade? Go for golden highlights!

#26: Pixie for thick, wavy hair.

This pixie hairstyle for thick wavy hair is suitable for women of any age. Smooth your hair with hairspray or washcloth to create big waves on thick hair. If you are looking for hairstyles that are easy to take care of, this hairstyle is perfect for you!


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