I wasn’t living my life…

Each of my heroines, has her own story, I want to share how important our meetings are and it’s not just about hair color and haircut, but much more.

Marina was signed up by a friend for a “makeover” with me, and she urged me to do as I saw it, without listening to my heroine. Marina was already mentally ready, I do not know why, but they come to me as to a surgeon, and I understand how many women are afraid to change, afraid to lose their ponytails, to change hair color.


I can only change when I am 100% trusted.

I don’t do badly, I usually always make an observant judgement about what I can and can’t do.

Marina always cut her hair wherever she could and dyed it herself.

She had no idea that she could be so different.

Yes, you don’t recognize it, I myself very often observe the picture of transformation in my hands of my heroines.

A confident and stylish, chic and beautiful woman looks in the mirror and says: this is not me, I am completely different, can I be so beautiful?

The smile spreads across his face, his eyes begin to burn playfully and coquettishly conveying their emotions to the camera, saying, I never go out for pictures, I am not photogenic, yes, yes I hear that always, and then they ask for photos.

I am also a photographer, I know how to put the right angle, light, camera, and voila, a picture of Novaya is captured forever.

My transformations change women’s lives and it’s not just words.
I see women through the eyes of God, they are all queens, beautiful creatures, no matter what age or build, my task is to show how beautiful everyone can be.



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