Pixies on wavy hair and curly hair: 15 mesmerizing examples

Pixie haircut – it has already sung so many dithyrambs that it is impossible to pass by. The hairstyle is called the most universal, because it is suitable for women at any age, regardless of hair structure.

But can pixie hair be done on wavy and curly hair? Yes, such curls are quite capricious, it is difficult to find a haircut that will put each strand in the right direction. Just a fashionable pixie works very well with such hair, you only need to choose the right hairstyle option.


Pixie on wavy and curly hair in a classic version and with bangs

The ideal option for this hair structure is the most familiar pixie in the classic form, the only thing, the stylists ask the ladies to add bangs, which should be stacked on one side. Due to the shape of the haircut and fashionable bangs curly hair will look very beautiful.

A pixie bob for wavy and curly hair

If you do not want to lose too much length, then the win-win option will be the trendy pixie bob haircut. It is slightly longer than the classic and has pronounced elongated strands, while the voluminous top remains an accent in the image.


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