Professional silver/grey hair colors chosen for you in 2023


Silver hair color is not only about “older” people, but also about attitude. Silver is chic, 𝓈ℯ𝓍y, trendy and very fashionable. Women of all ages wear silver hair from bright platinum to soft gray shades.

If you want to know how to maintain silver hair, great grooming with pυrple ѕhampoo products can help you keep the color for a long time. However, it’s best to ask your stylist or colorist about exactly how to care for silver hair, as silver is highly resistant.

Before your next visit to the salon for hair coloring, check out these photos of silver hair color ideas.

#1:Sleek straight shoulder length haircut

Get a trendy look with a sleek straight shoulder length haircut. The hair length is one of the easiest to style and maintain. To get the silver shade, the hair needs to be lightened to a pale blonde. Be prepared to have to have frequent lightening sessions before you can achieve the desired silver shade.

#2:One length silver bob

The perfect shape for thick brown hair is a one length bob. Weighting the hairstyle will help keep the shape. At the same time, the styling will not be too tightly sprung. I prefer to style my brown hair dry. Be sure to ask for a dry cut if you want to maintain length.

#3:Long Silver Waves.

Nothing brings out the silver color like long waves. This color is great for those who have been using platinum blonde for a while, but want to try something new. To create this look on platinum blonde hair, all you need to do is use a silver toner. A great conditioner to keep the tone at the right level would be Biolage Color Balm in Earl Grey.

#4:Silver Short Wavy Bob

Silver hair will shine in any season. Don’t be shy to use this color, it will make your hair look trendy and modern. My best advice is to pick a gray tone that matches your skin tone. For example, for olive tones, a deeper shade with no shimmer will work. Pale skin tones will suit a softer lighter silver shade. To maintain the color, use a tinting shampoo for pale skin once a week, but don’t overdo it as it can worsen the color.

#5:Gorgeoυs Natυral Grey

If you want to keep your gorgeous natural gray hair, you can do it! One of the biggest challenges with gray hair is when you decide to switch from monthly coloring to natural hair. But thanks to modern salon technology, this transition is no longer as difficult as it used to be. Call your local salon to find out how to start the transition!

#6: Chic white-silver hair.

White-silver color is a great option for those who have thin hair. The silver strands give thin hair a voluminous look.

#7: Salt and pepper bob.

Don’t be afraid to go back to your roots with this gorgeous salt and pepper bob hairstyle. The silvery-silver strand will make the hairstyle look chic and eye-catching. If you have the option, let the natural white color grow out gently because bleaching can be harsh on your strands. Don’t forget to use purple hair lightening shampoo to prevent yellow tones from appearing.

#8:Trendy silver ash gray

If you don’t want all of your silver hair to be completely dyed silver, you can always opt for the ever-present silver ash gray balayage hair color.

#9:Bright Silver Blυe Ombre

Bright silver ombré plays with the eyes as the color transitions from a rich brown base to a spectacular blend of cool, bright colors. Consult with your hairdresser about caring for silver hair and avoid high heat, as it speeds up the fading of bright colors. Use a shine enhancing product to finish the style.

#10:Stυnning Silver Hair Highlights

Silver, ash and silver highlights are those pastel and metallic tones that can be quite difficult to achieve. Pastel and silver tones have very low pigment density, so your hair must be very light (almost white) for them to show up, unless you have salt and pepper colored hair. For silver highlights, good hair care is very important. Don’t wash your hair more than twice a week, and use a hair mask with pigment every two weeks to keep your silver hair color on point!


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