The 28 Cutest Pixie Bob Haircut Ideas Ever


The pixie bob haircut is a short haircut for women that varies in length between a pixie and a bob (between neck and ear length). If you are one of those fashionable girls who are not afraid to cut their hair, this trendy haircut is a great option! Even though it’s short, you’ll be amazed at how versatile this hairstyle can be! It can be transformed from one-length to shaggy, from angular to elegant, with a long front fringe or gorgeous side bangs. It can also be combined with trendy shades. The most beautiful ladies with hairstyles on TV supporting the haircut trend are Emilia Clarke, Zendaya, Mia Farrow and Shailene Woodley. And it’s all thanks to Aledrae Hepburn’s iconic Pixie bob, who brought this hairstyle into fashion with her natural hair! Another advantage is that there is less work with short hair! However, if you fall in love with this hairstyle too much, you should get a trim once a month to maintain the length. Are you thinking of making a change in your lifestyle? Put those doubts aside by taking a look at the modern examples of pixie hairstyles below!

#2: Pixie with Layers of Red Pixie with Layers

One of the most eye-catching short haircuts can be a bixie style with layers. This vibrant reddish shade will help you look stunning if you are looking for a longer pixie as well as a color change.

#3 Textured red pixie bob with side strands and bangs

Incorporate side curls and bangs into your textured pixie bob to give it a more fuzzy look. The pixie can be customized to fit your face shape by creating bias and texture at the right points. A few wavy side bangs can help give the face a twist. The bangs can be straight or styled on the side if you add texture to them.

#4: White blonde with a pixie bob style

A blonde pixie bob with layers is a win-win! Your stylist can add layers that aren’t connected to each other to give your hairstyle more definition and texture. The pixie bob is easy to style with a blow dryer and a straight brush on a round head. If desired, you can curl the hair in the front and top for more volume. Be sure to finish the style with a texturizing spray or cream for added effect.

#5: Pixie bob haircut for seniors

The pixie bob hairstyle looks best on older women, and it can be styled in a way that requires little effort to maintain. All you need to do is to style the hair with a blow-dryer and also the pink part of the head to give it the illusion of lushness and volume. Once dry, you can apply pomade or paste to create texture or detail. This hairstyle can be styled asymmetrically or symmetrically to add style.

#6: Neck-length tapered pixie bob

A long tapered pixie cut at the nape of the neck is the perfect low-maintenance haircut. The shorter back section keeps the hair at the neck and out of the way, while the longer front section allows you to enjoy the length.

#7: Layered pixie bob.

The layered parts of this hairstyle give it a great fashionable look. My suggestion to anyone who wants to create a hairstyle like this is to prepare to style it. I prefer to think of this haircut as the appearance of fringe (bangs), to keep it well-groomed and easy to style, you need to visit the salon regularly for maintenance. The haircut is precise and the texture, type and growth pattern of the hair are more significant and integral elements of the final result. A haircut can be challenging for those with braids, but with the use of the right styling products such as pomades, hairsprays and softening serums, the hairstyle is very easy to maintain. For those who are lazy or have a lot of frizzy hair, Bobby headbands and hairpins are the best helpers.

#8: The inverted pixie bob for those over 60

An inverted pixie bob suitable for women over 60 is an incredible fashion to try. This hairstyle is very suitable for women over 60 and makes them look and feel amazing. When styling your hair, be sure to use a heat protectant such as Moroccan Oil Perfect Defense.

#9: Bixie style.

If you are thinking about a pixie bob haircut, opt for a bixie haircut. For square and rosy faces, a bixie haircut or pixie bob will help balance the look. It requires an asymmetrical part and long sections of bangs slicked sideways in the front. This will create the illusion of soft, elongated hair. Then add a short and edgy texture at the back, which will harmonize with the pixie style and will also shape and diamond the top of the head.

#10: Pixie bob haircut for thin hair

There is something about the perfect haircut that is both soothing and relaxing. It’s for those who are constantly on the go but have time to relax.

#11: Shaggy Pixie Bob Cυt.

Even though this hairstyle is short, the long layers make it suitable for a bob as well. Accentuate the texture and color of your hair while keeping it looking fresh.

#12: An appropriate bob for a pink face

A smooth pixie shape with side bangs makes the face look more modest. It really makes the cheeks look more defined.

#13: Pixie bob with bangs

These are shortened bangs on a bob. The shorter A-line style bob haircut is used in everyday life.

#14: Short Bixie hairstyle.

Opt for a shaggy pixie haircut that has texture! A sea salt spray or teasing can add shine to this severe hairstyle.

#15: Bob with a long side parting.

You don’t have to shorten the length to get a shorter haircut! Loose curls near the face can create a lengthening effect and also even out the edge of the pixie.

#16: Pixie bob for thick hair

The pixie bob cut for thick hair allows for a longer cut and style. It certainly keeps the length, but makes it a little shorter.

#17: Asymmetrical pixie bob haircut

What would you say about this style?

This pixie is striking and feminist. It’s a short, unidirectional bob with a detachment. The sides and back are cut with scissors and a combover, which is very precise and neatly arranged on the head. The top part is created by point cutting at an angle and in such a way that each section is directed towards the previous one. The asymmetrical pixie bob hairstyle can be worn in any way. If you are lazy, you can braid the fringe into a charming small braid or use Bobby pins. What I love about this hairstyle is the sense of confidence it gives her. She looks gorgeous, beautiful and confident.

Does anyone have any tips for those considering this option?

You have to be prepared for this kind of hairstyle. Many people think that short hair is more simple. This is not the case at all. It’s all about investing more in quality styling products and frequent visits to the hairdresser. Of the styling products for short hair, I prefer Kengo Feather by Shυ Ueмυra. It’s a fantastic texturizing cream that provides great hold and doesn’t leave a greasy or sticky feeling.

#18: A bob for naturally curly hair.


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